Our Last Day of 2011

Today is our last school day of 2011. Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan, 2KM and 2KJ have had a wonderful year together. We have learnt so much, made some great friendships and have created memories that will last for life.

We have written 112 posts and received over 4,600 comments. We are nearly at our Clustrmap goal of 25,000 visitors.

clustrmap Dec 2011

There are some special people we would like to thank. These include all of our blogging buddies around the world who we have collaborated with, especially Mrs Yollis’ class, Mr Salsich’s class, Mr Avery’s class, B4 and Mrs Watson’s class. We have loved learning with you in 2011!

We have some very special commenters who are always there to have a conversation with us. These include teacher, Ross Mannell, parent, AA, grade three student, BB, and teacher, Stef Galvin. We appreciate your support!

Finally, we’d like to thank all the 2KM and 2KJ families, and all our friends around the world.

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This photo of 2KM and 2KJ was taken on 7th February 2011.

7th Feb 2011

This photo of 2KM and 2KJ was taken on 21st December 2011.

21st Dec 2011 2

The 2KM and 2KJ blog will stay at this address but will no longer be updated.

Next year, Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are looking forward to teaching Grade Four. We will post the link to the 4KM and 4KJ blog during the holidays so you can keep following our adventures! We hope everyone stays in touch.

What have you learnt or enjoyed this year?

What was your favourite post on the 2KM and 2KJ blog?

What are you doing on the Christmas holidays?

30 thoughts on “Our Last Day of 2011

  1. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Hasn’t the year flown! Just like you, I will be sharing my last blog post with my students this morning.

    I feel very lucky to have discovered your blog and had the opportunity to get to know all of you, and your wonderful teachers. I’ve said it before (but it bears repeating) – you are a fantastic inspiration to Grade 2 students (and adults!) everywhere!

    I can’t pick a favourite blog post because I’ve just been amazed by all the things you have managed to achieve in the 6 months I have been getting to know you! I have really enjoyed celebrating with those students who earned their own blogs, and exploring and learning about dinosaurs and sea animals with all of you.

    As with every year I’m celebrating Christmas with my family – this year my mum is hosting the family Christmas party and I’m very excited because she’s an EXCELLENT cook. We always eat well at Christmas, and we’ve adopted a few overseas visitors this year, who are celebrating their first Australian Christmas – one from Mississippi and one from Italy. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the way it brings everyone together!

    I hope you all enjoy your holidays, 2KM and 2KJ! I hope that today, your last day (for the moment) with Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan, is spectacular!

    You’re all very special people, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, a safe and happy New Year, and an amazing 2012!

    From you blogging buddy,
    Stef Galvin

    • @ Stef,

      Thank you for the great blog comment on this blog post and also every blog post.

      Has it really been 6 months you have been lorning about us. WOW!

      I have really liked beening your blogging buddy and also just getting to know you as well.

      Your a really great blogger!

      Again, Thank you for all of the blog comments.


    • Wow your blog looks fantastic. We are in the process of setting up our own and will base it around yours.

      We are a Year 4/5 class in Telford, England, who, like yourselves, love sport!
      Check us out at aistonsclass.wordpress.com

  2. ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮

    Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Say it isn’t so! The year can’t be coming to an end!

    I have enjoyed so many different aspects of our year together! The highlight of the year was the Our World, Our Stories project. Although we won an award for that blog, the reason I love the project is because we got to learn so much about each other. It was fun to see what people eat, what their environment looks like, and what kinds of songs they like to sing. Having the game Bamboo take off was the icing on the cake!

    Meeting all of you via Skype, through your blogs, or in person (Ryley and Ella!) was meaningful to my class and to me. We’ve made some wonderful connections, and I hope we can continue our friendship through quality commenting!

    You asked which post was my favorite. You published so many great ones, but my all time favorite has to be the Happy 50th Birthday post you did for me. That was a big milestone in my life and you all made it very special. I’ll never forget that!

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your vacation, and I’ll see you in 2012!

    What plans do people have for their summer break?

    Your blogging friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮ ☼ ✿ ☮

    • Dear Mrs Yollis,

      Thanktyou for your comment. It was awesome!

      I am having a birthday on Janurary 20th with lots of friends over. it’s going to be a hawiian pool party.

      I enjoyed looking at your 50th birthday post!

      Your pal from 2011,
      Amelie 2KM

  3. Hello 2KM and 2KJ,

    I suppose this is the last time I will be writing that greeting. It has come to mean so much to me. Your happy faces, your brilliant blogs and the wonderful activities you’ve shared have been a bright part of my life.

    As you finish your last day in class, I know you will continue to carry your blogging skills into next year. With so much achieved by you all in 2011, I think 2012 will see you go on to achieve even greater things because of your skills. Perhaps you might mentor younger children in 2012 or be able to help new students joining your school.

    One thing I do know, I will be able to see even more posts coming from your school next year. How could this not be? I know your class has set a high standard and been an inspiration to other classes.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year then come back in 2012 to start Year 3 with the knowledge of how well you can all do. 🙂

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

    • Dear Ross,

      Thankyou for your spectaculaur comment.

      The momments in 2KM and 2KJ were brilliant, I learnt so much.

      All the posts were absolutely fabulouse.

      Amelie 2KM

  4. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    Congratulations on the finish of your school year!
    Like Ms. Galvin and Mrs. Yollis, I can’t say I have a favorite post for your year. I’ve loved reading all of them. I always learn from your posts and our students too.
    Recently, I loved your Storybirds that you did with Mr.Avery. That kind of collaboration is the heart of educational blogging! It’s an idea I would like to try out sometime too!
    Moving up to 4th grade is a big move! However, will you have some of your former students from last year perhaps? They will be well versed in blogging and you can take off with your new blog in speed mode!
    I wish you all a happy holiday and summer season! Enjoy the sunshine and the warmth! You are heading toward your longest day of the year, and we are close to our shortest!

    All the best!
    Mrs. Hembree

  5. To 2KM and 2KJ,

    Thank you for introducing me to the world of blogging, I have learnt so much more than I expected to this year ❗

    Blogging has been a great opportunity for our family and for friends to learn about what you have been doing at school and to participate in your learning. 🙂

    I hope everyone enjoys the adventures that lay ahead for them next year with the students heading to Grade 3 and the teachers to Grade 4.

    Good luck to everyone for 2012. I can’t wait to check in on the new 4KM and 4KJ blog and the all the student bloggers of 2KM and 2KJ to see what they get up to next year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all,
    Melane (Jarr☀d’s Mum)

  6. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I can’t believe it’s your last day of school! It seems like just yesterday that Mrs. Morris and Miss Jordan were writing all about the excitement as they had a new class coming in.

    We’ve had so much fun working with you this year. I loved skyping in to you, talking all about life and school in Massachusetts. We had so much fun writing Storybirds with you. I’ve truly enjoyed reading all your individual blogs this year. You’re all so talented and each and every one of you deserved to win “Best Student Blog” for the Edublog Awards.

    I hope you enjoyed your year! Don’t be strangers. Come visit our blog and keep us updated on what you’re up to and how third grade is going next year.

    It feels weird to say this since it’s winter here but Merry Christmas and have a great summer!

    Your friend,
    Mr. Avery

  7. Dear 2Km and 2KJ
    You’ve made it to the end of the school year!
    Do you remember way back at the start of the year when we skyped together to start our Flat Stanley project?
    Lots of great learning has gone on since then and we have enjoyed sharing it with you, especially the Our World, Our Stories project.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and keep on blogging next year!
    Mrs M♔Kenzie

    • Dear Mrs Mackenzie,

      What a terrific comment.

      I loved doing the flat stanley project, Emily had me.

      What did you do for Christmas?
      Your christmas would have sounded fun.

      I had a very fun Christmas.

      For christmas I stayed at home with my family because we have brought a new house.

      For Christmas I got a laptop from Mum and Dad and from Santa I got a slippery slide and cupcake fizzers that go in the bath and lots more.

      The Our World our stories project was a great opportunity to learn about other people on the other side of the world.

      Lots of Love your Blogging buddy,

      (from Australia 2kj)

  8. Dear 2KM and 2JK,

    Well this is it I can’t believe it just how fast this year has gone.

    I have enjoyed visiting your blog and getting to know and read your wonderful post. For I have learned heaps from you all and your wonderful teachers Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan.
    How lucky you all are to have had such outstanding teachers teaching you all this year.

    Thank you for letting me apart of your awesome blog.
    I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2012 as you all start grade three!

    And to you Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan thank you again for another wonderful year of blogging. I hope you a great new year with your new grade four’s and I hope to be re visiting and commenting on your new blog.

    From your friend,
    AA. 🙂

    I really don’t have a favourite post as I have loved them all.

  9. Hey all!

    I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written. I was actually sitting in the freezer for quite some time. It was coooooooooold in there! Someone finally just took me out to defrost me! Anyway, I’m so glad I’m out of there! Ice is driving me nuts. It never stops chattering. Ice cream thinks it’s the best thing on earth. Being in there for a while, I decided to work on my poetry skills. Let me know how you think I’m doing!

    Well, it seems it’s time to say goodbye.
    It really does seem like time does fly.
    I can’t believe the year is done.
    Blogging with you has been so much fun.
    You’ve all grown so much this year.
    You make me want to shed a tear.
    Until next year, we’ll have to wait.
    Just don’t forget about the use by date!

    Bawk Bawk,

    • Dear Chicken,

      Hi it is Keira I am in 2KJ! It is the best grade ever dont you think?

      I bet it would be coooooooold in there 😆 luckly you got out to defrost! :mrgreen:

      I am not a big fan of ice-cream but my little brother Brodie is a big fan of ice-cream get ice-cream to leave a comment on the 2KM and 2KJ blog and say to him that I am not a fan of ice-cream and tell him the my little brother will eat him up! Ehat do you think?

      I know I think I just might have to go with Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris. I might get them for garde four.

      I know the year has goen so fast.

      2011 rocks it has been the best year ever! Don’t you think?

      It has been so great to have teachers that love blogging! I love Blogging!!!

      I know I used to be a shorty but I ahve grown lots more!

      I know, I was cring at the last asmbely and I was crying to see all of my grade six best friends go! I miss them already!

      Bye for the last time!

      Love from
      Keira in 2KJ and 2KJ (3EC)

    • Dear Chicken,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I thought that you would be eaten because it seems that you are over judge and smell a bit in since you said in your comment that you have been in the freezer for a long time.

      It has been a long year for me and it’s been 5 mouths I have been blogging for it is so amazing.

      I have been enjoying everything especially chicken (you) and milk your friend that got drinked by some person.

      Millie 😆

  10. Hi 2KM and 2KJ!

    Great post!

    Once I saw this post I got a tear down my cheek. I was really sad that school had ended for 2011! 🙁

    What am I doing on the Christmas holidays?

    Well, I am going to my pas with my family for a couple of days! What I enjoy there? I enjoy helping me pa pick calves and cows up. Normally get one. While I’m there my half cousin, Meg (Megan) and her sisters are there. I always hang out with Meg! We go and see the calves!

    When we get home from my pas soon after we would be going on a holiday! What great fun! There is going to be a pool! I am always going to be in our new boat. Today we got a, Matrix… They are just like Malaboos but even better!

    On the boat I’m going to be on the:

    ~ lot’s more!

    Please check out my blog post about The end of the school year:

    What I have enjoyed this year?

    ~Getting a blog
    ~Making friends
    ~Having great teachers, Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan!

    My favourite post this year on this blog?

    That would have to be this post and “Welcome to the 2KM and 2KJ blog”! I’ll like to give Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan a big clap for those two posts!
    ( You to 2KM and 2KJ friends… )

    Have a great holiday!

    Merry Christmas!

    From Your 2011 Friend,

    PS- Thanks for all those comment everyone who left a comment for 2KM and 2KJ! 😛

  11. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    Great last post Mrs Morris!

    It is very sad to leave you and Miss Jordan but I might see you next year. Sarah (my sister) is very sad because she isn’t coming back to Leopold Primrary School because she is going to High School. I am very sad because I’ll have know one to be there for me. Leaving school makes me kind of cry a lot. 😥

    What did you enjot this year?
    I enjoyed all of the great sport activities we did. I also menjoyed learning all kinds of facts and all kinds of sea creauters. I think everyone learnt all different types of sea creature like me.

    What was your favourite blog post from this year?
    My favourite blog post from this year was May is family blogging mounth, because all of the people in our families wrote a comment on that post.

    What are you doing on the holidays?
    Well, I am not really sure but I know one thing wich is, I am going out to my Gradma’s house for Christmas and I am going to my Uncle Clive’s house for Christmas Eve. I can’t wait! :mrreen:

    I hope everyone enjoyed school and I whope they will enjoy Grade three, like me. I also hope everyone enjoys the Christmas and school holidays. Do you hope too?

    The two pictures look totally different because Jarrod used to be small but know he is nearly Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris’ head, wow he has grown a lot!

    I hope everyone has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I also hope everyone gets heaps of presents and have a very lovely day on Christmas day!

    Your blogging Grade three buddy,

    P.S I will miss Miss Jordan, Mrs Morris and Paris a lot because I won’t see Paris but I

    • Dear Meg,

      Thank you for your compliment about the post. I am glad you liked it!

      Miss Jordan and I will miss you next year but we hope you come and visit us.

      For Christmas, my family and Nate’s family are coming to my house. You will have fun at your Uncle Clive’s and your grandma’s house!

      Say hello to Sarah for me and don’t worry – there are lots of people to look after you at LPS!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

      • Dear Mrs Morris,

        Thank you for replying to me.

        I always have loved blogging and maybe next year I could still blog because Mrs Clements wants to start a class blog. So that will be fun and we can teach her.

        Yes, Uncle Clive’s and my Grandma’s house was fun and today I am going to go to Grandma’s house.

        Your blogging friend from this year,

        • Dear Mrs Morris,

          I forgot to say, merry christmas and what did you get for Christmas? Did you get any presents?

          It is very sad to leave you and Miss Jordan but I might see you next year so that doesn’t matter, does it? 😥

          Your friendly blogging buddy,

  12. @ Meg,

    Thanks for writing back to me. I had a really nice Christmas. I had 20 people at my house and we had so much yummy food!

    How was Grandma’s house? What did you have to eat? What was your favourite present?

    I got some nice presents from Nate’s parents. I got some salad bowls, a sarong, make-up and a voucher for a shop called Harvey Norman. I also got LOTS of chocolate. Yum!

    Are you doing something for New Years Eve?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • @ Mrs Morris,

      Wow, it looks like you had a very lovely christmas.

      My favourite present was getting a 3DS. A 3DS is a type of DS and on the 3DS you get to take pictures of yourself and of other people.

      I also loved going to my Gradndma’s house we had lots of yummy food. We had chicken, roast pork, roast potato, normal potato and lots of healthy vegtables. For desert we made it for Gandma’s house cheese cake.

      You blogging pal,

        • @ Meg,

          Sorry for the delay. I didn’t see your comment!

          On Christmas Day we had ham, chicken and beef. We also had 6 different salads, potato bake and bread. It was yummy! For dessert we had plum pudding, cheesecake and a gingerbread house. My sister made two cheesecakes. Guess what happened? When I was taking one to the table I dropped it! Yes, the whole cheesecake landed on the floor – whoops!

          Happy new year,

          Mrs M☀rris

  13. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I love this last post Mrs Morris!

    I will miss you so much when I am in Grade three with Mrs Clements. Did you know that Mrs Clements name used to be Miss Farmer?

    I really enjoyed the year and now I can’t believe that bthe tear has finally finished. 😥

    What was your favourite post from this year?
    My favourite post from this year was May is family blogging month and the Flat Stanley post. I loved the Flat Stanley project. I can still remember who my person is called I can’t spell her name. Can any of you remember what your person was called?

    What did you learn this year?
    I learnt heaps of different sea creatures, I can only remember one sea creature that I learnt and it is called a dugon. Do you remember learning about the dugon.

    What did you enjoy this year?
    I enjoyed blogging this year. I enjoyed learning how to write a quality comments, getting to know our blogging buddies, getting to sykpe with our blogging buddies and getting to know diiferent people. Did you enjoy that to.

    What are you doing on the holidays?
    I am going to the movies with Sohie because it is her party. I am also going to Adventure Park with Jay Jay. Sarah and I are going to our Uncle Clive’s place and we are going to go to different theme parks and we are also going to go somewhere with our other Uncle Marty. But I don’t know where we are going.

    I hope you have a nice and happy new year! Also have a nice year in Grade three with your new teacher and have fun teaching Grade fours Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

    Love your old Grade two buddy,

  14. Dear Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan,

    I am really upset that grade two is over, but I am happy as well because I have a really nice teacher that is a new teacher to the school.

    When the holidays started my brother and I went to our nan’s house for about a week. While we were at our nan’s house we went to the fair on new years eve. We went on a ride called the zipper and we were both so scared a lot. I nearly fell fully out of the belt.

    Yesturday I got home from my nan’s house and I am really tired.

    I will visit both of you next year.

    Lots Of Love

  15. Dear 2KM and 2KJ
    You guys are really lucky to get out a day before us!! 🙂 We had a half day that day which is ok.Waht day do you go back to school?Today was our first day back!!!! 🙁
    I was really looking forward to seeing all my friends and family over the break was seeing my family and when it happened I really enjoyed it
    ~The Classroom Connection~ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    It was such a wonderful year and you have really helped so many children. I am sure the next year will be just as succesful! All my luck be with you!

    – Andrew News

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