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Last month Jarrod was the 2KM winner of our May Is Family Blogging Month competition. Part of his prize was that he won a guest post on our blog. Here it is!

the block Jarrod

Hi everyone, my name is Jarrod and I won this special guest post from winning the May is Family Blogging Month in 2KM.


Our family has 20 acres of land in Amphitheatre, Victoria which we call “The Block”. We sometimes go there by ourselves or with friends. It takes us just over two hours to drive there.

The Block Jarrod map

At “The Block” I like to;

• Ride my motorbike
• Go yabbying
• Go four wheel driving
• Help Dad with the firewood
• Toast marshmallows
• Cook garlic bread on the potbelly
• Go for a drive to Avoca (the next town)

At “The Block” there’s lots of wildlife. I’ve seen kookaburras, kangaroos, echidnas, lizards and snakes.

Have you ever been to Amphitheatre or Avoca?

If you had a block of land what would you do when you go there?

Please leave me a comment. Thank you.

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  1. Hey Jarrod, very cool. Our school (St Charles in Templestowe) goes to school camp at Cave Hill creek which is not far from there. I have always wondered whats at Amphitheatre. Now I know. Thanks

    • @ Richard,

      What a great comment. 😆

      When we first got “The Block’ Amphitheatre used to have a pub and a general store which used to have fantatstic pizza’s but now they’ve both closed.

      Your pal,

  2. Hi Jarred
    It looks like you have a lot of fun when you go to ‘the block.’

    I’ve never been to Amphitheatre or Avoca but I have been to Melbourne and to Geelong.

    It must be cool to see all the different types of wildlife! I like looking at animals except for snakes because I’m scared of snakes. Just as well there are no snakes in my country!

    Could you tell me what’s yabbying?

    • @ Ms Thompson,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. 😀

      Yabby’s are like prawns but live in dams and hide in the mud. To catch them you need to use a stick or a pole with a hook to put nets in the water. The nets need to have floats on them so you can collect them again. You also need to tie some meat to the bottom of the net. Then you hae to be quiet and wait. When you pull the nets up hoepfully you have some yabbies. If the net has holes sometimes they escape.

      Which country are you from?

      Your pal,

      • Dear Jarrod
        Thanks for replying. Yabbying sounds like fun.

        I come from New Zealand. Have you ever been to New Zealand?

        • @ Ms Thompson,

          I didn’t know New Zealand didn’t have snakes!

          No I have never been to New Zealand.

          Your pal,

  3. @ Jarrod,

    This is a great post, and very interesting!

    It looks like you and Tyler had a great time. 🙂

    Did your Mum help you make this post or not ❓

    And who thought of the post ❓

    Kayla 🙂

  4. @ Jarrod,

    Wow, what a great post! I would love to get my own blog because I just love to type and write. You are very lucky to do a guest post.

    See you tomorrow,

    Charlotte 😆

    • @ Charlotte,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      I hope I get my own blog and that you get one too.

      Your pal,

  5. @ Jarrod,

    What a wonderful post!
    Did anyone help you? Or did you just do it 😆 yourself?

    Did your mum help you?
    How did you think of it?

    My brother would of loved to ride that motorbike.
    It looks like you had a fantastic time! 😆

    Best wishes,

    • @ Alana,

      What a qulaity comment.

      Yes I thought of the post myslef as I love to ride my motorbike and go to ‘The Block’.

      How old is your brother? My brother Tyler is 3 years old.

      Your pal,

  6. @ Jarr☀d,

    Your ideas for your guest post worked really well and look great. 😎

    I love going to ‘The Block’ as it’s a great place to go and relax. I’m also getting good at riding your motorbike, do you think maybe I’ll be able to get my own bike soon? 😆

    Have fun replying to everyone and answering all their questions.


  7. @ Jarrod,

    No I haven’t been to Amphitheatre or Avoca.

    If I had a block of land I would kick the footy as far as I can. 😛

    seeya later,

    Harry 🙄

    • @ Harry,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      If you kicked the footy really far at our block it might get lost in the bush. What would you do if the footy got lost? How far can you kick the ball?

      Your pal,

      • @ Jarrod,

        If I lost the football I would buy a new one.

        I can kick the football about 7 metres 😆

        from your mate,
        Harry 😎

  8. @ Jarrod
    I enjoyed your blog and the slide show, I have visited the “block” and find it very relaxing, it is very quiet except when you ride the motorbikes.

  9. Hi Jarrod
    I really enjoy riding the motor bike at the block too you did a good job writing your blog.
    love Jarrod’s Par

      • Hi Jarrod
        I liked sitting on the porch with a wine eating the tabbies watching you and Tyler ridding your bikes the best

        Great job at replying to all the comments it’s great to read what people have written and where they are from
        Love Nana

  10. Dear Jarrod, 😛

    I really really like this post.

    No, I have not been to Amphitheatre or Avoca.
    I am not sure what my favouite thing to do at my block if I owned one.

    What is your favourite thing to do at the block?

    Does your brother have his own moterbike?

    What is it like to ride a moterbike?

    Your Class Mate,
    Haille. :mrgreen:

    • @ Haille,

      What a good comment.

      At ‘The Block’ my favourite thing to do is ride my motorbike. To ride a PeeWee 80 you need to be able to change gears, have long legs, wear lots of gear and stay on the bike.

      Yes my brother does have his own motorbike, he has my old one.

      Your pal,

  11. @ Jarrod,

    Wow what a wonderful guest post you have.

    No I have not been to Amphitheatre or Avoca.

    Is the block yours or do other people you don’t know stay in it.

    Best wishes,
    Ava 😳

  12. Hi Jarrod,

    I would like a motorbike for My Birthday because at
    Sheppton it had a paddock and had a motorbike race track there aswell.But have not been there yet.But would like to go there. ➡
    we useto take our dog for a walk there.

    From your pal
    Mitchell 😯

    • @ Mitchell, :mrgreen:

      That is a great comment
      and it is long. 😯

      It is great to see you
      on the blog, because you
      are only new to
      the school. 😛

      From your
      class mate,
      Kayla 🙂

    • @ Mitchell,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      I got my motorbikes for my Mum’s birthdays, the first one when I was 3 and the second when I was 5. Maybe you could get one for your Mum’s birthday too. 👿

      Your pal,

  13. Hi Jarrod,

    Wow! What a great post.

    I kinder live in a block of land. At my house I like to go see the horses over the fence, play with my dogs and help my mum do house work. (Chores)

    No I haven’t been to Amphitheatre or Avoca but I wish to go there soon. 😳


  14. @ Jarrod,

    I haven’t been to Avoca but I think my grandma has.

    Do you know how many times you’ve been to Avoca?
    I always use to go to Queensland to catch yabbies in the school holidays.

    How many snakes did you see?

    Do you bring snacks for the car?
    From Amelie

    • @ Amelie,

      What a great comment.

      I have been to Avoca lots of times.

      I have only seen 1 snake before. Have you ever seen a snake ❓

      Yes I do bring snacks in the car.

      Did you like to eat the Yabbies you catch ❓

      Your pal,

  15. Hi Jarrod,

    Wow what a guest post :mrgreen:

    I live on a farm but I guess that it is nowhere as big as your block.

    How many times have you been yabbying?

    Well I know how many times I’ve been yabbying I’ve been yabbying once 😳

    What do you think the cutest animal that you have seen at your block is?

    Warm Regards,


    • @ Hannah,

      What a great comment.

      I have been Yabbying 5 times I think.

      Let me think the echinda was too prickly, the kangaroo too jumpy, the kookaburra too noisy and the lizard too rude as it kept sticking its tongue out at me. So I think my favorite was the snake. What is your favorite animal ❓

      Your pal,

      • Dear Jarrod,

        Well my favourite animal would have to be a dog, but my favourite animal that you have seen at your block would be a lizard.


  16. Dear Jarrod,
    What a wonderful video you made of your “block”. I have to admit, I have never heard of the word block used like this in America. Here we use the word block to describe a section of a street. For example, I have to walk 2 blocks to get to the bus stop. Your block does look like a fun place to go on the weekends to play!
    I was so currious about yabbying. I did read that it’s like a prawn. When we go crabbing, we use a crab pot and put cat food in a dish in it. It attracts the crab, just like you use meat to attract the yabbies. I also have never heard of yabbies before. Today I learned 2 new words.
    You did a great job with your prize!
    Mrs. Hembree
    Bulldog Readers, Seattle, WA, USA

    • @ Mrs Hembree,

      What quality comment you left.

      I learnt something new too I didn’t know that’s what American’s meant by a block, my Mum had to explain it to me.

      Your pal,

      • @ Jarrod 😆

        You are a great blogger!

        Have you ever been to Queensland or America?

        I guess you’re having a lot of time replying to people?

        You have a great blog.

        From your friend,

        Logan. 😆

    • Dear Mrs Hembree,

      What a great comment that was a long comment as well.

      Hi my name is Keira I am in Miss Jordan’s class and I am 8 years old.

      I have only got one block but we are bulding a house on it.

      Here is a tip about blogging press enter two times so we can read comments on the blog.

      I hope we here from you again.

      Best wishes love from
      Keira in 2KM and 2KJ.

      ☻☻ ♥♥ 😆

      • Dear Keira,

        That was a VERY VERY quality comment to Mrs Hembree ❗

        You are a great blogger. 🙂

        Kayla ♥

    • @ Meg,

      I liked the post to and the video to. :mrgreen:

      So you know this is a great comment. 🙂

      Love your Friend,
      Kayla 😛 😯

    • @ Mag,

      Thanks for the compliments.

      I like to take my dog for a walck too.

      Can you find my spelling mistake ❓

      Your pol,

      • @ Jarrod,

        Yes I can find your spelling
        mistake it is “Meg”, because
        you spelled it with the letter “a”. :O

        Kayla in 2KJ

      • Dear Jarrod, 😯

        You spelt ‘pal’ wrong because you spelt it with an ‘o’.

        You also spelt ‘walk’ wrong, because you spelt it like this : walck.

        Haille. :mrgreen:

      • @ Jarrod,

        I found your spelling mistake the spelling mistake is walk.

        I`m sorry Jarrod I have been to Avoca before near Halls Gap but far away.

        Do you have two dogs one or three ❓

        You acsedently spellt my name wrog you spellt it like this Mag but it`s really Meg. Did you know that ❓

        Love, :mrgreen:

  17. Hello Jarrod,
    Congratulations on being one of the winners for “Family Blogging Month” and for your great post.

    I live out of Shepparton in Victoria. We are about 200kms from you.
    My own children get to do many of the things that you get to do at your ‘block’ as we live on a farm. Our farm is a bit bigger than your ‘block’ as we have 150 acres. My children like riding their motorbikes, going for walks with our dogs and our pet goat (who thinks that she is a dog), being able to light fires, camping with their friends in the back paddock, swimming in the channel, being able to make lots of noise on their drums and their new favourite thing which is driving their ‘paddock bombs’.

    It sounds like you get a lot more wildlife at the ‘block’ than we get on the farm. We get many different birds rather than reptiles and mammals.

    How often do you get to go to the ‘block’?

    from Mrs W @Harston PS

    • @ Mrs W,

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      I get to go to ‘The Block’ at least every couple of months sometimes more often.

      Does the goat try to eat the dog food ❓

      Your pal,

      • Hi Jarrod,
        I bet you and your family go to the block as often as you can but wish that you could get there more often.

        Our goat, Senna, eats all sorts of things. Some things she should eat and some she shouldn’t. She likes hay, grass, fruits, vegies and wheat. Senna will even try to eat our chooks pellets but they can kill her if she eats too many so we have to watch that she doesn’t get them. When we feed our dogs, Senna is always tied up so she hasn’t tried to eat dog food. I’m sure she would eat the dry dog food if she could. The worst thing she has tried to eat is a towel on my washing line!!

        I think you have done an excellent job at answering all of your comments and you have so many of them.

        Do you have any other posts on the 2KM & 2KJ blog with as many comments as yours?

        Mrs W @ Harston PS

  18. I live in South Australia now, but I have been to Ampitheatre and Avoca before. My nana lives in Moonambel, which is right near Avoca. I used to live in a town called Carisbrook, which is very close to Maryborough. It’s great fun having a farm to visit!

    • @ Angie,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I have been to Moonambel to the pub for lunch but not to Carisbrook. My Dad goes for a ride on his motorbike to Moonambel often.

      Your pal,

  19. Dear 2KJ, 🙂

    Hello my name is Chris and I’m Kayla’s Uncle. I am here at Kayla’s house spending some time with them. I will be having some tea with them and MAYBE (if they are good!) I will play with them after tea.

    This is my second entry on this blog.

    That’s all for now.

    Chris :mrgreen: 😯

    • Dear Chris, :mrgreen:

      I am one of Kayla’s good friends.

      I think you wrote a VERY quality comment!

      Did you play with Kayla and her little sister after tea?
      If you did play with them what did you play?


      Haille 😛

      • Dear Hallie,

        Thank you for replying to me and Chris.

        Yes we did play after tea, we played Take 5 and guess what,I won! 🙂
        It was a lot of FUN. 😛

        Love From,
        Kayla and Chris

        • Dear Kayla and Chris,

          That is a very good comment.

          You and Haille are really great bloggers.

          Best wishes love from
          Keira your friend.

          • @ Keira,

            Thak you for replying to me. 🙂

            I have a question for you, do you want to have a conversation ❓

            From your friend,
            Kayla 😛

    • Hi Ella, 😛

      Thank you for the comment. You’re a great blogger.

      I think the guest post is great too.


      • Dear Jordi,

        Thank you for replying to me.

        You are a great blogger as well you have been leaving comments all weekend .

        See you at school,

  20. @ Jarrod,

    It looks like there are a lot for comments,
    on your post.

    It looks like it is hard to write
    back to everyone, so I thought I
    would help you reply.

    Great post,
    Kayla 😯

  21. Dear Jarrod, :mrgreen:

    Now I know what I would do if I owned a block of land if I had horse, I would love to ride my horse.

    I would name my horse Neary because my horse that I had when I lived in Bannockburn was called Neary.

    Haille ☺

    • Hi Haille,

      I love you comment so very much Haille.

      I would do the Zach some thing if I had that block of land.

      I would name my horse Jessica because my fishes name was Jessica.

      How did you do the comment with Haille?

      Do you like school Haille?

      Your Friend,
      Mikayla 😆

    • @ Haille,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      What do you think would go the quickest a motorbike or a horse ❓

      Your pal,

  22. Dear Jarrod,

    I really like the video I liked the photos on the post.

    Did you do this post with Mrs Morris or with your Mum?

    Do you live at the block?

    Keep up the great commenting!

    Best wishes love from

    • @ Keira,

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      It would be a be far to travel to school each day if I lived at ‘the block’.

      My Mum helped me with the post but it was my idea to do the slide show.

      Your pal,

      • Dear Jarrod,

        Thank you for replying to me.

        Do you go to the block on the weekend?

        Happy bloggging,

        From your pal,
        Keira 😆

  23. Dear Jarrod,

    Congratulations on winning your own guest post. How fantastic. And what a great post you have written and I really like your Photopeach job. It looks very professional. Mrs Morris and Ms Jordan must be so thrilled for you.

    We have never been inland and Australia and I have always wondered what it looked like away from the coast, and now I know! And it makes me want to visit Ampitheatre.

    Thanks for showing me parts of Australia I have never seen.
    Mrs Murphy

    • @ Mrs Murphy,

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      Where are you from ❓ Where do you like to go on holidays to ❓

      Your pal,

  24. Dear Jarrod,

    It looks like you have been so busy with 59 comments already. This is an excellent post!

    Wow, Jarrod! It sounds like you are quite an adventurer. You listed a term I have not heard of before, “yabbying.” I see that others were wondering about it too. Thank you for teaching me something new! When I was traveling, someone who lived in the Caribbean described prawns as “the brother of shrimp.” I thought that was pretty funny. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

    Your friend from Michigan, USA,
    Mrs. M❀❀re
    Techie Kids

    • @ Mrs M❀❀re,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      We convinced my brother to eat prawns by saying that they were calamari’s brother as he loves to eat calamari.

      Your pal,

  25. Dear Jarrod,

    Did your mum help you make this post ❓

    How long did the post take to make?

    Love your friend,

    • @ Paris,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      My Mum helped me with the post, it didn’t take that long to do but I have liked having a guest post even though it’s been hard to reply to all the comments.

      Your pal,

  26. Dear Jarrod,

    Your block looks very fun.How many acres is it ❓

    Do you always ride your motorbike?

    from your class mate,
    Hamish 😎

    • @ Hamish,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Can you find my spelling mistake?

      Sorry but I can’t assert you questions. :mrgreen:

      Best wishes
      Sophie 😆

      • Dear Sophie,

        I found your spelling mistake.I think it was answer.

        thank you for your reply.

        Hamish 😉 🙄

  27. Dear Kayla,

    Yes I would like to have a conversation.

    Dont you recon Jarrod is doing a lot of commenting.

    Love to here from you more.

    Love your friend Keira.

  28. @ Jarrod,

    You are a good blogger.
    I love your post on the blog.

    The Block looks fun.
    I would like to go to the Block.

    Your pal,
    Jack 👿

  29. Dear Jarrod,
    Congratulations on winning the blogging competition. The best thing that we learnt about your block is how you go yabbying. Clayton in our grade has gone yabbying before and has cuaght three yabbies. How many yabbies are on your yabby chain? Harry in our grade also has a block and he has a big bike track on it. He has also found some lizards but they were too quick for him. Here are some ideas we would like to do if we have a block: play chasey, toast marshmallows and wildlife watching.
    From 1/2M and Mrs Barnes

  30. Dear Jarrod,
    We loved your slideshow of the block. We learnt about new country towns from your blog. No one in our grade has been to Avoca or Ampitheatre.

    We think it is great that you have a quad bike and a motor bike. What safety gear do you wear? Can you do any tricks on them?

    How many yabbies have you caught at once? How do you eat the yabbies?

    If we had a block of land we would like to toast marshmallows, ride a go kart, ride a motor bike and kick a footy around.
    From Grade 2H

  31. Dear Jarrod,
    Thankyou for sharing your ‘block’ with us. We loved hearing about your adventures and we think you are very lucky.
    If we had a block, we would like to play footy, make a mud slide, ride bikes, go yabbying, toast marshmallows, play tiggy and ride on a quad bike.

    How did you learn to ride a motor bike? What is your hut made out of? Did you build your hut? Do you have electricity there? What is your favourite animal that you see on the block?

    In our whole grade, only one student has been to Avoca, in fact, we had never heard of these places.

    Keep on having fun on the block,
    from Mrs Barnes and 2T

    • @ 2T,

      Thanks for leaving me a comment.

      My Dad taught me how to ride a motorbike. First I had to learn on the quad bike and then I got to go on the PeeWee 80. I always have to wear my helmet, goggles, gloves, armor, t-shirt on top, special motorbike pants and boots.

      Your pal,

  32. Dear 2km and 2kj

    I love your blog and we love your slid show. I love riding my moter bike so I know how much you all love riding your moter bike . See you guys soon from 3/4g and Shravan 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    From Shravan

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