Ugandan Global Project (2010)

In October and November 2010, 2KM and 2KJ worked on an exciting global project



The project spanned across FOUR continents!

* The African Rural Schools Project and students at The ABC Divine Foundation Primary School in Mutundwe, Uganda, Africa.
* 2KM and 2KJ in Leopold, Australia.
* Mrs Yollis’ class in Los Angeles, California, USA
* Mrs Ranney’s class in Los Angeles, California, USA
* Mr Salsich’s class in Connecticut, USA
* Team Toa, Shanghai International School, China

About the Ugandan Project

  • Primary/elementary schoolblogging buddies from around the world collaborated together to raise money to help purchase land adjacent to The ABC Divine Foundation Primary School in Mutundwe, Uganda, Africa. The land will be used as a play area for the school. Click here to read more about the land purchase.
  • Each class completed a one hour run/walk around their school or community at 10am on Friday 22nd October 2010.
  • The one hour walk signified the effort the Ugandan students make to get an education. Click here to read more about this from the Ugandan school director.
  • Students collected donations from their friends and families for completing the run/walk. The teachers in charge collected the donations and passed them on to the Ugandan school.

A happy kindergartener

Photo courtesy Renee Waun

About the Blog

The Ugandan Global Project Blog has been a place for students to share and learn about each other.

Posts included:

A day in the life of a student in Australia/USA/China/Uganda
A traditional song in each country
he run/walk event in each location
Time zones

The Outcome

The fundraising and run/walk event was a huge success! Watch the video below to find out about 2KM and 2KJ’s run/walk.

The outcome of this project exceeded all expectations. Team Toa’s school (Shanghai American School) raised an enormous amount which took our total amount raised to over $20,000!

The land has been paid off at the ABC Divine Foundation School and we are currently working on a plan for what the rest of the money will be spent on exactly. Stay tuned!

Launch Video

Watch this fantastic video that Mrs Yollis and her students made to launch the project.

Concluding Video

Miss McGeady made this video to conclude the project.

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