Aboriginal Corroboree and Plays!

Friday 10th June was a very special day in 2KM and 2KJ.

It was the last day for our student teacher, Miss Sonya Brooke. It was also the day we performed the plays we had been rehearsing with Miss Brooke. To make this day even more special, we had a corroboree to celebrate all the wonderful things we had learnt in our Aboriginal unit of work with Miss Brooke!

The first play we performed was called Tiddalik the Enormous Frog.

This is an Aboriginal tale about what happened when the giant frog Tiddalik had such a great thirst that he drank all the fresh water of the world.

The is a big file so we had to make the video and audio fairly low quality. Nonetheless, we thought parents and friends would not want to miss this play!

The second play we performed was called Bohra the Kangaroo.

This is an Aboriginal story about a four legged kangaroo who is punished for dancing around the campfire with the men.

The Corroboree

A corroboree is a ceremonial meeting of Aboriginal people. Corroborees involve dance, music and costumes. Watch the video to see all the fun we had at the 2KM and 2KJ corroboree.

Because our corroboree was held at “night time” the video is a little dark!

Music – “From Little Things Big Things Come” (Paul Kelly) and “Djapana” (Yothu Yindi).

Until the Fire is Out

Here is a song we performed at the corroboree. It is called Until the Fire is Out.

Thank you to Miss Brooke for all her wonderful work in putting the plays, songs and corroboree together!

What did you think of our plays and corroboree?

Have you ever acted in a play before?

Can you share anything you know about Aboriginal culture?

Meet Miss Brooke!

Miss Brooke is a student teacher from Deakin University. She will be working in 2KM and 2KJ for the next six weeks (except Fridays).

Miss Brooke is the third student teacher that has worked in the 2KM and 2KJ classroom this year! We love having student teachers and we are sure we’re going to have a great time with Miss Brooke.

Miss Brooke told us a bit about herself so we could get to know her. She has had some interesting careers in the past including working for Lonely Planet as a designer and cartographer (map drawer), working as an integration aide and working with older people. Miss Brooke is also a yoga teacher and has been involved in lots of outdoor education camps.

Miss Brooke has lots of interests including surfing, cycling, travel, yoga, hiking, rock climbing, triathlons, singing and art. Miss Brooke shared some fantastic photos with everyone.


Getting to Know You Animoto 010

Taj Mahal

Rock climbing

Do you have a question for Miss Brooke?

What do you like about having a student teacher in the class?