Bahasa Indonesia

At our school, we learn Bahasa Indonesia, or the Indonesian language.

This language is spoken by the people of one of our closest neighbours, Indonesia.

Indonesia (orthographic projection)

The country of Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. This means Bahasa Indonesia is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Bahasa Indonesia is similar to the Malay language which is spoken in Malaysia and some other Asian countries.

Our guru Bahasa Indonesia (teacher) is Bu Mac. Bu means Miss or Mrs in Indonesian. Everyone loves going to their Indonesian class once a week.


Here is an Indonesian VoiceThread. Record yourself saying these Indonesian phrases. Simply press on the comment button at the bottom of the VoiceThread.

We have added a new Indonesian Word of the Day widget on the left hand side of our blog. Check it out each time you visit our blog to learn a new Indonesian word. This is what it looks like.

learn indonesian widget

Another fun tool you might want to try out is Google Translate. You simply type in something in Indonesian and it will translate it to English. Or, you can type in something in English and it will translate it to Indonesian. You can also listen to the pronunciation.

Click here to use the Google English-Indonesian translator.

Google Translator

What languages do you know?

Do you think it is good to learn other languages?

What do you know about Indonesia?

Can you say anything in Indonesian?