Blog Action Day: Food

Today, Sunday 16th October is Blog Action Day. This is an organised event where bloggers around the world post about an important topic on the same day. This year the topic is food.

Thank you to Jarrod’s mum, Melane, who told us about Blog Action Day! Jarrod has also published a post for Blog Action Day here.

Recently in 2KM and 2KJ we have been talking about how lucky we are to have so much nutritious and delicious food at our fingertips. When we were learning about some of the children who will receive our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, we found out that many of them don’t get to eat three meals a day like we do.

We have been thinking about how lots of people in Australia actually have more food than they need! It is sad that so much food is wasted in our country.

We watched this BTN story about food wastage.

We couldn’t believe that one out of every four bags of groceries we buy is wasted!

shopping bags


If you want to help feed people overseas, why don’t you check out the website On this site you can answer questions. For each question you get right, ten grains of rice are donated to hungry people overseas.

Free Rice

How many questions did you get correct on Free Rice?

How can we avoid wasting food?

Leave a comment with your tips!

P.E. 9am

with Mr Ben Dew and Mr Andy Hair/Mr Haydn Marshall

16 thoughts on “Blog Action Day: Food

  1. Dear 2KM and 2KJ
    I was amazed to read that one in four bags of groceries ends up getting wasted!

    One way to avoid waste is by planning the meals for the family each week and only buying what is needed for these meals.
    Buy foods that are on special and plan how to use up any left-overs e.g. for lunches!
    Peelings and scraps can be used for compost in your garden.

    Another good idea is to buy foods that are in season, rather than have out-of-season food that has travelled a long way.

    I wonder what other ideas you will come up with!

    From Mrs McKenzie

    • @ Mrs Mckenzie,
      I have atip you can put your food in the
      Freezer and Fridge.

      Those are good tips!

      From your blogging pal,
      Molly 😆

  2. Dear 2km and 2kj
    I didn’t have any idea how much food we wasted! One way I like to save food is by freezing it. I will make a big batch of my favourite meals and then freeze them into single servings which means I don’t waste my food.

    Thanks for making me think about food wastage.

    Ms thompson

    • @ Ms Tompson,

      Thank you for your great comment on the blog.

      Thank you for the great tip. Lots of people do put things in there frige.

      If you want you can go on my blog you can go on my blog and I think my name will be their. If my name is not their then just see the L.P.S student blogs and my name is Alana.

      Do you have your own blog?

      Thank you for your great comment again.

      Best Wishes,

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  5. Dear 2KM & 2KJ,
    wow, how interesting! We really are very lucky. It is hard to find ways of bringing equality in the world and within Australia too. I love the free rice site and I encourage the students at my school to use it too. Some questions are very hard! I think good planning is the key to less wastage. There is so much advertising and 2 4 1 deals that it is hard to think about what we really need. I find making a good plan as to what we want to eat every week and buying only what is on my list stops me from buying too much. My year 7 class look at a project called Hungry Planet. It’s really interesting! Good luck with your learning!
    Monica Thomson

    • Dear Monica,

      Thank you for your comment on the 2KM and 2KJ blog.

      I think you had a good idea about only buying the things you wrote on your shopping list.

      Sometimes my mum buys things that weren’t on the shopping list.


      Haille (Mia’s friend)

  6. Dear 2KM & 2KJ. My mother (Dana’s Gran) always makes multiple meals out of the same ingredients and then freezes them! For example, buying fresh vegies in bulk when they are on special and then making a roast for tea that night and vegetable soup as well. The soup is then frozen in several portions. Or buying bulk mince meat and making spaghetti sauce and shepherd’s pie at the same time. The spaghetti sauce is always good to freeze. Its time consuming on the days you make those meals, but think of how many meals you then don’t have to make! Regards, Jacqui (Dana’s Mum).

  7. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Today I went on and got 27 answers right. 😉
    It was so much fun! I even found out that there were
    some words that we had been working on.
    They were:


    From your blogging buddy,
    Dana! 🙂

  8. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    This just so happens to be one of my favorite topics. If I had known, I would’ve blogged about all of my favorite foods! Well, actually, I have claws instead of fingers so it might’ve been pretty tough for me to type! If I were to talk about my favorite foods though they would be apples, any type of berries, carrots, and seeds. Sometimes I get to eat very special treats like mealworms or crickets! Do you ever eat anything like that?

    I’m so glad you noticed the importance of not wasting food. I know I never waste any. Everything in my sight, I eat.

    So, great post about food. Thanks for not mentioning anything about eating chicken!


    • Dear Chicken,

      Hi my name is Eb.
      Your comment is fantastic!
      No we do not eat anything like mealworms or crickets. But we do eat apples, berries and carrots.

      From Eb

    • @ Chicken,

      Great comment!

      No, I do not eat anything like to eat anything like crickets and mealworms.

      Yum apples, berries and carrots.

      What type of seeds do you like best?

      Thank you for saying the post is a great post about food.

      One ways I use to not waist food is, if you have just had breaky and there is alot of milk left in your bowl you could give milk to a nice little puppy.

      Best Wishes,

      • Hi Hannah,

        Thank you for responding to me! I love hearing back from people. It gets so lonely out here in the chicken coop sometimes!

        I actually really like when I get a good cucumber. The seeds inside of that are delicious! I also like just regular bird seed.

        I think your idea about how to not waste milk is a great one! You’d also make a little puppy very happy!


  9. Hi Eb☀ny,

    Thank you for replying to me! Apples, berries, and carrots are delicious too!

    What are some of your favorite things to eat?


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