A Surprise from the Northern Territory!

On the holidays Mrs Morris was helping Miss Dwyer in the Northern Territory with her first class blog. Miss Dwyer used to live in Geelong and is friends with Mrs Sliwa who is a teacher at Leopold Primary School.

Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris also enjoyed getting to know some of Miss Dwyer’s students on the holidays through some commenting conversations.

What  a surprise everyone in 2KM and 2KJ got today when we received a package in the mail from the Northern Territory!


There was a postcard from Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park in N.T. and a book called”Cranky Crocodiles” by Steve Parish. Miss Dwyer said there are crocodiles near their school!

We enjoyed reading the book!


We looked at the 3/4 Dwyer and 4 Francis blog and saw all the great things they were learning. Everyone loved their Voki.

Dwyer blog

We looked at Google Maps to find their school. It is a long way from Leopold Primary School to the top of the Northern Territory.

Leopold Girraween

When we got back from P.E. we noticed that Leo and his pet Lulu were also enjoying the book!


Thank you Miss Dwyer!

Have you ever received a surprise in the mail?

Have you ever looked at Google Maps?

Do you know anything about the Northern Territory?

Welcome Back Mr Avery and Mr Salsich!

We hope everyone in 2KM and 2KJ has enjoyed their first week of holidays!

A few weeks ago we welcomed back our blogging buddies from Mrs Yollis’ class in California on the west side of the USA. You can click here to read that post.

It is now time for us to send a belated ‘welcome back’ to some of our blogging buddies on the east side of the USA. They are Mr Avery’s class in Massachusetts and Mr Salsich’s class in Connecticut.



This year Mr Avery has a new role teaching maths and science to year six students. You can click here to find his blog. Check out the tricky decimal maths they’re doing!


Mr Salsich teaches third grade and has two class mascots who have become good friends with Leo! They are Juan Pablo and Perezoso.

You can click here to find Mr Salsich’s blog. It looks like they’re having fun learning about habitats and adaptations.


Why not visit Mr Avery’s class blog or Mr Salsich’s class blog now and leave them a comment. Don’t forget to say where you’re from and be sure to model a quality comment for the new bloggers!

Have you left any comments for our blogging buddies or blogging students these holidays?

Welcome Quad Bloggers!

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2KM and 2KJ are QUAD blogging buddies with three other classes!

So far, the quad blogging buddies have enjoyed getting to know…

*Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog U.S.A.*
*Open the Door to B4  in New Zealand*
*Mr. Salsich Class Blog U.S.A*

The is the fourth and final week of our Quad Blogging project.

This week it is our turn to welcome our blogging buddies!

Mosaic Final quad blogging yollis

We only started our blog one month ago. This is only our 12th post but we hope you will find something you would like to comment on.


Leo Asks About Quality Commenting

Skyping Mrs Yollis’ class

The Flat Stanley Project

The Postcard Project

Multi-Age Day Fun


Don’t forget to explore our pages. If you put your mouse on the “About” page you will see a drop down menu to find out more about our town, school, students, mascot and teachers.

About page 2KM and 2KJ

You might also be interested in our “Sites for Kids” pages.


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Let’s Visit Our Blogging Buddies: Meet Mrs Yollis’ Class

2KM and 2KJ enjoy sharing and learning with other classes around the world. This year, they are QUAD buddies with three other classes!

*Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog U.S.A.*
*Open the Door to B-4  in New Zealand*
*Mr. Salsich Class Blog U.S.A*
*2KM and 2KJ  in Australia *

2KM and 2KJ have been friends with these classes for quite some time and the new 2011 students are enjoying getting to know their blogging buddies.

These classes read about Quad blogging from Mr. Mitchell. The concept: four blogging classes come together and learn about one another one week at a time. The alliance (group of friends) will help each class increase their readership while flattening their classroom walls and learning about the wonderful world we live in.

Mosaic Final quad blogging yollis

This week, let’s meet Mrs Yollis’ third graders from California! They are a group of 11 girls and 12 boys!

Mrs Yollis’ class has prepared a special post to introduce themselves to you.

Click here to visit their post.

You will find some great videos about blogging and commenting.

Yollis post quad blogging

Instead of leaving a comment on this post, why not head over to Mrs Yollis’ blog and leave a comment for them!

They would love to hear from you.

Remember to mention where you’re from!