Our Friends in California

2KM and 2KJ love blogging and one of our favourite things about having a class blog is connecting with other student bloggers from all around the world!

Mrs Yollis and her third grade class in Los Angeles, California (USA), are one of our closest blogging buddies. We love to check out Mrs Yollis’ blog, leave her comments and have commenting conversations. We have learnt a lot about life in America from Mrs Yollis and her students.

Just to show how far away we live from Mrs Yollis, look at the map below. (Click on the picture to enlarge it).

World map

A few weeks ago Jarrod sent a special package over to Mrs Yollis’ class. Check it out here. Read about what happened when Mrs Yollis’ class tasted vegemite!

We got such a surprise yesterday when we received a big parcel, all the way from Mrs Yollis’ class in California!

Our special package contained a lovely card, American flags for all students, four packets of “Jelly Belly” jelly beans, delicious lolly pops for everyone and a wonderful Californian book, titled “Golden Numbers”. We are so lucky!

Leo checking out the card from Mrs Yollis and her students.


We read the special book straight away!


We enjoyed the jelly beans. Yum!


Hello from Australia!


A big thank you to Mrs Yollis and her fabulous third grade students. You truly are such special friends!

Do you have any friends or family members who live in another country?

What have you learnt from Mrs Yollis and her students about America?

What is your favourite treat to eat?

The Grade Two Activity Night

Tuesday 18th October was the Grade Two Activity Night at Leopold Primary School.

Excitement was high and everyone had a terrific time on the night!

The Activity Night started at 5pm and finished at about 9.15pm. Luckily, Wednesday is a holiday for the Geelong Cup (horse race) so we can all have a sleep in!

Watch this slideshow to see how our night unfolded…

Thanks to our special helpers Mr D, Mr Mac, Mrs Geoghegan, Mrs Mullen and Nate who helped out on the night!

What did you enjoy most about the Grade Two Activity Night?

Have you ever been to an event like this before?

If you were planning an Activity Night, what other activities could you have?

We’re Back for Term Four!

Today is the first day of Term Four in Victoria, Australia .

It is the last term of school for us before our long summer holidays. When we return to school in February next year, the 2KM and 2KJ students will be in Grade Three!


It was terrific to hear that everyone in 2KM and 2KJ had a fantastic two week break. Over the holidays many students visited new places, went to the movies, enjoyed bike rides, saw their friends and watched Geelong win the AFL Grand Final!


We have two new students joining us for our final term. Dana is in 2KM and Morgan is in 2KJ.

Dana came from Mandama Primary School, where Mr D (our new principal) used to be the principal! Dana likes playing netball and she enjoys playing in her cubby house and on the trampoline with her younger sister, Lauren.

Morgan came from Nazareth Primary School. Morgan enjoys riding his bike, playing soccer and playing with his brother, Morrison and sister, April.

Here are Morgan and Dana with Leo!



Over the holidays our new school building was finished! The five Prep classes will be moving into the building this week and some of the Grade One and Two classes will move into our building.

Here is the outside of the new building.



Here is the inside of the building.




What did you do on your school holidays?

Do you have a question for Dana or Morgan?

What do you think of our new school building?

New Student Blogs…and Happy Holidays!

This was an exciting week in 2KM and 2KJ because we started…

Glitter Words

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have a system where students are able to earn their own blog if they leave lots of comments on our class blog and our blogging buddies’ blogs.

Congratulations to Keira, Kayla, Alana, Ava, Ella, Amelie and Jordi!


Check out the new student blogs and please leave them a comment!

 Keira’s Exciting Blog

Kayla’s Lovely Blog

Alana’s Animated Blog

Ava’s Awesome Blog

Ella’s Fantastic Blog

Amelie’s Adventures

Jordi’s Joyful Blog

The holidays are the perfect time to check out these new blogs and our other student blogs too! You can also find links to all of the 2KM and 2KJ student blogs on our sidebar.


 Today is the last day of Term Three. We’ve had a very busy ten weeks and we’re looking forward to a fun and exciting final term in 2KM and 2KJ. We’ll be back at school on Monday 10th October.

What do you think of the new student blogs?

Do you have some ideas for what our new bloggers could post about?

What did you enjoy most about Term Three?

Do you have a learning goal for Term Four?

2KM and 2KJ Dinosaur Conference

At the end of each term, students at Leopold Primary School complete a Dynamic Assessment Task to celebrate their learning.

Grade Two students have been learning all about dinosaurs this term. To demonstrate their learning and understanding, we held the

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

Students were asked to perform an interview in pairs. The task involved…

* Students taking on the roles of a journalist and a palaeontologist

* Researching facts about a particular dinosaur

* Writing out a news script with a partner

* Students completing a self-assessment rubric about their script and interview.

Check out the terrific interviews from the Dinosaur Conference below!

What did you think of our interviews?

Did you learn any interesting facts about dinosaurs?

What would you like to write a news script about?

A question for parents: What was your favourite subject at school?

This blog post is for parents and anyone else who would like to comment!

In 2KM and 2KJ we enjoy doing lots of different subjects. Some of the subjects we do in our classroom are…

A two hour Literacy Block

independent reading





Integrated Studies


We also have three specialist subjects each week. Over the year we do Physical Education, Music, Art, Indonesian and Computers.

This got us thinking…what did the 2KM and 2KJ parents enjoy at school?

We’d love to hear from parents, family members and our other global visitors, so please leave us a comment!

What was your favourite subject at primary school and why?

Arrays all Around

Today we started learning about arrays.

Some of our blogging buddies have been learning about arrays too. Check out what our New Zealand friends, B4, did with Mrs McKenzie. In New South Wales, Mrs Dowling also focussed on arrays with her class.

We also found an old post by Mr Salsich’s third grade class in Connecticut, USA.  Thank you Mr Salsich for letting us use some of your work!

An array is a group of objects arranged in rows and columns. Each row has the same number of objects.



Arrays are useful for skip counting and solving multiplication problems.

The array above has 3 rows of 4 blocks. That is 3 groups of 4, or 3 x 4. We can find out how many blocks there are by skip counting by 4’s:  4, 8, 12 – or by doing repeated addition: 4 + 4 + 4 = 12.

There are 12 blocks. So, 3 x 4 = 12.

Here is a slideshow of some arrays around our classroom! Can you solve the multiplication problems?


What are the answers to the multiplication problems in the slideshow?

What other arrays have you seen around?

Learning about Time

For the past two weeks 2KM and 2KJ have been learning about time.

We have been learning o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times. We used…

analogue clocks

analogue clock

and digital clocks

digital clock

Some important times of the day for us are…

Times of the day

To begin each lesson, we discussed important times of the day and played some time games on the interactive whiteboard. Give them a try!

Stop the Clock

Time Maze

Time Games

What is your favourite time of the day?

What times are important for you?

Using Adjectives

This week we have been learning about how to use adjectives in our writing.

Adjectives are describing words and using good adjectives makes your writing much more interesting to read. Adjectives add colour to your writing!

Adjectives you might use when describing a snake are: scaly, slithery, poisonous, scary, long and smooth.

Adjectives you might use when describing a puppy are: cute, fluffy, small, playful, cheeky, noisy and lovable.

Adding extra information and details to your sentences helps the reader to make a picture in their mind about what is happening.

To remind ourselves about adjectives, we used this website on our interactive whiteboard:


We turned some basic sentences into interesting sentences by adding adjectives and more information!

Adjectives sentences


We’d love to hear your interesting adjective-filled sentences in your comments!

Can you make this sentence more interesting by adding adjectives and extra information?

The boy rode his bike.


What adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

Dinosaurs – The Triassic Period

This term 2KM and 2KJ are learning about dinosaurs.

Last week we enjoyed learning about the Triassic Period. It is the first period of the Mesozoic Era, which was the era of the dinosaurs. The timeline below shows all of the stages of the Mesozoic Era.

Dinosaur timeline


We learnt some interesting facts about the Triassic Period, including:

* All the continents were joined together as one huge continent, it was known as Pangaea.

* There were no dinosaurs at the start of the Triassic period, but there were many amphibians and some reptiles.

* The Triassic dinosaurs were much smaller than the dinosaurs of the later periods.

* The climate in the Triassic period was hot and dry, causing desert like conditions.

* The Coelophysis is probably the most well known Triassic dinosaur. They were small and fast and hunted in packs.

* In the late Triassic Period, the first mammals appeared. They were tiny, about the size of mice, and probably nocturnal.

* There was a mass extinction at the end of the Triassic Period and about 35% of animal species died out.


We created a poster to show profiles of some of the Triassic dinosaurs…



We have enjoyed doing research about the Triassic Period, and the Enchanted Learning and Dinosaur Facts websites have some interesting information. Why not check them out yourself?

Enchanted Learning Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Facts

 What do you know about the Triassic Period?

Do you have a favourite dinosaur from the Triassic Period?