Guest Post – Skyping with Mrs Watson’s class

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This is a guest post by Alana and Haille.

Today 2KM and 2KJ skyped with Mrs Watson’s class in Sointula, Canada.

It was 9 o’clock (in the morning) when 2KM and 2KJ were skyping and it was 2 o’clock (in the afternoon) when they were skyping.

Alana, Haille, Jordi and Mia all had a special job each. Alana and Haille were the typers. Jordi and Mia were the photographers.

Mrs Watsons class asked 2KM and 2KJ lots of questions and we asked them questions too.

Here is a screen shot of Mrs Watson’s 2/3 class blog. Also here  is the link to their blog because they have done a post too.Click here.

You can see some of the questions and answers that we typed in Word here Skyping Mrs Watson’s Class

I hope you like our typing and photos.

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Did you learn anything from our skype?

New Student Blogs!

It has been an exciting week in 2KM and 2KJ as four students started their very own blogs!

Having your own blog in grade two is a big honour and responsibility. Mrs Morris and and Miss Jordan had to think carefully about who has shown lots of commitment to our class blog, who has left lots of comments at school and at home and who regularly replies to other people’s comments. It was a tough decision because there are so many great commenters in 2KM and 2KJ!

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan decided the following students deserved their own blogs…

Student blogs

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have been working hard with the new bloggers. They have learnt lots of new skills already and they are looking forward to learning even more about blogging next term.



To visit the student blogs and leave them a comment, check out the following links.

Haille’s Happy Blog

Millie’s Magical Blog

Charlotte’s Amazing Blog

Jarrod’s Awesome Blog


The student blogs are also linked on the blogroll on our class blog. Find them under “LPS Student Blogs” on the sidebar.

What do you think about our new student blogs?

What tips do you have for our new bloggers?

If you had your own blog, what would you post about?