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Our trip to the…

Marine Discovery Centre

This guest post is written by Molly (2KJ) and Jordi (2KM).

Today we went to the Marine Discovery Centre! The Marine Discovery Centre is in Queenscliff, which is about 15 minutes from our school. It is a great place to visit to learn about marine life and how to care for the sea creatures. We had great fun and learnt lots of interesting facts!

We got on the bus at 10.00am. We spent an hour and a half at the MDC and got back at school at 12.30pm. We went to the Marine Discovery Centre because we are learning about the sea this term.

Some of the things we did were:

  • Met the leaders, Anne and Jess.
  • Held the creatures in the “feel and touch” pool.
  • Watched Alan, who works at the Marine Discovery Centre, feed the animals.
  • Watched the huge lobster in the tank.
  • Made a rock pool.
  • Explored the different fish and marine animals in the many tanks.
  • Saw flathead fish come out and dig them selves up again.
  • Saw one of our favourite fish, the pufferfish.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow we made…

We had great fun at the Marine Discover Centre! A big thank you to Anne and Jess, who taught us so many new things!

What do you like about this guest post?

Have you ever been the Marine Discovery Centre? What did you enjoy?

What is your favourite marine animal? Why?

21 thoughts on “Guest Post – The Marine Discovery Centre

  1. Hello 2KM and 2KJ!

    I really enjoyed doing this post with Molly! It was great fun.

    My favourite marine animal? That would have to be he leather back turtle. I like leather back turtles because they are really cute and large!


    • Dear Jordi,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I loved the leather back turtle too it was very cute.

      I also loved the Cuttle fish because it could change coulors it was very cool and it could get it food from maybe a meter away.

      I really had fun there.

      Your friend,

  2. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    Well done girls for writing this post I thought Mrs Morris or Miss Jordan wrote this post.

    I sure have been to the Marine Centre. I actually have been there twice once in Kinder and Grade 2 with Mrs Morris. 🙂

    My favourite Marine Animal would have to be dolphin because they are so graceful and very gentle.

    Did you know their are pink dolphins in Australia but they are endangered that is very sad.

    In Grade 2 I remember when we had to make a massive sand castle and Pam the lady had to step on it to see if it was strong enough.

    From your pal,

    PS here is a website to see images of Pink Dolphins

    • @ BB,

      Thankyou for the great blog comment on this blog post.

      No I did not know that there were pink Dolphins in Austalia.That is amazing.

      I know I thougt that Mrs Morris or Miss Jorden writing this post as well BB.


  3. Dear Molly, Jordi and students in 2KM and 2KJ,

    What a great guest post, Molly and Jordi! I love how you’ve given your blog readers a brief and informative overview of your excursion to the Marine Discovery Centre. Your dot points really captured some of the events that were important to you regarding this trip!

    Well done on the slideshow as well – did you girls take the photos yourselves? It looks like you had a great time exploring all the animals. I find it fascinating how large the Leatherback Turtle can grow to be.

    How many different creatures were in the “feel and touch” pool?

    Have a great weekend!

    Your friend,
    Stef Galvin

    • Hi Stef!

      Great comment!

      2KM and 2KJ all got those photos… There are realy good don’t you think?

      I can’t really couldn’t tell how many animals were in the “touch and feel pool”.


  4. Hello Girls,

    What another wonderful guest post you both did.

    I really enjoyed reading all about your wonderful day you all had at the Marine Discovery Centre.

    I have been to this wonderful Centre many years age and I really enjoyed the touch and feel pool.
    At first it felt strange placing your hands into pool and not knowing what you were going to touch but in the end it was so much fun.

    My favourite sea animal would have to be the sea horse. I am pretty sure that the aren’t called sea horses. Do you know what the correct names is?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful day at the Marine Centre.

    From your friend,

    • @ AA,

      Thank you for your great comment.

      In the touch pool I found a hermit crab. I picked up the hermit crab and it tried to nip me but luckily that held it’s shell so it would not nip me.

      The Seahorse’ name is Seahorse so you are correct.

      What were your favourite Sea creatures at the Marine Discovery Centre?

      From your blogging buddy,

  5. Dear Jordi and Molly,

    Great post girls.

    Is this your first time doing a post Molly ❓

    How long did this post take for you girl ❓


    Paris AND DONNA

  6. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Hi my name is Olivia or you can just call me Livi and I am Millie’s sister.

    I went to the Marine Discovery Center not that long a go.

    I saw lots of fish, shrimp and lots more it was fun also I loved the thought tank it was amazing.

    Olivia or Livi

  7. Dear Molly and Jordi,

    Thank you for your detailed guest report. Marine Discovery Centres are great places to learn about sea creatures in safety.

    Our closest marine discovery centre is a 20 minute drive from my town. The town it’s in, Eden, is famous for its whaling history and fishing vessels. They also have a whaling museum. Whaling finished many years ago.

    In my own town, there is an aquarium classes can visit. Many fish and other sea creatures can be seen there. It’s located at a wharf where many people like to go fishing. With very clear waters, you can see to the bottom or wander on rock shelves to look in rock pools.

    What is my favourite sea creature? One of them would be the mermaid. Sounds mythical? It’s been thought many early claimed sightings of mermaids may really have been the dugong (Pacific) or manatee (Atlantic). If you look at what these wonderful creatures really look like, you would have to wonder if early sailors needed glasses but the gentle marina mammals eat only sea grasses as they feed and then surface to take a breath.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

    • @ Ross Manell,

      Thank you for your great comment.

      My favourite Sea creature is a fish called Snapper.

      Here is some facts about Snapper.
      Snapper are fish.
      Snapper eat meat.

      From your bloggign buddy,

  8. Dear 2KM and 2KJ
    What a great trip to end your year with. We don’t have anything like a marine centre near enough for us to travel to, so it was interesting to read about your trip.

    I was interested in the links that Bianca left for you, to see pink dolphins. I wonder if they are pink because of the food that they eat, just like some flamingos are pink because of the shrimps that they eat.
    Do you think you can find out?

    best wishes from
    Mrs McKenzie

  9. Dear Stef,

    Great comment!

    No, the girls did not take the photos and there was so many things in the tank that I can’t count them.


  10. Dear Livi,

    I really like your comment on this post!

    I went to the Marine Discovery Centre
    when I was younger in Kinder but I don’t really remember. I had lots of fun going there this time because I understood more
    about sea animals.


  11. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I see that you are learning about under the sea.
    I am excited about going to grade two next year and hope we can go to the Marine Discovery Centre too.

    from Lauren 1MP!

  12. Dear 2KJ & 2KM,

    Great post! It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Marine Discovery Centre, Eb was only 3yrs old and we went with our playgroup. It looks like they have alot more things there now.

    Sounds and looks like you all enjoyed going. I know Eb enjoyed it especially because it was her birthday!

    From Kim – Eb♥ny’s mum

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