Welcome Back Mr Avery and Mr Salsich!

We hope everyone in 2KM and 2KJ has enjoyed their first week of holidays!

A few weeks ago we welcomed back our blogging buddies from Mrs Yollis’ class in California on the west side of the USA. You can click here to read that post.

It is now time for us to send a belated ‘welcome back’ to some of our blogging buddies on the east side of the USA. They are Mr Avery’s class in Massachusetts and Mr Salsich’s class in Connecticut.



This year Mr Avery has a new role teaching maths and science to year six students. You can click here to find his blog. Check out the tricky decimal maths they’re doing!


Mr Salsich teaches third grade and has two class mascots who have become good friends with Leo! They are Juan Pablo and Perezoso.

You can click here to find Mr Salsich’s blog. It looks like they’re having fun learning about habitats and adaptations.


Why not visit Mr Avery’s class blog or Mr Salsich’s class blog now and leave them a comment. Don’t forget to say where you’re from and be sure to model a quality comment for the new bloggers!

Have you left any comments for our blogging buddies or blogging students these holidays?

9 thoughts on “Welcome Back Mr Avery and Mr Salsich!

  1. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Thanks for writing a post to welcome us back! We are just getting started with our blog this year, but are really excited to share our learning together with all of you.

    On our first day of blogging we watched your excellent dinosaur video with the expert paleontologists and reporters. We loved learning about the different dinosaurs and the students enjoyed hearing your accents.

    I hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays!

    Your friend,
    Mr. Salsich

    • Dear Mr Salsich, 😆

      Thank you for your Fantastic comment.

      Well I but you had a great holiday I wounder what you did on your holiday but I bet it was fun.

      Thanks for the comment again.

      Your blogging buddie from Austraila,
      Millie 😆

  2. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Isn’t is exciting to meet all the new classes? The 49’ers used the world map to find our USA blog buddies and the blog classes in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England. We are inching our way toward writing comments to buddies each week. Several students wrote to Mr. Salsich this week and to Mr. Avery the week before. Next, we head to California for Mrs. Yollis and then out of the country! Hopefully, you’ll get some 49’er quality comments soon.

    When does your school year end? With a new batch of 49’ers, my students are just now learning about the Australia and New Zealand school year and seasons.

    Happy blogging,
    Mrs. Kistler
    A Prospecting 49’er

    • @ Mrs Kistler,

      Great comment.

      I had a small look at your blog I love it.

      I think it would be great to meet the new people in Mr Avery and Mr Salsich’s grade.

      I our school term ends on the 22d of December.

      What a great comment again.

      Best wishes,

  3. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    I think it’s wonderful that you are able to do quad blogging with Mr. Avery, Mr. Salsich and Mrs. Yollis! You are going to learn so much from each other!

    I read Mrs. Yollis’s blog recently and saw that Jarrod had sent her class some Vegemite. We also just got a jar from Miss Wyatt and Mr. Davo when they visited our library from Tasmania.

    We tried the Vegemite on crackers on Friday and had a fun time! I also like the “Happy Little Vegemite’s” commercial. It made me want to sing along!

    What is the best part of quad blogging so far? Do you recommend it for others to try?

    Mrs. Hembree & the Bulldog Readers

    • @ Mrs Hembree,

      Great comment.

      I think that the vegimite Jarrod sent to Mrs Yollis must of been yummy!

      My favourite part of quad blogging so far is learning lots of things that people might not of alredy known.

      I do reccomend other people to try it one day it is really fun.

      Great comment again.

      Best Wishes,

  4. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    I am having a great time on the holidays!

    I have not done a comment on any of our blogging friends blog, but in a few days I might.

    I have left a comment on Amelie and Alana’s blog, but I am aslso going to leave a comment on the other blogs.

    Happy holidays.

    Your pal,

    • @ Hannah,

      Thank you for your great comment on the 2KM and 2KJ blog!

      I also had a great time on the holidays.

      Also Hannah Thank you for the comment on my blog.

      Thank you for the comment on the 2KM and 2KJ blog again.

      Your best Friend,

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