About Leo

Leo is the class mascot in 2KM and 2KJ.

He is a friendly (but sleepy) lion.

Leo on world

Leo was born on 7th April, 2003. He turned 8 in 2011 and had a party. Read about it here.

Leo’s favourite foods are choc mint ice cream, chocolate, fruit salad with yoghurt and honey on toast.

Leo loves learning about the world and getting to know his blogging buddies. Leo is good friends with other class mascots such as Panda in Mrs Yollis’ class and Juan Pablo and Perezoso in Mr Salsich’s class.

Leo helps all the students in 2KM and 2KJ learn about blogging, especially quality commenting and how to be safe online.

Leo also helps the students with reading, writing, maths and all their classroom activities.

Watch this slideshow to find out more about Leo.

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