Mrs Yollis’ Class is Back!

Mrs Yollis is back at school with her new third grade students!

Mrs Yollis’ class lives in Los Angeles, California. They are in the Northern Hemisphere and we are in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though we live on opposite sides of the world, we are great friends.

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Because it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Mrs Yollis’ class have just finished their summer break. Last week Mrs Yollis started back at school with a brand new bunch of third graders.

Mrs Morris first became friends with Mrs Yollis through blogging in 2009. Read one of the first posts about the 2KM/Yollis friendship on Mrs Yollis’ class blog here. The new third graders in Mrs Yollis’ class are the fourth group of students that 2KM and 2KJ has been blogging buddies with!

Mrs Yollis’ class are beginner bloggers so we encourage everyone in the 2KM and 2KJ community to support them!

Please visit their blog now and leave them a comment! Don’t forget to say who you are and where you’re from. Be sure to model a quality comment.

Yollis Aug 2011

We look forward to lots of fun and learning with Mrs Yollis and her new group of students!

38 thoughts on “Mrs Yollis’ Class is Back!

  1. Dear Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan and students,

    How wonderful to read about your special friendship with Mrs Yollis. I feel that you are all going to learn heaps once again 🙂 with Mrs Yollis and her new student and become such wonderful blogging buddies.

    I bet heaps of special friendships are going to be formed.
    I am so glad that your special friend with Mrs Yollis just grows and grows. I just love it.

    From your blogging friend,

    • @ AA,

      Thanks for the great comment.

      I’m so glad that we are blogging buddies with Mrs Yollis.

      This year all of 2KM ans 2KJ will be great roll models for Mrs Yollis’s new class this year.

      Thanks for the great comment again.

      Bye for now,
      Ava :mrgreen: 🙄

      • @ Ava,

        Thank you for replying back to me.

        I really enjoyed reading your wonderful comment and I do agree with you Ava! you will all be great role models to Mrs Yollis new students. 🙂

        Keep up the great work Ava.
        From your friend,

        • @ AA,

          Thanks for the great comment.

          Your welcome. And thank you for replying back to me to.

          Your a great blogger.

          Bye for now,
          Ava 😛 😛

  2. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    Wonderful post.

    How wonderful you have such a wonderful friendship with Mrs Yollis even though she lives Northern Hemisphere.

    I rememeber when I met Mrs Yollis in Grade 2 and I loved learning all about America.

    Enjoy learning all about America with Mrs Yollis and her new students.

    From your pal,

    • @ Bianca,

      I remember meeting you and now you have a world famous blog! In fact, I just published a post teaching my students how to comment, and I linked to your etiquette post! I hope they’ll be leaving quality comments soon! We have only been in school a few days!

      Your pal,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Dear BB,

      I am sure we will have a wonderful time learning with Mrs. Yollis’ new class, and I am sure they’ll enjoy learning with us too. 😆

      I am looking foward to meeting Mrs. Yollis’ new students.

      Haille. * :mrgreen: *

  3. ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼

    Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    What a wonderful welcome back! Your friendship means the world to us! 🙂

    Yes, we are just finishing summer vacation here in the northern hemisphere. In fact, it has been very hot lately! Over the weekend it was 111˚F! I wonder, does anyone knows how hot that is in ˚C? Does it ever get that hot where you live? If so, what do you do to stay cool?

    My students have only been in school for a few days and are quite new to blogging. Your help with teaching how to compose a quality comment is greatly appreciated! Please drop by our blog and give us some tips! 🙂

    Again, thank you so much for the warm welcome!

    Your northern hemisphere friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼

    • @ Mrs Y♥llis,

      Thank you for leaving us a comment. Every time you leave us one it just makes me smile.

      Does it mean 111 degrees?

      I don’t think it ever gets that hot in Victoria.

      To stay cool I like to have a nice refreshing shower, have an icy poll (ice lolly), go for a swim at a swimming pool and sometimes go to the beach.

      What do you do to stay cool when it gets that hot California?

      I hope that 2KM and 2KJ will be great role models for your new students.

      Your Southern hemisphere friend,
      Ava 😛 🙄

      • ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼
        @ Ava,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! 111˚F converts to 44˚ C. Now that is hot!

        It is very difficult to cool down when you have a heat wave like that. I drink lots of water and Mr. Yollis bought us some lemonade popsicles for a cool treat! Yum!

        What is the air temperature where you are?

        Your friend,
        Mrs. Y♥llis
        ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼

  4. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    First off, I know there was a bit of concern about Mr. Salsich and I because of the hurricane. Amelie, we are both fine! It was very windy. A few trees fell down and we lost electricity for a little while! We were supposed to start school on Wednesday but it got pushed back to Thursday because our school still doesn’t have power!

    I’m so glad to see some of our blogging buddies from the United States going back to school! I can’t wait until we start again. I know my new students will love “meeting” all of you this year!

    Your friend,
    Mr. Avery

    • @ Mr Avery,


      I’m glad your ok.
      Were you a bit scared in the dark?
      did you hear the trees falling down?

      I might teach some of your kids how to blog aswell as Mrs Yollis.
      It will be a bit hard teaching Both classes!

      I will write a comment on your blog to indroduce myself to your class.
      I hope your stuedents write a comment on our blog and like blogging.

      Your blogging pal,
      Amelie (2KM)

      • Dear Amelie,

        Thank you for your response!

        It actually wasn’t that scary. It just felt like a very windy day. I didn’t hear any of the trees falling but I could hear little twigs and branches hitting my roof. My yard was a mess afterwards with leaves and branches everywhere! It was a lot of work to clean up!

        I would love for you to teach my students how to blog! All of you have become so great at it! You could probably do a better job of teaching it than I could!

        I know my students will be commenting on your blog this year! I can’t wait to share all of your work with them!

        Your friend,
        Mr. Avery

        • @ Mr Avery,

          Thank you for repling to me.

          I can amagin how your garden looks!

          I’m sure other people in my grade will help and especially our teachers Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris.

          Happy blogging,

  5. Hello Students of 2KM and 2KJ! I am a principal in Colorado, USA and I found your blog through Twitter. I hope to show some of my teachers what a wonderful partnership you have created across the world and then maybe they will try to create a blog with their classes too!
    I also hope they will try leaving a comment after they visit your blog and site…you are doing a wonderful job kids! Keep up the great work and give your teachers lots of love! You are very lucky to have them!

    • @ Mrs Amend,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Hi my name is Ava. I am in 2KM. I live in Victoria (Australia.)

      Our teachers Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan go on Twitter too.

      Well that will be wonderful if your teachers will leave us a comment.

      Yes most people in both grades 2KM and 2KJ show love to the teaches and we love them.

      Thank you for the comment again.

      Talk to you soon,
      Ava 😛 :mrgreen:

  6. Dear 2KJ and 2KM,

    I can’t wait until I’m in grade 3.
    I can’t wait until I am a teacher and I get a new class.

    When I see Mrs Yollis’s new class I wanted to get to know there names but not all of them but just some.

    I love new class’s.

    Georgia. :mrgreen:

    • @ Georgia,

      I love your comment.

      In grade 3 you get to do the naplan. The naplan is a special test to test your skills. Most of the time in the naplan you do maths.

      Awesome comment.

      Talk to you soon,
      Ava 😛

  7. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I love this post!

    I love being role modles for the grade 3s in Mrs Yollis’s class.

    I wonder if the grade three’s already have learnt about blog’s?

    How cute is it that Miriam’s and Hannah’s sister’s are going to in the same class.

    Love from
    Keira 😆

    • @ Kiera,

      I love being role models for Mrs Yollis’s new students too.

      They probably have already learnt about blogs by looking on their interactive white board in their class. 😛

      I know thats amazing that Miriam’s and Hannah’s sisters will be in the same class as they were.

      Talk to you soon,
      Ava 😆

      • ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼
        @ Ava and Kiera,

        I feel so luck to have Hannah’s and Miriam’s sisters in my class. Already they are learning so much. Their sisters are helping them learn the ropes of blogging. Isn’t that nice. Do your siblings help you?

        Your friend,
        Mrs. Y♥llis
        ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼ ☮ ☼

        • Dear Mrs Yollis,

          I love your comment!

          Hi, it is Keira reaplying to you.

          That is good that they are learning so quickly.

          Yes it is nice that Hannah and Miriam’s sisters are teaching them about blogging.

          They are luky to have a nice sister. I have got two brothers.

          Do you have any brothers or sisters?

          If yes, what were their names?

          Hope your new grade is going well.

          Hope to hear from you soon.

          Best wishes love from
          Keira (Your blogging pal in Victora at Leopold Primary School.
          😆 :mrgreen:

          • @ Keira,

            Great comment!
            I’m sorry but I cant answer your questions. 😥

            I will see you at school,

  8. Hi 2KM and 2KJ,

    Great post, Mrs Morris.

    I am so excited to meet the new grade 3 blogging buddies.

    I left a quality comment on, Mrs. Yollis class blog.
    It was long and interesting.

    I can’t wait to be models for the grade 3’s this year!


    • @ Jordi,

      I can’t wait to meet Mrs Yollis’s new students too.

      I know that some of Mr Yollis’s new students will learn from that comment that left because you are an AWESOMe! blogger so is everyone in 2KM and 2KJ.

      Bye for now,
      Ava :mrgreen:

      • Dear ♥Ava♥,

        You are replying to so many comments , and you are doing a great job replying.

        You are an awesome blogger you know. 😆

        You are even at home and you are leaving comments that means you still want to learn.

        I can’t wait ether to meat Mrs Yollis’s
        new students to, and we mite be able to skype as well.

        Great replying again Ava.

        Love your friend,
        Kayla :mrgreen:

        • Dear Kayla,

          I love your comment.

          I would love to skype with Yollis again.

          But when we skyp with her it will be night time for her.


          • Dear Keira,

            Thank you for replying to me.

            You are a great blogger you know.

            You are right if we want to skype we will have to pick the right time.


  9. Hi 2KJ and 2KM,

    What a lovely comment, I’m sure Mrs Yollis’s
    class love the friendship also.

    Keep up the great posts.

    From Donna.

    • Dear Donna,

      What a great comment.

      Thank you for your great comment.

      I love your greeting and closing.

      keep up the great commenting.

      See you tonight.


      • Dear Paris,

        I love your comment!

        You are ment to say mum not Donna.

        Would you like to have a blog?

        What do you think of the new class Mrs Yollis has got?

        Love from
        Keira 😆

        • Dear keira,

          Thank you for your great comment.

          What a great comment.

          Yes I do wish I had a blog do you.

          I wish we could skype with mrs yollis again,do you.

          See you on friday.

          Love from your bff,

  10. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    We just took a look at your fabulous blog! We think it is awesome. Hopefully we will be able to visit sometime this week. Some students are even commenting from home!

    Looking forward to your friendship,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • @ Mrs Yollis,

      What a great comment.

      It is great that your students are already leaving comments from home.

      Your students would probably be really good commenter’s by now.

      Thank you for calling our blog fabulous it is very nice of you to say that.

      You are a fabulous commenter.

      This week I might leave a comment on your blog.

      I really liked your greeting and closing.

      What a great comment again.

      I hope your students keep leaving comments at home.

      Best Wishes,

  11. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Thank you so much for welcoming us back with this tremendous post! It made us feel special and lucky. Not many people have friends like you! 🙂

    We are so excited to have a wonderful year of blogging with you! All of us love your blog. We think it is interesting to see your cherry clock. Right now it is 9:40 A.M. on Thursday and your clock says it is 2:40 A.M. on Friday! Whoa!

    We noticed that you have a lot of comments! It looks like your HTML symbols move. Ours don’t. 🙁 You always comment back to your readers and that is a great blogger habit.

    We have that Joke-of-the-Day gadget too. It is very funny.

    We also listened to your Father’s Day VoiceThread. There were a lot of very sweet comments. We enjoyed listening to your accents. 🙂

    We look forward to meeting you via Skype sometime!

    Your northern hemisphere friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis and her class

    • @ Mrs. Y♥llis and class,

      Thank you for leaving us a quality comment. You are becoming great bloggers very quickly. 🙂

      We saw one of your students left us a quality comment, we love getting comments from great bloggers, so thank you.

      I enjoyed getting to skype with Mrs. Y♥llis and her class last term because we got to see everyone’s faces and speak to them in person. I cann’t wait to skype with all of Mrs. Y♥llis’ new students.

      Your blogging pal,
      Jarr☀d 😆

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