2KM and 2KJ Dinosaur Conference

At the end of each term, students at Leopold Primary School complete a Dynamic Assessment Task to celebrate their learning.

Grade Two students have been learning all about dinosaurs this term. To demonstrate their learning and understanding, we held the

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Students were asked to perform an interview in pairs. The task involved…

* Students taking on the roles of a journalist and a palaeontologist

* Researching facts about a particular dinosaur

* Writing out a news script with a partner

* Students completing a self-assessment rubric about their script and interview.

Check out the terrific interviews from the Dinosaur Conference below!

What did you think of our interviews?

Did you learn any interesting facts about dinosaurs?

What would you like to write a news script about?

Dinosaurs – The Triassic Period

This term 2KM and 2KJ are learning about dinosaurs.

Last week we enjoyed learning about the Triassic Period. It is the first period of the Mesozoic Era, which was the era of the dinosaurs. The timeline below shows all of the stages of the Mesozoic Era.

Dinosaur timeline


We learnt some interesting facts about the Triassic Period, including:

* All the continents were joined together as one huge continent, it was known as Pangaea.

* There were no dinosaurs at the start of the Triassic period, but there were many amphibians and some reptiles.

* The Triassic dinosaurs were much smaller than the dinosaurs of the later periods.

* The climate in the Triassic period was hot and dry, causing desert like conditions.

* The Coelophysis is probably the most well known Triassic dinosaur. They were small and fast and hunted in packs.

* In the late Triassic Period, the first mammals appeared. They were tiny, about the size of mice, and probably nocturnal.

* There was a mass extinction at the end of the Triassic Period and about 35% of animal species died out.


We created a poster to show profiles of some of the Triassic dinosaurs…



We have enjoyed doing research about the Triassic Period, and the Enchanted Learning and Dinosaur Facts websites have some interesting information. Why not check them out yourself?

Enchanted Learning Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Facts

 What do you know about the Triassic Period?

Do you have a favourite dinosaur from the Triassic Period?

July Holiday Fun!

Today, Monday 18th July, is the first day of Term Three here in Victoria, Australia.

Our July holidays went for two weeks and Geelong had some wet, windy and wintery weather!

Luckily Mrs Morris and her husband escaped this weather by heading to Byron Bay in northern New South Wales.


Do you know where Byron Bay is?

Here is a clue. In this photo Mrs Morris is standing in front of a sign that says “Most easterly point of the Australian mainland”.


Maybe you can figure out where Byron Bay would be on this map.


At Byron Bay, Mrs Morris and Nate enjoyed walking and running on the beach, bushwalking, eating delicious food, shopping, reading and relaxing.

Can you guess what these are?

On many of Mrs Morris and Nate’s walks they saw all sorts of flora and fauna. Flora means plants and fauna means wildlife or animals.

Leave a comment if you know what these animals are!




Dinosaur Food

This term, 2KM and 2KJ will be studying dinosaurs. When Mrs Morris was in Byron Bay she saw a sign that said there was dinosaur food growing in the area.


Have you ever seen a palm like this? Can you believe these plants have been around for millions of years?


Leave a comment!

What did you do on the holidays?

Did you see any interesting flora or fauna on the holidays?

Can you answer any of the questions in this post?