Making Equal Equations

In Maths last week, 2KJ learnt about making equal equations.

Usually when we complete equations, we just need to solve the answer…

equal equations 1

However, it is important to know that you can also make equal equations. The “equals sign” means that the equations on either side of the equals sign are equal to each other. You could say they are balanced.

equal equations 2

To practise making equal equations, students had to complete a series of questions by adding in the missing numbers. Their goal was to make sure the equations were equal to each other.

You can even mix up the different mathematical operations to make equal equations…

equal equations 3

As an extra challenge, students had to make up their own equal equations using whatever operations they liked.

Can you solve these equations to make them equal?

equal equations 4

In your comment, can you make an equal equation?

15 thoughts on “Making Equal Equations

    • Dear Harry,

      Thank you for leaving the comment.

      I love the post too!

      Yes I do like your equation. πŸ™‚

      I like your favorite equation. My favorite equation is 1+9=8+2.
      Do you like it ❓

      I love your comment!

      From Your Blogging pal,
      Kayla β™₯ πŸ˜†

  1. Hi 2KJ and 2KM,

    I’m very excited about your Maths learning. Understanding what is ‘equivalance’ is the most important thing for a Mathematician to master.

    Well done Grade 2. Keep up that great learning.

    Ms Williams
    A Proud Maths Leader

  2. Dear Ms William,

    Thank you for the comment you left.

    Hi my name is Hamish and I am in 2KJ.

    Here is a equal equations 8+2=1+9 3+4=2+5 7+6=10+3.

    Do you like my equa equations?

    What are you learning in maths.

    Hope to hear from you again.

    Hamish 😎

  3. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    I love this post Miss Jordan!

    I love doing equal equation and I`m going to write some equal equations. Here they are: 7+3=5+5, 6+3=5+4 and 3+3=5+1, Are they all correct? If they`re not can you please write the correct ones in your comment.

    In grade thrre I hope we can practise equal equations because then we can get better at equal equations. I think you said that we`ll be doing equal equations in grade three because of nateplan.

    Maybe tonight if I can go on the blog I could write the anwers to the equations.

    Hppy blogging everyone in 2KM and 2KJ!

    your blogging buddy,

    • @ Meg,

      Thank you for the great and fantastic comment on the 2KM and 2KJ blog.

      Do you want your own blog?

      2KM has not done equal equations, But I Can’t wait until we do. It sounds really fun.

      Here is my blog address . Can you leave a comment if you have time?

      You know Ava and Jordi? they are great bloggers. Here are there blog address’s and . You don’t have to leave a comment on every blog, but you can.

      Thank you for your great equations, there great.

      You know our topic under the sea? Are you having a fun time with it?

      When 2KM does equal equations if I think it’s fun I will want to do it in grade three.

      hope you have a great time doing equal equations. I think I will.

      Best Wishes,

  4. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Wow this is such a fun way of learning all the different ways of making equal equations.

    I wish I had learned to solve equations this way when I was at school. Maybe I would have liked doing maths equation more.

    I have an equation for you,

    5 X 10= 50 or 10 + 10 + 30 = 50

    Keep learning everyone and have fun.

    From AA.

  5. Hello 2KM and 2KJ,

    Maths was a subject I enjoyed. I even studied it a little as part of my science degree at university.

    Equal equations are interesting because they make us think about the answers for each side of the equation. In order to make sure they are equal, we must work out the answer for each side.

    I won’t give away the answers to your equations. Once you have the idea of these, your equations can become harder. Look at my examples….

    10-7+5 = 6+7-4

    and harder again

    5 + 3 x 4 = 10 Γ· 2 + 12

    both sides equal… Does anyone know?

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

    • Dear Ross Mannell,

      Hi my name is Eb.
      I love your comment.

      We think in your fist equal equation on one side it equals 8 and the other side equals 9.
      Were you trying to trick us?

      But your other one is right.

      Bye for now Eb :mrgreen:

      • Hello Millie,

        Sorry I took so long to get back to you on your comment but I have been very busy doing DVD work for schools lately.

        The first wasn’t a trick, it was a mistake. Silly me, I must have hit the 4 instead of 5 when typing and didn’t notice it. Naughty fingers. πŸ™‚

        Ross Mannell

  6. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Your post has made us do some good thinking! We are also learning about adding, subtracting, multipling, and diving. The second group of problems were hard, but then we figured it out.

    We think that 12 is the missing number for the first question.
    2×2=16/ This problem was too tricky for us. We would like to use some manipulatives in the classroom to help us figure it out.

    Here is our equal equation.


    Sydney, Angel, Kendall, and Ava

    • Dear Mrs. Moore,

      Thank you for leaving us a great comment.

      I love all your equal equations they are great! πŸ˜†

      I think you might know me because you left me a comment, if you don’t have a look at my blog. πŸ™‚

      The answer to your equation is
      5+10=2+13 πŸ˜‰
      Love From your blogging pal,
      Kayla! β™₯

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