Postcard Project

2KJ and 2KM are involved in a Postcard Project!

Our friend, Mrs Leakey, a teacher in New Zealand, started this project and you can read all about it here on her class blog, Pirates of Room 4. Lots of different classes from all around the world have signed up!

This is what is involved in the project:

Sign up online to be a part of the Postcard Project.

– Find some postcards that represents something about the town or country you live in.

– Write on the back of the postcards to share something about your town or city.

– Choose which classes you wish to send the postcard to and address the postcards.

– Send the postcards.

– You will then hopefully get some postcards back!


The students in 2KM and 2KJ have written postcards to many classes around the world (Remember to click on the picture below to make it bigger.)

postcard project

We have received many postcards already from the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Scotland! We are keeping our postcards on a special display about our global friendships.


The Postcard Project is a fantastic way to develop our literacy skills while connecting and collaborating with other classes from all around the world!

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