Bahasa Indonesia

At our school, we learn Bahasa Indonesia, or the Indonesian language.

This language is spoken by the people of one of our closest neighbours, Indonesia.

Indonesia (orthographic projection)

The country of Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. This means Bahasa Indonesia is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Bahasa Indonesia is similar to the Malay language which is spoken in Malaysia and some other Asian countries.

Our guru Bahasa Indonesia (teacher) is Bu Mac. Bu means Miss or Mrs in Indonesian. Everyone loves going to their Indonesian class once a week.


Here is an Indonesian VoiceThread. Record yourself saying these Indonesian phrases. Simply press on the comment button at the bottom of the VoiceThread.

We have added a new Indonesian Word of the Day widget on the left hand side of our blog. Check it out each time you visit our blog to learn a new Indonesian word. This is what it looks like.

learn indonesian widget

Another fun tool you might want to try out is Google Translate. You simply type in something in Indonesian and it will translate it to English. Or, you can type in something in English and it will translate it to Indonesian. You can also listen to the pronunciation.

Click here to use the Google English-Indonesian translator.

Google Translator

What languages do you know?

Do you think it is good to learn other languages?

What do you know about Indonesia?

Can you say anything in Indonesian?

48 thoughts on “Bahasa Indonesia

  1. Hello again, 2KM and 2KJ. πŸ™‚

    Kelas Anda adalah belajar untuk berbicara bahasa Indonesia?

    Before you all get excited, I don’t speak Indonesian. I had to use a translator to help me with the sentence.

    While I only speak English fluently, I can say a few words in a number of languages such as German, French, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and others. I know how to say hello and thank you in these but have a slightly better knowledge of French.

    When I was in Paris last year, I made sure I knew the following, “Bonjour, mon nom est Ross Mannell. Je suis d’Australie. Parlez-vous anglais?”

    This way I could tell someone my name, where I was from and find out is they spoke English. If they didn’t speak English, then I had to resort to my broken French. I do a little better if French is written. πŸ™‚

    Learning more than one language is a great idea. It not only helps you appreciate the language and culture of others, it can help you in your travels. I have found many locals like a tourist who at least tries to speak the local language, although I think they find my Australian accent funny as I try to speak. Your choice of Indonesian is a good choice considering how many Aussies like to holiday in Bali.

    Indonesia is one of our nearest neighbours. It has something like 13000 islands and a population over 230 million people, that’s about 10 Indonesians for every Aussie. For over 300 years, the Dutch ruled Indonesia but after World War II, they gained independence.

    While the majority of Indonesians are of the Muslim faith, they also officially recognise Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. This makes the country rich in culture from a number of ethnic groups.

    One of the big differences with Bali is it is mostly populated by followers of Balinese Hinduism. This adds to its fascination for tourists.

    One of my favourite cultural features of Indonesian is Wayang Kulit, shadow puppets. While I don’t know what is happening, it’s a very interesting art to watch.

    Of some of their large native animals, tiger, rhinoceros, orangutan, elephant, and leopard, the orangutan is my favourite. Unfortunately, the numbers of all are on the decline because people have been clearing forests in order to grow food and have timber.

    Ross Mannell (guru (teacher))
    NSW, Australia

    • @ Ross Mannell, :mrgreen:

      Terima kasih atas komentar Anda yang besar (thank you for your great comment

      Charlotte and Alana know how to count up to five in spanish. Here it is uno dos tres cuatro cinco. Hope you like it. 😎

      We think you did a really big comment and also a really good blogger.

      Charlotte and Alana both like leopards and all the other animals but our favourite is the leopard. We would like to go to Bali and see Wayang Kulit.

      What do you like the best about learning different languages?

      terima kasih atas komentar Anda lagi besar( Thank you for your great comment again.)

      Bets Wishes,
      Alana and Charlotte πŸ˜†

      • Dear Alanaβ™₯ and charlotte

        I’m really happy that you have replayed to Ross Mannells biggest comment I have ever seen before. I was really amassed with Ross Mannell too.

        Great job guys


        • @ Quinn,

          Thank you for repling to Charlotte and I.

          Thank you for saying that you are happy that Charlotte and I replyed you Mr Mannell.

          I also think it is the biggest comment too. I think Charlotte thinks it’s the biggest comment she’s seen.

          I know how to count up to five in spanish and charlotte does too.

          Thank you for the great reply to Char5lotte and I.

          Best Wishes,

  2. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    What a great post.

    I think it’s fantastic to learn other languages. When I was in high school I learnt French for a year, Japanese for 2.5 years and then while in America I learnt Spanish for a year. My favourite language to learn was Spanish.

    Best wishes,
    Melane (Jarr☀d’s Mum)

    • @ Mum,

      What a great comment you left on the 2KM and 2KJ.

      I think you might like to viset Mrs Yolis’
      one of her new students can talk Spanish.

      Your pal,

  3. Halo semuanya
    Senang sekali bisa berpartisipasi disini ^_^
    Nama saya Yitzha Sarwono tapi semua memanggil saya Icha. Saya seorang guru bahasa Inggris di Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hi guys
    It’s so nice to be to be bale to take part here. My name is YItzha sarwono but everyone calls me Icha. I’m an English teacher in Jakarta Indonesia.

    Saya orang Indonesia asli. Dan saya akan sangat senang jika bisa membantu mereka yang ingin belajar bahasa Indonesia.

    I’m an Indonesian, born and raised! And I would love it so much if I could help those who are eager in learning my language, bahasa Indonesia

    Sampai jumpa lagi


    • Dear Icha,

      Nama saya Ava. I’m in this grade 2KM.

      It was very nice of you to leave a comment on our class blog.

      I love learning Indonesian I know colours and numbers up to ten. I will tell you some of the colours that we learnt. Numbers: Satu, dua, tiga, umpat, lima, enam, tujuh, delapan, Sembilan and sepuluh. Colours Merah/red, merahmuda/pink, biru/blue, hijauh/green, hitam/black, cokelat/brown, jingga/orange, ungu/pink and putih is white.

      If you would like to check out my blog click this link

      I hope you like my Indonesian numbers and colours.

      Best wishes,

      • Hi Ava

        Saya sangat suka perbendaharaan bahasa Indonesiamu!
        it’s just that ungu=purple not pink, and it’s empat not umpat for number four. πŸ™‚
        Still though well done indeed!
        I definitely will check your blog and would love to share more with you

        Salam manis


  4. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I think that it is so wonderful to be able to learn another language. It really can open up a whole new world for you all.

    I do speak another language which is Italian.

    For when went to Italy many years ago having this second language made communicating with the local people very easy.

    Happy learning everyone.
    From AA. πŸ™‚

  5. Tena Koutou 2KM and 2KJ
    That means hello to all of you (in Maori).
    If we were saying hello to just one of you, we would say ‘tena koe’ and to two people i would say ‘tena korua’.
    In B4 we learn some Maori phrases and vocabulary because Maori is one of the official languages of New Zealand.
    Sign language is also an official language of NZ.

    We think it is ‘ka mau te wehi’ to learn new words (that means ‘awesome’).

    haere ra -see you later!
    from B4

    • @ Mrs McKenzie,

      Great comment!

      I kown a bit of sign language. I t is the vowels: it is one hand.I can also speak a little spanish:uno dos tres cuatro cinco.


  6. Selamat semuanya,
    Bahasa Indonesia saya sedikit kaku sekarang karena lama saya tidak bicara! Juga saya lihat comment dari Icha dan saya sedikit malu oleh comment ini (munkin banyak kesalahan!):-) Dahulu (sudah lama) saya tinggal di Medan di Sumatra. Disana saya menajar di Universitas Sumatra Utara – guru bahasa Inggris. Indonesia adalah suatu negara yang cantik dan menarik dan saya harap anda semua bisa jalan disana pada suatu hari!

    OK I am sure that I have made loads of mistakes so maybe you can all correct them for me and give ME some feedback. I loved learning Indonesian and when I lived there I was very fluent but now it has slipped – that’s what happens when you don’t practise so take note – practise lots and you’ll be great!

    Selamat belajar!!


    • Dear Berni

      Thank you for your comment.

      By the way my name is Millie and I am in 2KM.

      We loved how you told us some new words because we have not hired of them words.
      When we had a couple of turns of trying then we got the right meaning of the word like ” Selamat belajar ” and we knew that it was ” happy learning”

      I also have my own blog so can you please check out my blog here is the link:

      Sampai jumpa lagi,

    • Hi Berni!

      Wow , for someone who hasn’t been practicing bahasa for a long time, yours are still very good!
      Sangat bangga kepadamu! Dan saya juga berharap suatu saat nanti kamu akan kembali kesini dan kita bisa bertemu ^_^

      This goes out to all of you too here πŸ˜‰

      Okay, saya harap saya akan bisa terus berbagi dengan semua disini.
      Senang jika bisa membantu


  7. Hi Grade 2!

    The students I work with now learn AUSLAN which is Australian sign language. It’s amazing to watch them have a conversation without actually speaking.

    At our assembly, we have an AUSLAN word of the week. We also run some of our assemblies online. If you are interested you can head to our website and watch the recordings of some of the signs we have learnt. (

    Good luck with your language learning !

    From Mr Duncan

    • Dear Mr Duncan,

      Hi my name is Kayla I’m 8 years old and I go to Leopold Primary School.

      I love blogging. Do you ❓

      Thank you for leaving us a great, great comment!! πŸ˜†

      Your students are very clever to do sign language, I cannot do sign language but I’m sure it’s lots of fun.

      I like your website.

      From Kayla πŸ™‚

  8. dear 2KM amd 2KJ,

    Great post!

    here is a little story tha I madein indonesia. The Austrain words are st the bottem of the story.

    Sekali waktu di laut hiduplah seorang penyu, lumba-lumba, gurita dan Jelly laut. Seorang gadis pergi divng scuba dan gadis itu menemukan preson nother dan ia hanya melihat bahwa ia mengambil semua karang untuk dirinya sendiri.

    ( Once time in the ocean there lived a turtle, dolphin, octopus and a sea Jelly. A girl went scuba divng and the girl found a nother preson and she only saw that he was taking all the coral for himself.)

    Do you like my story 2KM amd 2KJ?

    I love learnin indonesia.

    My brother that is in high school hi is learning a different language then us.

    Best Wishes,

  9. Hello Alana, Charlotte and Quinn,

    Terima kasih untuk balasan yang menarik Anda untuk komentar saya. (Thank you for your interesting replies to my comment.)

    One of the most interesting things about learning a language are the similarities between languages. Knowing some Latin and Greek words because of my studies in English, I can sometimes work out what is being said in written text. Italian, Spanish, and French have similarities that help me.

    The more languages we know the easier it is to understand a new one. The children I sometimes look after when their mother has to be away were born in Switzerland. Their native language is German despite speaking English very well.

    When I listen to them speak in German with their mother, I can sometimes get the idea of what is being said because I understand some of the words. The 11 year old girl also speaks some French. Knowing more than one language can help you when you travel.

    Here are some interesting languages. I’ve used a translator to help me because I would probably make too many mistakes without one. πŸ™‚

    All say, β€œHello, my name is Ross.” Can you see the similarities?

    Hallo, mijn naam is Ross. (Dutch)
    Bonjour, mon nom est Ross. (French)
    Hallo, mein name ist Ross. (German)
    Ciao, mi chiamo Ross. (Italian)
    Salvete, mihi nomen est Ross. (Latin)
    Hola, mi nombre es Ross. (Spanish)

    Now look at this one (I hope the charaters show up)

    ΓΕΙΑ ΣΟΞ₯, ΀Ο ΞŸΞΞŸΞœΞ‘ ΜΟΞ₯ ΕΙΝΑΙ Ross. (Greek)

    I used capital letters in this one because I know them better than lower case letters. This doesn’t look like the others because the Greek alphabet is different to ours. I can sort of read this one because of Maths.

    Mathematics, when you get to later high school, uses Greek letters for some things. Because of this I can sound out some Greek words. I find Greek is one of those languages where words say as they sound out so I can get a rough idea what each word might say.

    Oh, boy, this is another long comment. πŸ™‚ I think you can see languages are interesting for me even if I only speak English fluently. Perhaps if I had the chances you have to learn another language when I was your age, I might now have spoken more than one language.

    Keep studying. Can you imagine travelling to Bali one day with you translating for your family?

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

    • @ Ross Mannell,

      Thank you for the great reply to us.

      That’s OK for giving you a interesting comment. πŸ˜†

      We think you also did a great and interesting comment. :mrgreen:

      We see you can speck lots of languages.

      Charlotte loves speaking Spanish.

      Charlotte can speak Spanish. Charlotte can speak bye, hello and count to five.

      You learn a lot of languages. When you were in high school what languages did you learn?

      Charlottes Aunty and Uncle speak Spanish and they speak here a lot of it.

      Charlotte and Alana think your blog is great.

      Thank you for your great comment again.

      Best Wishes,
      Alana and Charlotte

      • Hello Alana and Charlotte,

        When I was in high school I studied French but I must say I wasn’t the best at it. I still passed my exams.

        It was later I became more interested in languages. I don’t speak anything other than English well but I can at least say hello and thank your in a numbers so I can be polite.

        When I see written languages, I have a better chance of understanding them. If you look at words, particularly from languages using our alphabet, it is possible to understand much of what s written if you know many words in your own language.

        Thanks for the reply, Alana.
        Gracias por la respuesta, Charlotte.

        Ross Mannell (teacher)
        NSW, Australia

  10. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Terima kasih banyak untuk ‘blog post’ ini. I’m an Indonesian teacher that used to teach at Lara Secondary College but I’m a full-time mum at the moment.

    I thought you might like to know that there are many words in Indonesian that are the same or very similar to English!

    See if you can guess what these mean –

    pena, Agustus, akrobat, aprikot, dokter, ekstra, favorit, gorila, hobi, kanguru, magik, mikroskop, motor

    There’s a website that has heaps more examples if you are interested! (Notice my apostrophe! There is = there’s)

    I’ve done lots of travel and love being able to speak different languages (I know a bit of Spanish too!)

    Good luck with your language learning.

    Mrs Butler

    • @ Mrs Butler,

      Great comment. We liked reading it and seeing your website.

      I think your words mean pena pen, Agustus August, akrobat acrobat, aprikot apricot, dokter doctor, ekstra extra, favorit favourite, gorila gorilla, hobi hobby, kanguru kangoroo, magik magic, mikroskop microscope and motor motor.

      Am I right?

      Mrs Morris told us that you went to school and uni with her.

      Your new pal,

  11. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Here is a story about my weekend:

    Pada akhir pekan saya selalu melakukan menunggang kuda jika ibuku bisa aford itu. Terakhir kali saya pergi saya harus menepuk kuda satu minggu tua, ini sangat sangat adorible. Saya juga punya untuk menepuk ibu nya.

    (On the weekends I always do horse riding if my mum can aford it. The last time I went I got to pat the one week old foal, it is so so so adorible. I also got to pat its mum.)

    Do you like my story about my weeked?


  12. Sayang 2KM dan 2KJ,

    Saya suka bersandar Indonesia! (I like to lean Indonesia)

    I can count to seis in Spanish: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis.


  13. Hi, 2KM and 2KJ

    Yes, I can say things in Indonesian

    I love the idea of this post!

    Do any of you know what I am saying in Indonesian?

    Wow, sudah ada sedikit lebih dari 20 pengunjung!

    The languages that I know are just english and some of the Indonesian langauge.

    Bye untuk saat ini(Bye for now),

    • Dear Hanna,

      No I do not know what you are saying.

      I like indonisa too.

      Do you like blogging and couting up to 10 in indonisa?

      I also like your blog alot too because you have a good pink and I like the little dots around it.

      I love blogging.

      Best wishes,
      Georgia πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  14. Dear 2km and 2kj,

    I know how to count to ten in french un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf dix.

    do you know what these words mean in Australia baik buruk sembilan babi ikan ular.


  15. Sayang 2KM and 2KJ,

    Great post!

    I have some Indonesian sentences I would like to share with you.
    They are: Saya suka belajar Indonesia!
    (I love learning Indonesian!)
    Nama saya Dana.
    (My name is Dana.)
    Saya sangat mencintai guru!
    (I really like my teacher!)
    I hope you liked my Indonesian sentences!
    Pertahankan perkerjaan yang besar!
    (Keep up the great work!)
    From Dana

  16. Guten Tag 2KM and 2KJ,
    What a brilliant post! Sehr, sehr gut! That is German for very good. I lived in Germany many years ago and used to be able to speak fluent German. Now it’s a bit rusty.
    I love that you are learning Indonesian. I didn’t realize that it’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.
    What I admire about your post is your use of text, photos and technology to help us practice Indonesian. I shared it with our ELL teacher. She is always looking for ways to help her students learn English.
    Bis spaeter,
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs Hembree,

      I also love that we do Indonesian.

      What was your favourite thing to do in Germany?

      My favourite thing we did in Indonesian was learning an Indonesian instrument, but I forgot what it was called.

      Thank you for you fantastic comment.

      Lots of love,
      Haille (2kj) :mrgreen:

  17. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I like doing indonisa and I like couting up to 10.

    This is how you count up to 3 in spanish…
    Uno, dos, tres.

    This is how you say I love my mum…
    Aku cinta ibuku.

    I really love doing indonisa cause I like learing indosisa, my brother did indonisa when he was littl and I would like to go there.

    I love this post!

    Best wishes,
    Georgia. πŸ˜›

  18. @ 2KM and 2KJ

    Great post.
    I can count to 19 in Indonesian satu ,dua, tiga ,empa ,lima ,enam, tuju ,delapan ,sumbilan supulugh ,satubelas ,duabelas ,tigabelas ,empabelas limabelas enambelas ,tujubelas ,delapanbelas ,sumbilanbelas.
    Again, awesome post

    Hormat, [kind reagards]

  19. Dear 2KM and 2KJ

    I have some questions for you:
    Saya suka posting ini and teman saya adalah mcg.
    If you don’t know it, it dosen’t matter.

    love Eb

    • Dear Eb,

      Thank you for leaving us a great comment.

      I think your sentence says
      I love this post and my friend is meg Is it right ❓

      (I looked it is on Google translator)

      Love From your Friend,
      Kayla β™₯β™₯β™₯

  20. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I love this post!

    I can count to 8 in Spanish.

    Uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis ocho.

    Did you like me counting to 8 in Spanish?

    Yes I think that it is good tolearn diffrent languges.

    I can Saay something in Indnesia hre it is: Aku cinta Belajar!

    That is I love Learning.

    Love from

  21. Hai. Nama saya Bu Mc. Saya guru Bahasa Indonesia di Sekolah Leopold. Murid-murid di Kelas 2 belajar tentang binatang yang tinggal di bawah laut. Di ruang Bahasa Indonesia, mereka membuat binatang seperti kura-kura, ikan hiu, lumba-lumba, kepiting, gurita dan lain lain. Juga, setiap murid menulis satu halaman tentang binatang lautnya dan menggambar itu di bawah laut. kebanyakan murid bisa membaca halaman. Hebat sekali.
    Bu Mc

    • Sayang Bu Mac,

      Terima kasih atas komentar Anda dan yang besar adalah satu kualitas terlalu.

      Saya suka bahasa Indonesia belajar dan tentang Indonesia.

      Saya telah benar-benar menikmati membuat binatang laut yang menggantung turun dari string dan mereka terlihat benar-benar bagus juga, tapi aku tidak mendapatkan tambang finshed.

      Hari ini di Indonesia membuat saya benar-benar menikmati dekorasi Natal mereka dan menempatkan berkilauan di.

      Senang Anda meninggalkan kami komentar.

      Jika Anda ingin memeriksa blog saya klik link ini

      Bye untuk saat ini,
      Ava (2km)

      Dear Bu Mac,

      Thank you for your great comment and it was a quality one too.

      I love learning Indonesian and about Indonesia.

      I have really enjoyed making those sea animals that hang down from the string and they look really good too but I didn’t get mine finshed.

      Today in Indonesian I really enjoyed making those Chrismas decorations and putting glitter on.

      It was nice of you to leave us a comment.

      If you would like to check out my blog click this link

      Bye for now,
      Ava (2KM)

  22. Hi 2km dan 2KJ,

    Besar pos,

    Saya sangat menyukai membaca posting posting dan pergi ke bahasa indonesia dan belajar kata-kata baru.

    Aku bisa selumbar Franch.

    Anda teman,


    ( This is what I said)

    Hi 2KM and 2KJ,

    Great post,

    I really liked reading the post post and going to indonesian and learning new words.

    I can speck franch.

    Your friend,


  23. halo semua,
    saya adalah orang indonesia, saya sangat senang melihat kalian disini yang sedang bercakap-cakap menggunakan bahasa negeri saya! sedikit dorongan dari saya, mempelajari bahasa indonesia itu sangat gampang, jika kalian menemui kesulitan kalian hanya mendiskusikannya kepada orang indonesia dan mereka akan dengan senang hati membantu kalian!

    hello all,
    I am an Indonesian, I am very happy to see you here who are talking the language of my country! little encouragement from me, learn Indonesian is very easy, if you have problems you just discuss the Indonesian people and they will be happy to assist you! ^_^

    Selamat belajar! ^_^

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