Mrs Yollis’ Class is Back!

Mrs Yollis is back at school with her new third grade students!

Mrs Yollis’ class lives in Los Angeles, California. They are in the Northern Hemisphere and we are in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though we live on opposite sides of the world, we are great friends.

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Because it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Mrs Yollis’ class have just finished their summer break. Last week Mrs Yollis started back at school with a brand new bunch of third graders.

Mrs Morris first became friends with Mrs Yollis through blogging in 2009. Read one of the first posts about the 2KM/Yollis friendship on Mrs Yollis’ class blog here. The new third graders in Mrs Yollis’ class are the fourth group of students that 2KM and 2KJ has been blogging buddies with!

Mrs Yollis’ class are beginner bloggers so we encourage everyone in the 2KM and 2KJ community to support them!

Please visit their blog now and leave them a comment! Don’t forget to say who you are and where you’re from. Be sure to model a quality comment.

Yollis Aug 2011

We look forward to lots of fun and learning with Mrs Yollis and her new group of students!

Happy 50th Birthday, Mrs Yollis!

Mrs Yollis is a very special third grade teacher in California, USA.

Mrs Morris first became friends with Mrs Yollis through blogging in 2009.

Read one of the first posts about the 2KM/Yollis friendship on Mrs Yollis’ class blog here. Our friendship has now developed over three years of blogging with different students!

Even though Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have never actually met Mrs Yollis, they consider her a true friend. She has helped them in so many ways to make their classroom the exciting place it is today!

June 11th is a very special day for Mrs Yollis!

birthday Yollis

A message from the students around the world…

We are not the only ones who think Mrs Yollis is great. There are many students all around the world who have learnt something from Mrs Yollis. We got together with our blogging buddies in Mr Avery’s class, Mr Salsich’s class and Mrs McKenzie’s class (B4) to create this special “happy birthday” video.

A message from the teachers around the world…

Mrs Yollis loves helping other teachers and there are many teachers all over the world who are very fond of her. This is a special VoiceThread from all of Mrs Yollis’ friends. Students, teachers and anyone else, please add to the VoiceThread by recording a “happy birthday” message!

***Mrs Yollis has published a fabulous post on her blog about her birthday. It includes a thank you video for everyone. Click here to check it out!***

What would you like to say to Mrs Yollis?

What is your favourite memory of working with Mrs Yollis?

Let’s Visit Our Blogging Buddies: Meet Mrs Yollis’ Class

2KM and 2KJ enjoy sharing and learning with other classes around the world. This year, they are QUAD buddies with three other classes!

*Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog U.S.A.*
*Open the Door to B-4  in New Zealand*
*Mr. Salsich Class Blog U.S.A*
*2KM and 2KJ  in Australia *

2KM and 2KJ have been friends with these classes for quite some time and the new 2011 students are enjoying getting to know their blogging buddies.

These classes read about Quad blogging from Mr. Mitchell. The concept: four blogging classes come together and learn about one another one week at a time. The alliance (group of friends) will help each class increase their readership while flattening their classroom walls and learning about the wonderful world we live in.

Mosaic Final quad blogging yollis

This week, let’s meet Mrs Yollis’ third graders from California! They are a group of 11 girls and 12 boys!

Mrs Yollis’ class has prepared a special post to introduce themselves to you.

Click here to visit their post.

You will find some great videos about blogging and commenting.

Yollis post quad blogging

Instead of leaving a comment on this post, why not head over to Mrs Yollis’ blog and leave a comment for them!

They would love to hear from you.

Remember to mention where you’re from!