A Very Special Birthday!

Today, Sunday November 6th, is Mrs Morris’ 30th birthday. Miss Jordan, 2KM and 2KJ would like to say…

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To celebrate this milestone birthday, Miss Jordan made cupcakes for 2KM and 2KJ on Friday.




Our special blogging buddy, Mrs Yollis, sent a birthday present to Mrs Morris…all the way from California! It was a lovely bracelet from Macy’s department store! What a thoughtful gesture!


Mrs Yollis and her third graders recorded a birthday song for Mrs Morris! Check it out!


Mrs Morris had a fantastic dinner party with her friends last night to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Today Mrs Morris will spend the day with her husband, Nate. She is looking forward to a family dinner tonight!


Mrs Morris has made lots of friends through blogging and Twitter. Listen to their birthday messages in the VoiceThread below! Teachers, students and anyone else, feel free to add to the VoiceThread by recording a “happy birthday” message!

Leave a comment to wish Mrs Morris a happy birthday!

How do you like to spend your birthday?

Have you celebrated a “milestone birthday” for someone before?

Happy 50th Birthday, Mrs Yollis!

Mrs Yollis is a very special third grade teacher in California, USA.

Mrs Morris first became friends with Mrs Yollis through blogging in 2009.

Read one of the first posts about the 2KM/Yollis friendship on Mrs Yollis’ class blog here. Our friendship has now developed over three years of blogging with different students!

Even though Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have never actually met Mrs Yollis, they consider her a true friend. She has helped them in so many ways to make their classroom the exciting place it is today!

June 11th is a very special day for Mrs Yollis!

birthday Yollis

A message from the students around the world…

We are not the only ones who think Mrs Yollis is great. There are many students all around the world who have learnt something from Mrs Yollis. We got together with our blogging buddies in Mr Avery’s class, Mr Salsich’s class and Mrs McKenzie’s class (B4) to create this special “happy birthday” video.

A message from the teachers around the world…

Mrs Yollis loves helping other teachers and there are many teachers all over the world who are very fond of her. This is a special VoiceThread from all of Mrs Yollis’ friends. Students, teachers and anyone else, please add to the VoiceThread by recording a “happy birthday” message!

***Mrs Yollis has published a fabulous post on her blog about her birthday. It includes a thank you video for everyone. Click here to check it out!***

What would you like to say to Mrs Yollis?

What is your favourite memory of working with Mrs Yollis?

Back to School!

We are back to to school today, Wednesday 27th April. Today is also Miss Jordan’s birthday!

happy birthday

The students and teachers have enjoyed their two and a half week holiday.

What did Miss Jordan do on the holidays?

Miss Jordan had a great holiday and enjoyed eating a few Easter eggs!

In the first week, she visited her family (near Halls Gap) for a few days. It was nice and relaxing being in the “country” and her mum made lots of yummy home cooked meals! It’s fun having a pool but it wasn’t quite warm enough for a swim!

Kel's house

Miss Jordan also enjoyed spending time with friends at some cafes and restaurants in Geelong. She did lots of exercise, read a few books and spent time in the garden.

The highlight of Miss Jordan’s second week of holidays was going to Sydney to attend the Google Teacher Academy. Along with 50 other teachers from all around the world, (including Mr Limb), Miss Jordan learnt about lots of different Google educational tools. It was a fun and exciting few days! She is looking forward to using some of the Google tools in the classroom with 2KJ and 2KM.

GTA group photo

What did Mrs Morris do on the holidays?

Mrs Morris enjoyed her holidays with her husband, Nate who is also a teacher. Mrs Morris and Nate spent some time at Nate’s parents’ farm near Phillip Island. There were cattle and fences to help out with on the farm and also plenty of time to read, cook, walk and relax.

Mrs Morris and Nate went to an engagement party where they had to dress up in a “onesie”. Mrs Morris was a skiier while Nate dressed up as a painter with a funny wig.


In the second week of the holidays, Mrs Morris and Nate went to Daylesford. They did lots of walking, eating and relaxing. Here is Mrs Morris in front of the Pioneer Memorial Tower in the Daylesford Botanical Gardens. Guess how many steps there were to get to the top?


Mrs Morris got her long hair cut short in the holidays! It is handy having a sister who is a hairdresser and it is always good to have a change.

A big highlight of the holidays was when Mrs Morris got an iPad 2! This will be useful in the classroom and Mrs Morris is enjoying learning all the things you can do with an iPad.

What did you do in the holidays?

Do you have any questions for Miss Jordan or Mrs Morris?