Guest Post – The Marine Discovery Centre

Our trip to the…

Marine Discovery Centre

This guest post is written by Molly (2KJ) and Jordi (2KM).

Today we went to the Marine Discovery Centre! The Marine Discovery Centre is in Queenscliff, which is about 15 minutes from our school. It is a great place to visit to learn about marine life and how to care for the sea creatures. We had great fun and learnt lots of interesting facts!

We got on the bus at 10.00am. We spent an hour and a half at the MDC and got back at school at 12.30pm. We went to the Marine Discovery Centre because we are learning about the sea this term.

Some of the things we did were:

  • Met the leaders, Anne and Jess.
  • Held the creatures in the “feel and touch” pool.
  • Watched Alan, who works at the Marine Discovery Centre, feed the animals.
  • Watched the huge lobster in the tank.
  • Made a rock pool.
  • Explored the different fish and marine animals in the many tanks.
  • Saw flathead fish come out and dig them selves up again.
  • Saw one of our favourite fish, the pufferfish.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow we made…

We had great fun at the Marine Discover Centre! A big thank you to Anne and Jess, who taught us so many new things!

What do you like about this guest post?

Have you ever been the Marine Discovery Centre? What did you enjoy?

What is your favourite marine animal? Why?

Science with Melane

Over the past few weeks Amelie, Bradley, Jarrod and Mikayla have been doing science with Melane (Jarrod‘s Mum).

This is a special guest post by Amelie, Jarrod and Mikayla.


We did 5 science lessons.

In lesson 1 we put oil and water together to see if they would mix. Then in separate containers, we added food dye, dishwashing liquid, milk and red vinegar to the oil and water to see which ones would mix with the oil and which ones would mix with the water.

In lesson 2 we made butter using a marble, a container and cream. We had to shake the container for about 10 minutes until we had butter and butter milk.

In lesson 3 we got to make Milo ice-cream. We had to put cream, Milo and milk into a container and mix and  then place the container in a bowl and surround it with ice. Then we had to put salt on the ice to make the ice melt and turn the mixture into ice-cream. While we waited for the mixture to turn into ice-cream we tried to get ice out of a glass of water using string and salt, we weren’t allowed to touch it though.

In lesson 4 we tried to find out if putting a coat on a snowman would make him melt or stop him from melting. To find this out we tried melting ice cubes in different ways such as, wrapping one in foil, placing one in water, leaving one in a plate and putting one in our mouth. We learnt the ones in our mouth and in the water melted the quickest.

In lesson 5 we melted all different cubes of ice to see which would melt first. We melted ice cubes made from mango and apple juice, cordial, milk and lemonade. We discovered the cordial and lemonade ones melted the fastest.

After we finished all of the science lessons we presented a PowerPoint slide show to our class. Here is a copy of what we presented.

What was your favourite science experiment?

Have you done one of these science experiments before?

Do you have a science experiment you can share with us?

Guest Post – Jarrod

Last month Jarrod was the 2KM winner of our May Is Family Blogging Month competition. Part of his prize was that he won a guest post on our blog. Here it is!

the block Jarrod

Hi everyone, my name is Jarrod and I won this special guest post from winning the May is Family Blogging Month in 2KM.


Our family has 20 acres of land in Amphitheatre, Victoria which we call “The Block”. We sometimes go there by ourselves or with friends. It takes us just over two hours to drive there.

The Block Jarrod map

At “The Block” I like to;

• Ride my motorbike
• Go yabbying
• Go four wheel driving
• Help Dad with the firewood
• Toast marshmallows
• Cook garlic bread on the potbelly
• Go for a drive to Avoca (the next town)

At “The Block” there’s lots of wildlife. I’ve seen kookaburras, kangaroos, echidnas, lizards and snakes.

Have you ever been to Amphitheatre or Avoca?

If you had a block of land what would you do when you go there?

Please leave me a comment. Thank you.

Guest Post – Ebony

Last month Ebony was the 2KJ winner of our May Is Family Blogging Month competition. Part of her prize was that she won a guest post on our blog. Here it is!

Ebony Guest Post

Hi everyone my name is Ebony, and I was lucky enough to have won the ‘May is Family Blogging Month’ challenge for 2KJ. I was so excited to win! I love writing and colouring in, so I have just finished decorating thank you cards to all my family and friends that helped me win by leaving blog comments.

Today I want to tell you about the holiday I had in Queensland last year. We flew up with our family friends (Bradley from 2KM and his family) and it was the best holiday ever. I cannot wait to go back!

 Australia map Ebony

We went to the theme parks and I loved Dreamworld the most because I loved going on all the rides. My favourite ride was the Nickelodeon Rollercoaster. I went on it three times with my mum and dad and I screamed every time because it was so fast. 

Here I am on a ride at Dreamworld.
Here I am on a ride at Dreamworld.
The Nickelodeon Rollercoaster was so much fun!
The Nickelodeon Rollercoaster was so much fun!

The animals at Australia Zoo were amazing, watching the crocodile show was great and I even got to feed an elephant.

Look at the brave crocodile trainer!
Look at the brave crocodile trainer!
Lucky this isn't a real crocodile!
Lucky this isn’t a real crocodile!
Here I am feeding the elephant some fruit and vegetables.
Here I am feeding the elephant some fruit and vegetables.

The dolphin show at Sea World was great even though it was raining. I wish I could have patted a dolphin but I did touch a baby stingray. It felt smooth but all slippery and slimy!

Clever dolphins.
Clever dolphins.

When we stayed at the resort we swam in the pools. I love swimming. We swam at the beach too and my dad buried our legs in the sand!

Here I am with my brother Connor, Bradley (2KM) and his sister Ashley.
Here I am with my brother Connor, Bradley (2KM) and his sister Ashley.

We go camping in our caravan all the time but Mum and Dad said our next big family holiday will be to Fiji. I’ve only seen pictures of Fiji but I cannot wait to go!

I would love you to comment on my post. I am very good at replying!

** In the blogging world, the word “Ebony” is a spam word! So use “Eb” in your comment instead. **

Have you ever been to Queensland?

What has been your favourite holiday?

Where would you like to travel to in the world?