Under the Sea Sing-Along!

We are having fun exploring what lies under the sea for our Integrated Studies topic.

Next time we have Prep to Grade Two Assembly it will be our turn to lead, and we thought we’d sing one of our favourite songs, Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid movie.

Here is a video with the lyrics (words to the song). 2KM and 2KJ students might like to practise singing at home and everyone else might just like to have a sing-along!

What is your favourite song from a movie?

What fascinates you about life under the sea?

20 thoughts on “Under the Sea Sing-Along!

  1. Dear 2KJ and 2KM,

    What fascinates me is the grant white shark because I never now that it was the bigest shark :!;

    From Conner 😈

    • @ Conner,

      What fascinates me is the grant white shark because I never now that it was the bigest shark ether.

      My favourite song from a movie is Mary Poppins Califebdledostion and I have the book as well.I went to the conset that is were I got the book from.

      Your friend,

  2. Hello again 2KM and 2KJ,

    Sorry I haven’t been able to visit blogs over the last couple days but I have been very busy making a DVD and 2 CDs for a choir as well as filming in a school. I’m back again and was please to see this latest post while catching up with comments.

    This song is one of my favourites. Sebastian, the crab, sings a wonderful reggae song about life under the sea. It’s bright, quick and very cheerful. I know the other children will love it.

    What fascinates me about life under the sea? There is so much yet to discover. Under the ocean there are places called trenches which can on average be three to four kilometres deep to the bottom, with the deepest going down about ten kilometres. Who knows what strange creatures may be in the darkness at the bottom?

    I know you assembly will be great fun if you’re going to sing “Under the Sea”.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  3. @ Ross Mannell,

    Thank you for your great comment, 2KM and 2KJ loved it!

    In November when you see my blog there will be a post about Mrs Morris’s birthday, but her birthday is not yet.

    The name is linked to Alana’s blog. We will give you the link Jordi’s blog and the link is right here http://jordisblog.global2.vic.edu.au/. We will both like it if you leave us a comment.

    Some people in 2KM and 2KJ are doing a dance. Alana is in it and Jordi might be doing it too.

    I also like the song Under the Sea it’s a really nice song.

    In our reading groups sometimes one group gets to search up sea facts and then the next group get to and the next group. So everyone gets a go at searching up.

    Again, great comment.

    Best Wishes,
    Alana and Jordi

  4. Dear 2KM and 2KJ

    I have been enjoying th little Mermaid song we have been singing.

    I can,t wait till we do the song on Monday I can,t really sing the song that we are Doing

    best wishes


    • Dear Connor,

      I like your omment that you did.

      I have been enjoying the Mermaid song too. I think it is an awesome song to sing, even about the sea. What I enjoy about the song is that we get to do play an enstrument and that you get to dance. What is your favourite part about the song ❓

      I can`t really sing the song, but I`ll try. I can`t wait until we do the on Monday too, I`m really excited to be doing it!

      Warm Wihes,

  5. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I really love your choice of song which you all will be singing soon. I am pretty sure that everyone will enjoy your perfomance.

    Now as for my favourite all time song from a movie is The Never ending song. The movie was pretty awesome too.

    Has anyone in your grade seen the movie The Never Ending Story?

    Well on the note happy singing everyone.
    From your pal,

  6. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    I love this post Mrs Morris ❗

    I think the song is great, and I can`t wait until we do the song at assembly.

    I just practised the song on the slide show, I also sang it to my family and did the moves to it. They thought it was fantastic.

    My don`t know what song I like off a movie. What fascinates me is that I didn`t know that a Seahourse is a fish.

    I also like The little Mermaid of a movie, I don`t have the movie of it though, but I really like te movie.

    Warm Wishes,

  7. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    I love this post!

    My favourite song from a movie is Ado a dear it is from the sound of music.

    One things that fasinate me about sea life is that the white shark is the biggest shark of all.

    Kind Regards,

  8. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    I love The Little Mermaid movie! It is one of my favorites. My daughter and I used to sing it in the car very loudly!
    Watching a movie with the lyrics is such a modern way to learn. I wish I could have had that option when I was in school.
    Have fun singing!
    Mrs. Hembree

    • @ Mrs Hembree,

      I love your comment!

      I love the little mermaid movie too!

      I do not sing the little mermaid song loudly in the car I sing it at home.

      We all will have fun singing!

      Kind Regards,

  9. Dear 2km and 2kj
    I really love that song and I am now singing along while I study for my last exam. There’s a special reserve not far from my house where people aren’t allowed to go fishing. There are so many fish that if you hold a piece of bread above the water they’ll jump out of the water to eat it! One thing I have to be careful for is jellyfish. I once stood on a blue bottle and it was really painful.


  10. Dear 2KJ and 2KM,

    Thank you for your wonderful assembly this afternoon. The girls worked really hard on their dance and I was extremley impressed.

    The song you danced to was one of my favourites when I was little. The mermaid is a great movie.

    I also really enjoyed looking at the global projects that you are participating in. They look very informative.

    I was also very impressed with all your students blogs. I am going to try and leave you all a comment.

    Keep up the good work.

    From Mrs Milton

  11. Dear 2KJ and 2KM,

    We really like your post about your Inquiry topic Under the Sea. We enjoyed listening to the Under the Sea song.

    One of our favourite songs from movies are ‘I just can’t wait to be King’ from the Lion King. We have been practising it in Singing every week.

    It facsinates us that there are so many different living things under the sea such as different kinds of fish, sharks, coral, dolphins and turtles.

    What type of animals have you been learning about?

    From Prep, 1, 2 at Aitken Creek PS

    • Dear Miss Pink,

      Thank you for your fantastic comment.

      We are learning about sea animals like sharks, whales and lots more.

      We are learning the groups as well.

      We have sang Under the Sea at assembly and we got a few people to get up and dance to the song instead of singing but I think they sang and danced.

      I learnt that coral isn’t an plant it’s an animal.

      Your Friend,

      Millie 😆

  12. Dear 2KM & 2KJ

    I watched your dance at assembly yesterday and it was fantastic. Good on you! I really love this blog. Under the sea is one of my favourite places to be. As a scuba diver, I have dived in many places around the world and have encountered large sharks, stingrays, dolphins, seals and have also dived on some very large ship wrecks, the biggest in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. There are also some great dive sites just near where we live too!

    Best wishes

    Jacqui (Mum of Dana – 2KM)

    • Dear mum,

      Great comment!

      I can’t belive that I’m replying to
      my own mum. 😆
      It’s cool that you dived with lots of
      different animals such as sharks, stingrays, dolphins, seals, and

      Again, fantastic comment!

      From your daughter,
      Dana. :SMILE:

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