Our Healthy Tuesday!

This term, we have been learning how important it is to stay active and eat a balanced diet.

We have been having a healthy week so far with our Fruit and Veg Day, yoghurt making and the Cross Country fun run.


Today was the Leopold Primary School Cross Country. It was held on the oval and all the students from Prep to Grade Six were involved. The Grade Twos had to run a challenging course around the school grounds.

The boys ran first and then the girls. Everyone tried their very best!

There are some special efforts that need to be mentioned..

Liam (2KM) came third out of all the Grade Two boys.

Alana (2KM) came second out of all the Grade Two girls.

Millie (2KM) came third out of all the Grade Two girls.

Next year, when the students are in Grade Three, they will have the chance to go on to compete against students from other schools if they do well in the Cross Country.

Here are some photos of the Cross Country fun (tip: click on the picture to make it bigger)

cross country


Yoghurt is an excellent dairy food. Yoghurt is good for us because it contains

calcium for strong teeth and bones,

good bacteria to help our stomachs work properly,

protein to keep us feeling full and to make our muscles strong.

Mrs Morris makes her own yoghurt with an Easiyo Yoghurt maker so she brought it to school to show 2KM and 2KJ how to make yoghurt.

Mrs Morris enjoys making her own yoghurt because it is cheaper than buying yoghurt and has more good bacteria in it than store bought yoghurt.

2KM and 2KJ loved making and tasting some strawberry yoghurt.

It takes just three steps to make yoghurt.

1. Dissolve the yoghurt powder into a jar of water.

2. Add boiling water to the yoghurt maker.

3. Leave the yoghurt for 8 to 24 hours. Chill it and enjoy!

3 steps
Here are some photos of our yoghurt making 



How did you go in the Cross Country?

Do you like running?

What is your favourite yoghurt flavour?

Have you ever made your own yoghurt?

Fruit and Veg Day

To celebrate the end of a great term learning about food, Grade Two students had a special Fruit and Veg Day.

All students brought in a fruit or a vegetable to share with the rest of the class. We had such a great variety! There were apples, pears, nashi pears, pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit, snow peas, carrots, purple carrots, dragonfruit, rockmelon, avocado, broccoli, strawberries, cucumber, lettuce, star fruit, plums, figs and much more!

While eating the different fruits and vegetables, students recorded how they smelt, tasted and felt. It was interesting to compare the different flavours of the foods.


It was terrific to see many students sampling new fruits and vegetables for the first time. Trying different foods is a great experience!

A big thank you to Martine, Rhonda, Marcie and Mrs B for cutting up all the fruits and vegies for us!

What is your favourite fruit or vegetable?

Did you try a fruit or vegetable for the first time today?

How do some fruits or vegetables taste, feel or smell?

Family Blogging Afternoon

On Wednesday 23rd March, 2KM and 2KJ held a Family Blogging Afternoon.

Last week, all students made an invitation to give to a special person in their family.


We had mums, dads, nannas, pas, aunties and other family members come along.

We launched our Family Blogging Afternoon by skyping Mrs Yollis!

Mrs Yollis told everyone about some of the benefits of educational blogging in regards to literacy, community building, geography and internet safety. Thank you, Mrs Yollis! It was great to hear from you!

All the students showed their special person our poster about writing quality comments.

The students then taught their special person how to find their way around our blog and how to leave a quality comment. All the special people left a comment on this post. Check out their wonderful comments!

What a fantastic afternoon full of fun and learning.

Parents and family members, don’t forget, we always love to hear from you so feel free to keep leaving us comments!

Check out our slideshow!


How did you like the Family Blogging Afternoon?

What do you like about blogging?

What can you learn from blogging?

What tips would you give to new bloggers?

Welcome Families! Tell us About Your Schooling

Today, Wednesday 23rd March, all students have invited a special person to our Family Blogging Afternoon.

The students in 2KM and 2KJ are teaching their special family member about blogging and quality commenting.

This blog post is for everyone at the Family Blogging Afternoon to comment on!

(Anyone else can leave a comment too of course)

★★★ What was school like for you? ★★★

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are often telling the students in 2KM and 2KJ how things have changed in schools over the last few years.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan started primary school in 1987 (not at the same school!). They didn’t have any computers in their classroom until Grade Six.

When Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris were at school there was no Skype, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, internet, blogs, email or iPods. They couldn’t make any connections with any classes overseas.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan first used the internet in Year 12 in 1999. The internet was very different back then.

When Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris were at school, they didn’t get to work in groups much and there was a lot of copying off the blackboard!

Some things about Miss Jordan’s and Mrs Morris’ time at school are the same as what 2KM and 2KJ do at school. They had classes like Music, P.E. and Art. They did lessons like Reading, Writing and Maths. They had Integrated Studies topics like Food and Dinosaurs. However, a lot has changed!

So much has changed even since Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris started teaching in 2004!


Image: ‘Old computers

Parents, family members (and anyone else), please leave us a comment!

How is school today different to when YOU went to school?

Is there anything the same?

Do you think school is better now or in the past?

What do you think school will be like in the future?

Multi-Age Day Fun

Today was Multi-Age Day (MAD) at Leopold Primary School.

Students in the school were divided into 24 groups with children of all ages interacting in each group. Groups rotated around different classrooms for the day.

The theme for MAD was science and all of the students enjoyed participating in fun scientific experiments and activities.

The science activities were:

* Floating and sinking

* Using microscopes and magnifying glasses

* Finding creatures

* Making forensic fingerprints

* Conducting a science survey

* Reading and responding to science books

Here’s some photos to show the fun we had!

MAD photos

Tip: Click on the image above to enlarge it.

We all learnt so many new science facts. What a great day!

What was your favourite activity during MAD?

What scientific facts do you know?

Have you done any science experiments before?