Our World, Our Stories

In 2KM and 2KJ, we love to connect and learn with our friends around the world.

Today we are excited to start a new global project called Our World, Our Stories.

We have a blog  http://ourworldourstories.edublogs.org/ where all the blogging buddies will meet up and learn together for the next seven weeks.

Our World Our Stories Blog

Classes involved

The students are all from junior primary classes and are from three different continents and six different countries.

2KM and 2KJ from Victoria, Australia

B4 from New Zealand

Mrs Yollis’ third grade class from California, USA

Mr Salsich’s third grade class from Connecticut, USA

Mrs Watson’s 2/3 class from Canada

Andy Sefa Boachie and his students from Ghana

Miss Usher’s standard 3 class from Punta Gorda, Belize

A map showing participating classes

View Our World, Our Stories in a larger map

How will it work?

A different class will “lead” a topic on the blog each week. The lead class will publish posts and reply to comments.

Topics will be based on students’ interests such as school games, hobbies, food, local environment etc.

The other classes will read the posts, possibly publish their own posts, and leave blog comments.

The students will be able learn a lot from getting to know how the other classes live their lives.

We plan to have a special celebration in December to finish our project!

If you want to keep up to date with how the fun and learning unfolds, there is a “subscribe via email” box on the right hand side of the Our World, Our Stories blog.

We encourage all members of the 2KM and 2KJ community to get involved!

What do you think about Our World, Our Stories?

What do you think we’ll get out of doing of this project?

40 thoughts on “Our World, Our Stories

    • @ Stephenie,

      Great comment.

      Yes, it does sound very exiting.

      We look forward to learning more about the progect as well.

      Best Wishes,
      Hannah and Mikayla

  1. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I love this wonderful idea of sharing and learning from three different contients and six different countries wow!

    It will fun to compare and see if you have the same interests. I wonder if like to play the same games and share the same interests as well.

    I will be looking forward to reading your posts from you all.

    What I feel you will all get out of this is the wonderful friendships which will be formed.

    From your friend,

    • @ aa,

      Great comment.

      I think it will be fun to know what interests we have the same and the ones that aren’t the same.

      Best Wishes,

  2. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    We think it’s a great idea 😆

    We think we will learn about the kids. 😆

    Harry and Hamish 😆 😎

    • @ Harry and Hamish,

      Thankyou for the great blog comment that you did.

      I think I will learn more about the kids as well.

      I think it’s a great idea as well.

      Your friend,

  3. Dear 2km and 2KJ,

    Quinn and I loved the post Mrs Morris and Miss Jorden.
    Is this your fist time make a our Would , our stroies blog We think it is asome!

    How did you get the ider for the Blog.

    From Jacob and Quinn

  4. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    Great post Mrs Morris!

    We think the progect will be really fun!

    We think the progect we are doing is a great opertunite to learn what other classes like to do at school.

    Out of this progect we think we will be able to see how other classes do blogging.

    Your pals,
    Hannah and Mikayla

    • Dear Mikayla and Hannah,

      Hi, it’s Haille here. Good suggestion on what we might learn from doing this project.

      Great post Mrs Morris. :mrgreen;



      • @ Haille,

        Thankyou for repling back to Hannah and I.

        Mikayla:We miss you Halie a lot.

        Hannah: Thankyou for say the suggestion on what we might learn from doing this project was good.

        Your friend,
        Mikayla and Hannah

        • Dear Mikayla, Hannah and Jacob,

          Thank you all for replying to me. 😯

          For Mikayla: I really do miss you a lot too, but maybe, maybe I might be able to go back to school tomorrow.

          For Hannah: Thank you for saying thank you.

          For Jacob; Thank you for saying I left a great comment.

          Lots of love,

          Haille. ***

  5. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Great post Mrs Morris.

    This is a great oputuntete to get to now his class abit better.

    Your class mate,


    • @ Paris,

      Thankyou for the really good blog comment you did.

      Yes it is a great oputuntete to get to now what they do in there day.

      I think it is a great blog post as well Mrs Morris.

      Your friend,

    • @ Paris,

      Great comment.

      I agree with your idea which is that by doing the progect we can learn things about the other classes.

      Your friend,

    • @ Molly and Mia,

      Thankyou for the great comment you did.

      I think it is a great blog posy as well.

      I think that we will learn lots as well.

      Your friend,

  6. Dear Mrs Morris, Miss Joden and class,

    Great post Mrs Morris!

    We really like The idea of Our World, Our Stories.

    Best wishes,
    Chloe and Ella

    • @ Chloe and Ella,

      Thankyou for the great comment.

      I think the idea for Our World, Our Stories is a really good thing to learn what they do.

      I think the blog post was great as well.

      Your pal,

    • @ Ella and Chloe,

      Great comment!

      I love the post too!

      I like the idea of Our World, Our Stories too.

      Your best friend,

  7. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    great post :post:

    Mr Salsich’s post is brilliant.

    Mia says: The post is fantastic 😛

    Liam says: It’s the best project ever.

    Mia: It is going to be instating how Andy’s class works.

    From your blogging buddy’s,
    Liam and Mia

    • @ Liam and Mia,

      Thankyou for the comment.

      I think it is the best project ever as well Liam.

      I think the blog post was fantastic as well Mia.

      I think it is going to be instating how Andy’s class works as well Mia.

      Best friend’s,

  8. @ 2KM 2kJ,

    We are excited about doing the project.
    Andrew: I think it will be a great idea.
    Mitchell: I think everybody would do a great job and do lots of comments.
    Mitchell and Andrew :mrgreen:

    • @ Mitchell and Andrew,

      Thanktyou for the great blog comment.

      I think it will be a great idea as well Andrew.

      I think evrybody will do a great jod and do lots fo blog comments as well Mitchell.


  9. Hello 2KM and 2KJ,

    It looks as though your global classroom is ready to get underway. This will be a wonderful experience. When I was in Year 2, it would have been a big experience if we found a way to communicate and share easily with our neighbouring school. In your case, your neighbours are scattered around the world.

    Have fun! I know I would. 🙂

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

    • @ Ross Mannel,

      Great Comment.

      I think it will be a wonderful experience too!

      Yes, our neighbors are scattered around different parts of the world.

      Best wishes,

    • @ Ross Mannell,

      Great blog comment on the blog post.

      I think it will be the best experience to.

      Yes, our neighbors are scattered around the world as you said in you blog comment you did.

      Your blogging pal,

    • Dear Ross Mannell,

      Thank you for leaving us a great comment.

      So you know who I am I’m 8 years old and my teacher is Miss Jordan.

      Can you check out my blog ❓
      Here is the address http://kaylasblog.global2.vic.edu.au/
      Do you like it ❓

      It is great that we got another blog.

      Have you checked it out? I have and it is great!!

      You are a very good blogging buddie.

      Love From you blogging pal,
      Kayla in 2KJ

  10. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I think this post is great!
    I can not wait to hear about other people from other countries and what they do.

    From Eb♥ny

  11. Dear 2KM and 2KJ Class,
    I think you are embarking on an incredible journey of world learning with this new project!
    When you finish your 2nd grade year, you will know so much more about geography in a very exciting way!
    I will definitely subscribe so I can follow your posts.
    The Bulldog Readers are participating in a similar global blog, but with older students! I’m looking forward to everything we’re going to learn too!
    Do you have a school from every continent of the world?
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs Hembree,

      Molly: There are four contries that we are not doing it with they are Antartica, Europe, South america and Asia.

      Charlotte: We love to hear from you!

      Molly: How many people do you have in your class?

      Charlotte: What is the subject you are learning about at the moment in class? We are learning about under the sea.

      Molly: What Grade do you teach? Do you have specialist? And which country or state do you live in?

      Yours truly,
      Charlotte and Molly 😆

  12. Hi 2KM and 2KJ,
    You seem to have trumped the blogging world once again with another awesome project. Aren’t you lucky that you are able to blog with so many people from so many completely different places around the world. It is interesting to think about how communication has changed over the years. Once, you would not have been able to contact these people at all, then a long while after that and some other primitive forms of communication later, you would have been able to send just short messages using telgram’s (or electrical telegraphs). This, I believe, was the first global communication and cost an absolute fortune to use.

    Here are two links that you might like. One is a short animated video about the history of communication (it’s an advert for a cellphone company):
    The other is a wiki page – go to the part about global communication: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_telegraph

    Enjoy your project, I am sure you will learn heaps!
    Miss. Leakey

    • @ Mrs Leakey,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, I love it!

      2KM and 2KJ loved your great links, but we really liked the video.

      We read some of the writing that you gave us a link to, it was good.

      Did you read the writing first before you gave us the link to it?

      If you want to go on my blog here is the address http://alanasblog.global2.vic.edu.au/ or just click on my name.

      It is great that you were telling us a lot about talking and other stuff.

      Sorry I got to go.

      Well done on your comment.

      Best Wishes,

  13. @Alana,
    Thanks for replying so quickly to my comment. It’s great to know that class blogs you comment on actually read what you have written.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the video. In answer to your question about whether I read the writing on the other link before I gave it to you: I skim read it (ask your teacher if that doesn’t make sense) because I was looking specifically for when the first global communication took place. I had to skim read a different article first though which led me to that one that finally gave me my answer. I know the article was quite long, that is why I suggested just to look at the global communication bit unless you were really interested and wanted to read the whole thing.

    At one point people used to send messages using pigeons – what do you think about this way of sending messages?

    Miss. Leakey

    • @ Mrs Leackly,

      thank you for your great comment on the 2KM and 2KJ blog.

      I think that was a great way of sending mesasages.

      Rember we loved the video it was really great and it was the besty out of the two links.

      Witch one out of the links theat you gave us do you like the best?

      Best Wishes,

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