Making Word Clouds With Tagxedo

Most 2KM and 2KJ students are involved in the swimming program at the moment. While Mrs Morris took those students swimming yesterday, Miss Jordan taught the rest of the students how to make word clouds using Tagxedo.

Word clouds are a fun way to present words. You don’t need to sign up and it’s free and easy to use. You can even make your word clouds into fun shapes to make them look really special.

You can create word clouds about anything! We used Tagxedo to make “All about me” word clouds. The students thought about words to describe themselves and entered them into their word cloud. Here are some examples from Millie, Ella, Jordi, Meg and Keira.

Millie Tagxedo

Ella Tagxedo

Jordi Tagxedo

Meg Tagxedo

Keira Tagxedo

What do you think of our word clouds?

Have you ever made a word cloud online before?

What would you make a word cloud about?

New Student Blogs!

It has been an exciting week in 2KM and 2KJ as four students started their very own blogs!

Having your own blog in grade two is a big honour and responsibility. Mrs Morris and and Miss Jordan had to think carefully about who has shown lots of commitment to our class blog, who has left lots of comments at school and at home and who regularly replies to other people’s comments. It was a tough decision because there are so many great commenters in 2KM and 2KJ!

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan decided the following students deserved their own blogs…

Student blogs

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have been working hard with the new bloggers. They have learnt lots of new skills already and they are looking forward to learning even more about blogging next term.



To visit the student blogs and leave them a comment, check out the following links.

Haille’s Happy Blog

Millie’s Magical Blog

Charlotte’s Amazing Blog

Jarrod’s Awesome Blog


The student blogs are also linked on the blogroll on our class blog. Find them under “LPS Student Blogs” on the sidebar.

What do you think about our new student blogs?

What tips do you have for our new bloggers?

If you had your own blog, what would you post about?

A Blogging Tip from Millie

Millie is one of the many fabulous student bloggers in 2KM and 2KJ. She loves leaving comments and having conversations with our blogging buddies all around the world.


Today Millie demonstrated an excellent blogging skill. This is a skill that Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan use themselves but haven’t yet had a chance to teach the class this year.

When Millie wrote up a comment, she copied it before pressing “submit” to make sure she didn’t lose her comment.

Here is how you do it:

1. Write your comment as normal.

2. Before you press “submit”, highlight all your text by putting your mouse in the comment box and pressing control A OR holding down your mouse button down and dragging it over all of your words.

3. Copy your text by right clicking and pressing copy OR pressing control C.

4. You don’t need to do anything else BUT if you lose your comment for some reason (internet crashes or you put in the wrong spam word) you won’t have lost your comment. You can just press paste (right mouse click – paste OR control V) and your comment will appear. Voila!

What do you think of this blogging tip?

What keyboard shortcuts do you use?