Our Friends in California

2KM and 2KJ love blogging and one of our favourite things about having a class blog is connecting with other student bloggers from all around the world!

Mrs Yollis and her third grade class in Los Angeles, California (USA), are one of our closest blogging buddies. We love to check out Mrs Yollis’ blog, leave her comments and have commenting conversations. We have learnt a lot about life in America from Mrs Yollis and her students.

Just to show how far away we live from Mrs Yollis, look at the map below. (Click on the picture to enlarge it).

World map

A few weeks ago Jarrod sent a special package over to Mrs Yollis’ class. Check it out here. Read about what happened when Mrs Yollis’ class tasted vegemite!

We got such a surprise yesterday when we received a big parcel, all the way from Mrs Yollis’ class in California!

Our special package contained a lovely card, American flags for all students, four packets of “Jelly Belly” jelly beans, delicious lolly pops for everyone and a wonderful Californian book, titled “Golden Numbers”. We are so lucky!

Leo checking out the card from Mrs Yollis and her students.


We read the special book straight away!


We enjoyed the jelly beans. Yum!


Hello from Australia!


A big thank you to Mrs Yollis and her fabulous third grade students. You truly are such special friends!

Do you have any friends or family members who live in another country?

What have you learnt from Mrs Yollis and her students about America?

What is your favourite treat to eat?

A Gift for Leo!

Hi everyone, it’s me, Leo.

I am lucky to have lots of mascot buddies around the world. One of the mascots I have met this year is Ruckus the Reading dog.


Ruckus is in Ms Dowling’s K/1 class in Helensburgh, New South Wales. You can visit their blog called A Peek Inside and find out all about Ruckus by clicking here and here.

Ruckus has become a good friend of mine and sometimes we skype together when all the boys and girls go home from school! We have a lot in common. We both like reading and we both like blogging!

I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I saw a parcel delivered to our classroom with my name on it!

I put together a slideshow to tell you all about my special morning.

I need a name for my new pet! The students in 2KM and 2KJ came up with some suggestions. Please help me decide by voting.

What name did you choose?

Have you ever received a surprise in the mail?