New Student Blogs…and Happy Holidays!

This was an exciting week in 2KM and 2KJ because we started…

Glitter Words

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have a system where students are able to earn their own blog if they leave lots of comments on our class blog and our blogging buddies’ blogs.

Congratulations to Keira, Kayla, Alana, Ava, Ella, Amelie and Jordi!


Check out the new student blogs and please leave them a comment!

 Keira’s Exciting Blog

Kayla’s Lovely Blog

Alana’s Animated Blog

Ava’s Awesome Blog

Ella’s Fantastic Blog

Amelie’s Adventures

Jordi’s Joyful Blog

The holidays are the perfect time to check out these new blogs and our other student blogs too! You can also find links to all of the 2KM and 2KJ student blogs on our sidebar.


 Today is the last day of Term Three. We’ve had a very busy ten weeks and we’re looking forward to a fun and exciting final term in 2KM and 2KJ. We’ll be back at school on Monday 10th October.

What do you think of the new student blogs?

Do you have some ideas for what our new bloggers could post about?

What did you enjoy most about Term Three?

Do you have a learning goal for Term Four?

Journal Writing

Every Monday morning 2KM and 2KJ students love doing journal writing as part of our Literacy Block.

During journal writing, students write about their weekends and focus on the following things:

– Using full stops and capital letters correctly.

– Spelling high frequency words correctly and having good attempts at unknown words.

– Making sure their writing is interesting and makes sense.

– Presenting their work neatly.

– Editing their work to fix up mistakes.

Everyone enjoys sharing their weekend adventures and it is a favourite time of the week for many students.

Listen to our Fotobabbles by clicking the “play” button to see what Meg, Harry and Ava  got up to this weekend!


What did you think of our Fotobabbles?

What did you do on the weekend?

What is your favourite weekend activity?

Handwriting and Typing

In 2KM and 2KJ we are always trying to improve our handwriting and typing skills. It is important to have good handwriting and be able to type well on a computer.

We do lots of different types of writing activities in our class and we always try to do our neatest writing. Once a week we do a special handwriting lesson. We focus on a different letter each week and we need to remember the size, shape, direction and formation of the letters. We use Victorian Modern Cursive handwriting. Here is a sample of what it looks like:


Today we focussed on the letter Dd . We wrote the uppercase (capital) and lowercase letter Dd and we made up some interesting sentences with lots of “Dd” words. 

Ava’s Handwriting


Ebony’s Handwriting


We don’t always have to use paper and pen to write. We use computers to type blog comments, both at home and at school. There are some fun typing games you can play on the computer to improve your skills. Try out the games below!

Dance Mat Typing

Keyboard Climber

Do you have a tip to help others with their handwriting?

How do you improve your typing skills?

Do you use handwriting or typing more often to write?