Edublog Award Excitement!

Today was a very exciting day for 2KM and 2KJ as it was the Awards Ceremony for the annual Edublog Awards.


We were honoured to be short listed out of hundreds of nominations in many different categories.

Most students stayed in at recess and watched the ceremony on the interactive whiteboard at 11am. There were some fabulous results for 2KM, 2KJ and their friends. The top five in each category were recognised.

Best Class Blog

We came FIFTH! Two of our closest “blogging buddy”classes were in the top five. Mrs Yollis’ Classroom Blog came FIRST and Mr Salsich’s Class Blog came FOURTH!

We were the only Australian class in the top five. Go Aussies!

Best Student Blog

Seven 2KM and 2KJ students were shortlisted which was an amazing achievement as there were hundreds of nominations.

Congratulations to Jarrod who came FOURTH! Mrs Yollis’ former student, Jaden came FIRST. Miriam and Victoria, also students of Mrs Yollis, came SECOND.

Being an Edublog Award finalist is an incredible achievement for Jarrod. He only started his blog in mid-2011 and has already had nearly 3000 visitors. Jarrod was also the youngest student in the top five (he recently turned eight).


Best Group Blog

Our third piece of exciting news was that Our World, Our Stories WON the Best Group Blog category!

There were cheers of delight as the announcement was made. Our World, Our Stories is a global project that we have been working on with classes in five other countries for most of this term. It has been an incredible learning opportunity and a highlight of 2011 for the students.

What a way to end Our World, Our Stories with an award that we can all celebrate together!

Our World Our Stories

Other Great Results

Many of our blogging buddies also experienced excellent results to recognise the fabulous work that they do with educational blogging.

Mrs Yollis and her class WON the Most Influential Blog Post category and Mrs Yollis came SECOND in the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mr Avery and his class came THIRD in the Best Use of Audio / Video / Podcast category.

Mrs Hembree and her students came SECOND by just one vote in the Best Librarian / Library category.

2KM and 2KJ students Haille, Ava, Millie, Charlotte, Jordi and BB (2KM 2010) were shortlisted from hundreds of student blogs. What an achievement for grade two students! This was the second year that grade three student BB was nominated!

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All of our blogging friends, teachers, students and classes are winners in our eyes.

This year, 2KM and 2KJ have discovered how blogging can help us improve and grow in so many ways. While awards are nice, we all know that personal improvement is what counts. This is something we have definitely won!

What has been your blogging highlight this year?

Who did you vote for in the Edublog Awards?

“Our World, Our Stories” Update

Four weeks ago, the “Our World, Our Stories” global project was launched and we are enjoying it so much!

Our World, Our Stories

Find out about our project here.

2KM and 2KJ love learning with our blogging buddies from all around the world, so it is exciting to be doing this exciting project with…

Mrs Yollis’ class

Mr Salsich’s class


Mrs Watson’s class

Andy Sefa Boachie’s Ghana students

Miss Usher’s students in Belize.


We have covered some very interesting topics so far. Check them out!

Week One topic – Typical school day

Week Two topic – Recess activities

Week Three topic – Food

This week’s topic – Our local environment


The posts and comments on the Our World, Our Stories blog have generated some great discussions in our classroom. We enjoy spending time on the netbooks to read the posts and reply to comments. We are learning about the world and improving our literacy skills at the same time!


What is an interesting fact you’ve learnt through this project?

What is a similarity/difference you’ve noticed between life in Leopold and other parts of the world?

Do you have an idea for a future global project we could do?

Head over to the Our World, Our Stories blog and leave a comment!

Our World, Our Stories

In 2KM and 2KJ, we love to connect and learn with our friends around the world.

Today we are excited to start a new global project called Our World, Our Stories.

We have a blog where all the blogging buddies will meet up and learn together for the next seven weeks.

Our World Our Stories Blog

Classes involved

The students are all from junior primary classes and are from three different continents and six different countries.

2KM and 2KJ from Victoria, Australia

B4 from New Zealand

Mrs Yollis’ third grade class from California, USA

Mr Salsich’s third grade class from Connecticut, USA

Mrs Watson’s 2/3 class from Canada

Andy Sefa Boachie and his students from Ghana

Miss Usher’s standard 3 class from Punta Gorda, Belize

A map showing participating classes

View Our World, Our Stories in a larger map

How will it work?

A different class will “lead” a topic on the blog each week. The lead class will publish posts and reply to comments.

Topics will be based on students’ interests such as school games, hobbies, food, local environment etc.

The other classes will read the posts, possibly publish their own posts, and leave blog comments.

The students will be able learn a lot from getting to know how the other classes live their lives.

We plan to have a special celebration in December to finish our project!

If you want to keep up to date with how the fun and learning unfolds, there is a “subscribe via email” box on the right hand side of the Our World, Our Stories blog.

We encourage all members of the 2KM and 2KJ community to get involved!

What do you think about Our World, Our Stories?

What do you think we’ll get out of doing of this project?

Our “Flat People” Are Home!

Everyone in 2KJ and 2KM was so excited today because our “flat people” have returned home to us from New Zealand!


We have loved doing the Flat Stanley project with our friends, B4 and B3, in New Zealand. We spent time today reading the diaries that the New Zealand students wrote about our flat people. It was so much fun discovering the adventures our flat people had on their visit!





Highlights of the trip to Reefton, New Zealand included participating in the Athletic Sports, swimming in a river, going to the skate park, taking a tour of the police station and the fire station, going to a disco, diving for eels, visiting the Brunner Memorial Site, going horse riding and even riding cows!

A big thank you to everyone in B4 and B3 for looking after our flat people and showing them such a wonderful time in New Zealand!

2KJ and 2KM students, please comment: What did your flat person do in New Zealand?

Everyone else: Have you been to New Zealand? What did you do there? What would you like to see and do in New Zealand?

We Loved the Flat Stanley Project!

2KJ and 2KM have loved doing the Flat Stanley project with Mrs McKenzie and B4 and B3 in New Zealand!

You can read all about our project here. A week after we sent our flat people to B4 and B3, they arrived safely in Reefton, New Zealand. We received the flat people from New Zealand at about the same time. We were so excited!

Each student chose a flat person to look after at home for a week. Here’s a few excited 2KJ and 2KM students with their New Zealand flat friends!

NZ flat people

The students had to write a diary for their flat person, describing all the fun activities they got up to while in Australia. Some students even took photos of the flat people!


Ryley, Amelie, Kayla and Will took their flat people on a tour of Leopold Primary School. I bet it’s different to school in New Zealand!

The flat people had a wonderful time in Australia. They went to swimming lessons and tennis lessons, jumped on trampolines, visited the Port Fairy Folk Festival, went camping, travelled to Warnambool, went to the circus, rode motorbikes, went to birthday parties and lots more! Molly’s mum even took the flat person to her work for the day!

Some parents emailed us photos of the flat people. Check out what they got up to at with some of our students at home!

What did you like showing your flat person?

What do you think our flat people got up to in New Zealand?

If you had to look after a flat person from another country, what would you show them?

Welcome Quad Bloggers!

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2KM and 2KJ are QUAD blogging buddies with three other classes!

So far, the quad blogging buddies have enjoyed getting to know…

*Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog U.S.A.*
*Open the Door to B4  in New Zealand*
*Mr. Salsich Class Blog U.S.A*

The is the fourth and final week of our Quad Blogging project.

This week it is our turn to welcome our blogging buddies!

Mosaic Final quad blogging yollis

We only started our blog one month ago. This is only our 12th post but we hope you will find something you would like to comment on.


Leo Asks About Quality Commenting

Skyping Mrs Yollis’ class

The Flat Stanley Project

The Postcard Project

Multi-Age Day Fun


Don’t forget to explore our pages. If you put your mouse on the “About” page you will see a drop down menu to find out more about our town, school, students, mascot and teachers.

About page 2KM and 2KJ

You might also be interested in our “Sites for Kids” pages.


We keep track of our visitors with a special place value flip book (we think this was Mrs Yollis‘ idea!).

So far we have received this many visitors…


This week we have a goal to reach this many visitors…



So far we have received 396 comments.


This week we have a goal to reach 500 comments.

Can we do it? Help us reach our goals!


Thanks for visiting!

Please leave a comment and introduce yourself.

*2KM and 2KJ students and families – please feel free to reply to comments!*

Let’s Visit Our Blogging Buddies: Meet Mrs McKenzie and B4

2KM and 2KJ are QUAD blogging buddies with three other classes!

*Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog U.S.A.*
*Open the Door to B4  in New Zealand*
*Mr. Salsich Class Blog U.S.A*
*2KM and 2KJ  in Australia *

Mosaic Final quad blogging yollis

So far, the quad blogging buddies have enjoyed getting to know Mrs Yollis’ class and Mr Salsich’s class.

This week, they’re focussing on Mrs McKenzie’s class, B4, in Reefton, New Zealand.

B4 are grade two and three students in a rural area on the south island of New Zealand.

Their blog is called Open the Door to B4.


2KM and 2KJ are enjoying collaborating on a Flat Stanley project with B4 and their friends B3.

B4 are hoping to get their comments up to a total of 900 this week. Can you help them?

Instead of leaving a comment on this post, why not head over to Open the Door to B4 and leave a comment for them!

They would love to hear from you.

Remember to mention where you’re from!

The Flat Stanley Project

2KJ and 2KM are so excited to be involved in a special Flat Stanley project with our friends, B4 and B3, in New Zealand!

Flat Stanley is a book written by Jeff Brown in 1964. It is about the adventures of Stanley Lambchop, a young boy who is flattened by a bulletin board in his sleep. Everyone in 2KJ and 2KM loved hearing about the fun Stanley had.

Flat Stanley

Over the holidays, Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan contacted Mrs McKenzie, who teaches B4 in Reefton, NZ, and set up the project. The class next door to B4 is B3 with Mrs Webb, and they were keen to get involved too.

Here’s what the Flat Stanley project involves:

* 2KJ, 2KM, B4 and B3 all read the book Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown.

* We skyped with our friends in New Zealand last week to launch the project.

* Students from all four classes made their own Flat Stanley figures, but called them after themselves! (eg, Jarrod made a Flat Jarrod). They wrote a few sentences about themselves on the back.

* We will send our figures to New Zealand and they will send theirs to us!

* Each student will receive a flat person figure from New Zealand to look after. We will be writing diaries to show what the different flat people get up to in Australia before we send them back home to New Zealand.

* We will skype again with B4 and B3 in a couple of weeks to share the adventures the flat people had in Australia and New Zealand!

Here are some 2KJ and 2KM students with the flat people they made…

    Flat Stanley 2KM 2KJ

 We can’t wait to meet the flat people from New Zealand!


What do you think of our Flat Stanley project?

Have you been involved in a project like this before?

Have you read the Flat Stanley books?

What do you think the Flat Stanley figures will get up to in Australia?


The Postcard Project

2KJ and 2KM are involved in a special Postcard Project!

Our friend, Mrs Leakey, a teacher in New Zealand, started this project and you can read all about it here on her class blog, Pirates of Room 4. Lots of different classes from all around the world have signed up!

This is what is involved in the project:

Sign up online to be a part of the Postcard Project.

– Find some postcards that represents something about the town or country you live in.

– Write on the back of the postcards to share something about your town or city.

– Choose which classes you wish to send the postcard to and address the postcards.

– Send the postcards.

– You will then hopefully get some postcards back!


We have already received a postcard from Mrs McKenzie and B4 in New Zealand!

Today some 2KJ and 2KM students were specially selected to write on some postcards to send to our global blogging buddies.

Here they are, hard at work! (Remember to click on the picture below to make it bigger.)

postcard project

The Postcard Project is a fantastic way to connect and collaborate with other classes from all around the world!

What do you think of the Postcard Project?

Have you sent postcards when you’ve been on holidays before?

Where would you like to go on holidays?

Skyping with B4 and B3 in New Zealand

2KM and 2KJ are blogging buddies with B4 in Reefton, New Zealand. They have a great blog called “Open the Door to B4” and their teacher is Mrs McKenzie.

B4 is part of the quad blogging project which you can read more about here.

Today we skyped with Mrs McKenzie and B4 as well as their friends in B3.

We wanted to get to know them better but we also wanted to talk about a book we are both reading called “Flat Stanley”.

Flat Stanley is a terrific chapter book written by Jeff Brown over 40 years ago! It is the first in a series of books featuring Stanley Lambchop, a completely flat boy.

Flat Stanley

Some of the highlights of our Skype call were:

  • Talking about the favourite chapters and characters in Flat Stanley.
  • Imagining what we would do if we were Stanley.
  • Learning about favourite sports, school subjects and after school activities.
  • Counting to 10 in Maori and Indonesian.
  • Hearing the New Zealand and Australian national anthems.

Skyping B4 2

Skyping B4

Here is the transcript of some of the conversation we had on Skype (thanks to our student teacher Mrs B for typing!)

While we were skyping we decided it would be fun to make our own Stanleys and send them each other! We thought we could make diaries of the Stanleys adventures in New Zealand and Australia. Stay tuned for more information about our Flat Stanley project!

Have you read any of the Flat Stanley books?

What would you do if you were Flat Stanley?

What did you learn from your friends in New Zealand?

Do you know any facts about New Zealand?