Skyping Mr Avery

Today, 2KM and 2KJ were lucky enough to skype with their blogging buddy, Mr Avery!

Mr Avery teaches 4th grade in Massachusetts, USA. He has a wonderful blog and 2KM and 2KJ has enjoyed getting to know Mr Avery’s class this year.

Unfortunately 2KM and 2KJ can’t skype with Mr Avery’s class because when we start school at 9am it already 7pm in Massachusetts! Fortunately, Mr Avery was nice enough to give up 30 minutes of his evening to skype with us!

When we called Mr Avery, it was 10am Tuesday in Leopold and 8pm Monday in Massachusetts. Mr Avery was just preparing for his last day of the school year as it is nearly time for the summer holidays in the northern hemisphere.

Lots of students in 2KM and 2KJ prepared excellent questions for Mr Avery. They tried to think of open questions rather than closed questions with a yes/no answer.

Here are some of the things we found out about Mr Avery:

  • He will be teaching maths and science in 6th grade next year.
  • Mr Avery enjoys playing golf, drawing, reading and running.
  • He has not been outside of the USA, except for Canada, but he has been to lots of different states in the USA.
  • Mr Avery can speak a little Spanish.
  • He loves to teach maths and make movies about maths with his students.
  • Mr Avery’s favourite book is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
  • He would love to come to Australia one day!

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Avery collage

What did you learn from Mr Avery?

What else would you like to ask Mr Avery?

63 thoughts on “Skyping Mr Avery

  1. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Thank you so much for skyping with me today! It was so great finally being able to match all of your faces to the names that I see on all the amazingly written comments on your blog!

    My favorite part was when all of you sang the Geelong song! I can tell that you all really love that team. I’m actually looking up their website right now so I can learn more about them.

    You all asked great questions and did such a nice job of listening! Thanks for doing such a nice job!

    Your skyping buddy,
    Mr. Avery

    • Dear Mr. Avery,

      Thank you for your fantastic comment that you left.

      Haille: I go for the Hawks and the Geelong team.

      Millie: I go for the Cats (which is Geelong) and my favourite player is Paul Chapman.

      What is your favourite football player?

      Millie: My favourite colour is Red and Pink.
      What is your favourite colour?
      Haille: My favourite colour is light blue and purple.

      We hope to skype with you some time again soon.

      Your friends
      Millie and Haille.

      • Haille and Millie,

        Thank you for writing back to me! My favorite football player is Tom Brady. He plays football here in America.

        My favorite color is blue. I like any bright colors though!

        Have either of you ever been to see Geelong play?

        Mr. Avery

        • Dear Mr. Avery

          No I havn’t been to see Geelong play before but I would like to I have only saw Geelong play on TV.

          What Team does Tom Brady play for?

          Well it’s always nice to hear from you,

    • Hi KT,

      Hi my name is Millie and I am in 2KM.
      Where do you come from?
      It’s a great site to go on.

      Do you go to school (if you have a teacher)what’s you teachers name?

      Bye for now,
      Millie (2km)

      • Hello Millie

        I live on a farm in New South Wales. I am not at school yet I am only 4, I go to preschool 3 days a week.
        Next year I will go to BIG school! I am looking forward to that.

        • @KT,

          Hi my name is Flynn and this is Andrew.

          Hay you know that Andrew has some sheep you do.

          That was a great comment you did.

          Flynn and Andrew

  2. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I thought it was nice to Skype with Mr Avery today. I think Mr Avery is really good at typing comments on our blog. I loved skyping Mr Avery.

    From Eb

    • @ Eb,

      That was a terrific comment!

      You are getting to be a great blogger.

      Do like having conversations?

      That’s all for now.

      From your Friend,
      Kayla 😆

    • @ Eb,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment it’s a lovely lovely one. I loved skyeping with Mr Avery as well it was really fun ❗ Mr Avery is a nice person even when we can all see so we know what he looks like.

      Who would you like to skype with next I would like to skype with Mr Selstich.


    • Eb,

      I really enjoyed skyping with you too! It was so much fun getting to talk to all of you. I love learning about classes from different countries.

      I think that you’re better at writing comments than I am. You do such an amazing job. I can’t believe that you’re only in grade 2!

      Mr. Avery

      • Dear Mr Avery,

        Thank you for the reply on our blog!
        My family and friends love leaving blog comments also. I love being in Miss Jordans grade and learning about other blogs and skying!

        Love Eb

  3. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    I hope you had a great time today! 😆

    What did you like the most about skyping with Mr Avery? My favourite part was learning about him and his class. Who would you like to skype with? I absolute don’t now because there are so many people we haven’t skyped with!

    I had never ever seen Mr Avery’s face. I liked how Mr Avery let us tell him our questgens then he told us his .

    • Hi Alana,

      What a really nice comment you did.

      We think Mr. Avery’s face looked really nice too.

      Mia: I think the best part of skyping with him was seeing his face.

      Mikayla: I think the best part was learning , all about Mr. Avery.

      Your Friends,
      Mia and Mikayla

      • @ Mia and Mikayla, 😆

        Thankyou for relpying to me.

        This part is for Mikayla. What was your favourite part about Mr Avery?

        Who would you like to skype with now? I don’t know who I want to skype with, because there is so many people we haven’t skyped with. 😆

        What do you think the next post is going to be about? I don’t know but i’ll have a try, I think it might be about the four people who will start their blog next week.

        Best wishes,

    • Alana,

      One of my favorite parts of skyping was getting to see all of you! It’s great to look at my computer and see so many smiling faces there!

      All of you had wonderful questions. You did such a great job!

      Your friend,
      Mr. Avery

  4. Dear 2KM and 2KJ, 😥

    Assume post you put up. 😆
    I really liked skyping with Mr. Avery ❗

    I was so exited to skype with Mr. Avery because I have never seen his face before. :mrgreen:

    Lee 😎

    • @ Lee

      Thank you for your great comment

      I really liked skying with Mr Avery to.

      I liked the part were Mr Avery said that he liked cooking in the mikawave. What was your favourite part ❓

      From your blogging pal
      Liam 👿

      • Liam,

        I do enjoy cooking food in the microwave! I actually really like to cook but when I’m really hungry, it’s nice to just be able to put something in and have food quick!

        What are some of your favorite things to eat?

        Your friend,
        Mr. Avery

        • @ Mr Avery,

          Thank you for your great reply to me.

          My favourite food to eat is hot chips, fruit bars, hamburgers and wagon wheels.

          What is your favourite food ❓

          From your blogging pal
          Liam 👿

      • @ Liam, 😈

        My favourite thing was when he said he like cooking in the microwave too.
        When he said that it was really funny

        Whose computer do you type comments on mum’s or dad’s?

        I use my mum’s computer because I am with my mum.

        Are your parents split up like mine? 👿

        Lee 😆

    • Lee,

      I really liked skyping with you too!

      I always see all of the great posts that your class puts up. I see all of the hard work you all do. It was great to finally be able to talk to all of you.

      I’ll keep on working on my American accent! Maybe it will be better next time!

      Your skyping buddy,
      Mr. Avery

  5. Dear 2KM, :mrgreen:

    great post .

    I had fun talking to Mr.Avery.

    I was waiting to skipe with Mr.Avery.

    It would be great to skipe to his 4th grad class.

    ♥ Ella

    • Dear Ella,

      I had fun talking to you too! I was so excited to talk to all of you. I was thinking about it the whole weekend before. I wondered what type of questions all of you would ask me.

      I wish our classes could skype too. That’s the tough part about living so far apart. The time is so different. When we skyped, it was the morning where you were but it was night for me!

      Mr. Avery

  6. Dear Mr. Avery,

    Thank you for your fantastic
    comment that you left on our blog.

    It was so so much fun skyping! 😉

    It is not fair that your class gets to leave
    school close to the start of the year ! 😥

    You are a great blogger and a nice one too. 😆

    You are a very nice blogging buddy.

    It is so nice of you to leave us comments
    on our blog.

    So you know a bit more about me, I’m in Miss Jordan’s class, and I did not come up to you and ask
    you a question, sorry I just could not think of
    of one!

    But I have a question for you now: What is your favourite sweet food?

    Happy skyping,
    Kayla ♥

    • Dear Kayla,

      I love sweet food but I know
      I can’t answer your quesstion.

      Do you like bannana yoghurt because I don’t? 😥

      You are a great blogger you know.
      Best wishes,
      Georgia. 😛

        • Dear Kayla,

          I don’t realy know why I don’t like yoghurt.

          What drinks do you like?

          Do you want to have a conversation?

          I love you so so so much.

          Best wishes,
          Georgia. ♥ 🙂

          • Dear Georgia,

            Yes I do want to have a conversation, it is so much fun!

            My favourite drink is fizzy, but I sometimes go crazy!

            Love From,
            Kayla ♥

    • Dear Kayla,

      Thank you for writing back to me! That’s one of my favorite parts about blogging, writing on other people’s blogs and then having them write back to me! It’s great being able to have a conversation.

      Even though you didn’t come up to ask a question, I know you did a great job listening! All of you were great!

      I’m sure you love having Miss Jordan for a teacher. She is really nice and I bet you learn a lot from her!

      My favorite sweet food is anything with chocolate in it. I love chocolate! That’s definitely a sometimes food though. What is your favorite sweet food?

      Your friend,
      Mr. Avery

  7. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Wow how lucky are you guys not only skyping with Mrs Yollis but now with Mr Avery!

    I am so excited for you all. How wonderful that you all sang the Geelong song now hopefully he may become a Geelong supporter. What do you think!

    Did you noticed that you had some similar things in common with Mr Avery.

    Great work everyone.
    From AA.

    • @ AA,

      What a marvelous comment. I did notice that he has things in common but I am not sure about 2KM and 2KJ. I think he might become a Geelong supporter.


      Charlotte (2KJ) 😆

      • Dear Charlotte,

        What a great comment you wrote!

        Do you go for Geelong?

        Congratulations Charlotte for getting your own blog Keira and Molly think you deserve it!

        Keira is jealous because she was not there she was not well.

        Molly thinks Mr Avery will go for Collingwood.

        See you tomorrow,

        Best wishes love from
        Keira and Molly.

      • Dear Charlotte,

        Jacob:are you very Happy that you get your own Blog.

        Hamish:What a really good comment.I’m really happy that you got your own blog.

        Jacob and Hamish

    • AA,

      I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re amazing for all the great comments that you leave on all the blogs. I’m sure all the students love hearing from you!

      Mr. Avery

  8. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    It was cool skyping with Mr Avery.I want to do it again.

    A question I thought would be good to ask him was how old are you.

    I leant there school only has 200 people.

    I like bloging,
    Hamish 🙄 😎

    • @ Hamish,
      What a ripper comment.

      I thought that was a great idea. Why did not I think of that?

      Oh by the way it is Will and Zac.

      Happy blogging
      From your friends
      Zac and Will

    • Dear Hamish, 😆

      We liked skyping with Mr Avery!
      We want to skype with him again.

      see you at school tomroow,
      Bradley and Bodhi 😆

    • @ Hamish,

      That was a great comment you did! We would like to Skype Mr Avery again too.

      What did you learn from Mr Avery? Charlotte learnt that they have 200 kids at their school.

      Eb learnt that he likes to cook in the microwave.

      Charlotte and Eb 😆

      • @ Charlotte and Eb,

        I’d love to Skype Mr Avery again too.

        That was funny when he said he just cooks in the microwave, do you agree?
        I learnt that he had 16 students in his class and 200 kids at their school, did you?

        See you tomorrow,
        Keep on blogging,

    • Hamish,

      I would love to skype with you again sometime too! Maybe we’ll have to talk to your teacher and see if we can make that happen!

      We definitely have a very small school. It’s much smaller than your school!

      How old do you think I am? I’ll let you guess. 🙂

      Mr. Avery

  9. Hello 2KM and 2KJ

    WOW…that is amazing…you can talk with a teacher over the oceans! I live on a farm in NSW and my Mum and I have started a blog to help children and teachers that live in big towns and cities learn about what we down on the farm.
    We have some schools in Sydney that follow us and now one of them is setting their classroom up as a farm! We are going to send them some farm things to help!
    Maybe you would like to learn about our farm to!


    • Hi KT,

      That was a really good comment.

      I really like your blog, my class and I had a little look at your blog today,
      but we also really liked it.

      I live on a farm, but it isn’t that big, it’s also really weird because I only have four animals.

      Hope you leave a comment again,

  10. Dear Mr Avery,

    We really liked skyping with you the other day.

    Was that the first time you have ever skyped with Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan ❓

    We had only seen photo’s of you before we skyped with, so we were so exited!

    Your blogging pals,

    Haille and Meg. :mrgreen:

    • Dear Haille and Meg,

      I really liked skyping with you the other day too! Even though I sometimes talk to Mrs. Morris and Miss Jordan on the internet, that was the first time I ever skyped with them.

      I had only seen pictures of all of you too so I was really excited also. It was even more fun than I thought it would be!

      Your friend,
      Mr. Avery

  11. @ Hamish,

    That was a really good comment you did 😳

    I love your question you asked in your comment 😆


    Harry 👿 and Anthony.

  12. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    This post is magnificent ❗
    I was really excited to Skype with Mr Avery. 👿
    I use Skype at my house. 😛

    What is your favourite Thing about Skyping ❓

    From, :mrgreen:

    Lee 😈

    • @ Lee

      Thank you for your great comment

      I have used skype at home. I talk to my Dad on skype when he travels overseas.

      Have you ever skyped with other people besides our quad blogging buddies;?:

      Bye for now see you at school tomorrow.

      Liam 👿

  13. @ 2KM and 2KJ,:lol:

    We loved Skyping with Mr Avery:!:

    Do any of you remember what time it was in America and Australia, when we Skyped with Mr Avery? We do.

    What was your favourite part of skyping with Mr Avery?
    What was your favourite part about Mr Avery?

    Do you know anyone in Mr Avery’s class? 😆

    Best wishes,
    Alana and Amelie

    • Dear Alana and Amelie,

      I loved skyping with you too!

      When we skyped, it was 8 p.m. here! You are 14 hours ahead of my time!

      My favorite part of skyping was getting to see all of your faces! I usually only get to see all of you through pictures on your blog. It was great to finally get to talk to a lot of you!

      Your skyping buddy,
      Mr. Avery

  14. Hi Mr. Avery,

    Thank you for skyping to 2KM and 2KJ. We all love to Skype to other teachers around the world.

    Ava: I learnt that they didn’t learn a language at their school.
    Jordi: I learnt their accent.

    From, 😛
    Jordi and Ava

    • Dear Jordi and Ava,

      You did an amazing job writing that comment. I am so impressed by how well you write and type!

      I learned a lot by skyping with you. I learned that you can count in Indonesian. Can you share with me how to count up to 10 again?

      We don’t learn a language at our school until we get a little bit older. I took Spanish but I only remember a little bit of it! I can’t wait to hear what other words you learn in Indonesian!

      Mr. Avery

      • Hi Mr Avery,

        Thank you for the reply.

        This is how you count to ten in Indonesian,
        1.Satu 2.Dua 3.Tiga 4.Emat 5.Lima 6.Enam 7.Tujuh 8.Delapan 9.Sembilam 10. Sepuluh.


        Jordi and Ava 😛

  15. Hi everyone,

    We really liked skyping with Mr Avery.

    We really liked skyping with Mr Avery because it was everyones first time.

    We really hope we can skype with Mr Avery again 😆

    ♥Ella and Hannah

    • Dear Ella and Hannah,

      Thank you for writing a comment! It was our first time skyping and hopefully it won’t be the last!

      Did you think our schools were similar or very different?

      Your friend,
      Mr. Avery

  16. Dear Grade 2’s

    We are just starting to learn how to Skype. In fact our Smartboards have just had a camera installed for us to SKYPE more.

    The teachers have had meetings on Skype but we have only used it acrooss classrooms at the moment.

    Do you have Smartboards. Moreh Steve says you might call them Interactive White boards.

    Do you think it would be good to Skype with you about what you are learning, in Term 3. We could ask questions about what you are learning and you might ask us things too.

    • Dear FKI,

      What a great comment!

      Have you skyeped with any one yet?

      Yes we do call them Interactive white board what do use call them?

      We would love to skype with you so would the other kids in to 2KM and 2KJ I would have to tell the teachers.

      Love from
      Keira and Mia.

  17. Dear Mr Avery,

    I loved skyping with you it was so much fun!
    I just started leopold primary school. :mrgreen:
    It was very scary but now I am geting better


    Mitchell 😳

    • Hi Flynn

      It’s Andrew from 2km.
      I think skyping was fun, I can’t wait to Skype again with Mr Avery I think it would be fun.
      From Andrew in 2km 😈

  18. Dear Keira and Mia and everyone else in Year 2.

    We call our Interactive white boards “SmartBoards” because that is the brand of our Interactive White Boards and it’s a sensible name for them.

    When we Skyped we have only Skyped within the school. The Grade 1’s last Friday skyped another school and showed them how we celebrate our Shabbat. The Preps skyped a teacher who was away on a long holiday.

    Maybe we could Skype you next Term. Our teachers have told us that our Central Idea is Fairy Tales – similarities and differences between fairy tales of different cultures.

    Do you learn using Units of Inquiry?

    From Year 2 @ FKI.

  19. Dear FKI and teacher,

    Thank you for replying to us.

    We don’t really do inquiry units at our school. This term we are learning about Aboriginals.

    Best wishes love from
    Keira and Mia. 😆

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