Aboriginal Corroboree and Plays!

Friday 10th June was a very special day in 2KM and 2KJ.

It was the last day for our student teacher, Miss Sonya Brooke. It was also the day we performed the plays we had been rehearsing with Miss Brooke. To make this day even more special, we had a corroboree to celebrate all the wonderful things we had learnt in our Aboriginal unit of work with Miss Brooke!

The first play we performed was called Tiddalik the Enormous Frog.

This is an Aboriginal tale about what happened when the giant frog Tiddalik had such a great thirst that he drank all the fresh water of the world.

The is a big file so we had to make the video and audio fairly low quality. Nonetheless, we thought parents and friends would not want to miss this play!

The second play we performed was called Bohra the Kangaroo.

This is an Aboriginal story about a four legged kangaroo who is punished for dancing around the campfire with the men.

The Corroboree

A corroboree is a ceremonial meeting of Aboriginal people. Corroborees involve dance, music and costumes. Watch the video to see all the fun we had at the 2KM and 2KJ corroboree.

Because our corroboree was held at “night time” the video is a little dark!

Music – “From Little Things Big Things Come” (Paul Kelly) and “Djapana” (Yothu Yindi).

Until the Fire is Out

Here is a song we performed at the corroboree. It is called Until the Fire is Out.

Thank you to Miss Brooke for all her wonderful work in putting the plays, songs and corroboree together!

What did you think of our plays and corroboree?

Have you ever acted in a play before?

Can you share anything you know about Aboriginal culture?

98 thoughts on “Aboriginal Corroboree and Plays!

  1. Hi 2KM and 2KJ,

    I really liked the Corroboree even the plays that we all did. I also like that evryone had a go and used heaps of expression. Did you ❓

    No I haven`t acted in a play before that was my first time have any of you acted in a play before ❓

    No I don`t know about aboriginal culture but I do know one thing about aboriginals. They used to have no shops and so they caught their food with a spear.

    • Dear Meg,

      I sort of used expression in the play you did more expression!

      Meg to tell you the truth I have not played in a play before I was a bit nervous.

      What a great comment you wrote: lol:

      Have you ever seen a play before?

      Bye for now,

      Love from,
      Keira your BFF.

    • Dear Meg,

      Kayla and I did use our expression, it was very fun!

      Thank you for your
      Comment, it was great. 😯

      Do you like the song that was called the fire is out or not?

      Yes me, and Georgia have done an act. It was great! 😛

      Best wishes,
      Georgia and Kayla ♥♥♥

      • @ Georgia and Kayla,

        Yes I did like the song until the fire is out. Did you know that when you said do you like the song until the fire is out you forgot the until ❓

        But your comment was great gus I like how you used paragraphs because I can understad what you said in your comment. Don`t you ❓


  2. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    Wow what an outstanding performance I really enjoyed watching the video. You can all be so very proud!

    Well done to Miss Brooke you can tell Miss Brooke had put in a lot of time and effort into the play,songs and corroboree because the performance was ten out of ten.

    I, have acted in a play and it was many, many years ago. The play was called MacBeth I have to admit it wasn’t an easy play to do.

    Now I would love to share an Aboriginal fact with you all and that is music is a very big part of the Aboriginal culture as well as body painting and dot painting.

    Great work everyone.
    From your blogging pal,

    • @ Aa,

      Thank you for leaving a comment .

      I have never heard of the play Macbeth.

      Thank you for telling me a fact about Aboriginal Australia . 😆

      To me I thought the play was a little bit hard at the start but then it got easy.

      I have been in a You Can Do It play before, I have also been in a play with my sister we did at my house and my family loved it.

      This play was my best play ever!

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi 2KJ and 2KM,
    I really enjoyed watching all of your performances. I especially the corroboree because you all looked like you were having such a wonderful time! I also liked the way you performed in the dark around that fantastic campfire. When I was young my family and I used to camp often and I always loved it when my parents lit the campfire at night – toasted marshmallows and storytelling are my memories! I have never tried dancing around the campfire but I can imagine that it is alot of fun. Maybe I could try around my own fire at home tonight……..
    Ms Dowling

    • @ Ms Dowling,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. It is always nice to hear from you.

      Lots of students in 2KM and 2KJ enjoy camping as well. We agree with you, toasted marshmallows are delicious.
      We hope Ruckus is doing well! Leo says hi!

      From Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan and your friends in 2KM and 2KJ.

  4. To 2KJ and 2KM

    I LOVED your corroboree, that was spectacular, Your all look like you are having so much fun and I am sure you learnt alot about aborinal Australia. Miss Brookes did a great job at making the fire and getting the ochre.

    It was great – Well done
    Kellie (Wills mum)

    • @ Kellie,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog.

      Oh by the way, it is Will here.

      I loved the post about the corroboree and plays.

      The play I was in was called Tiddalick the Enormous Frog.

      Warm wishes,
      Will 😎 😆

  5. To 2KM and 2KJ,
    I really enjoyed watching your performances. They were really interesting. I used to be in plays when I was in high school. We had to work hard to remember our lines and to ‘play the part’. I was really impressed with your confident voices.
    What was the most interesting thing you learnt?
    From Mr Holloway.

    • @ Mr Holloway, 😆

      I really love your comment
      And thank you for leaving a comment on this post.

      Do you know any information about aboriginals ❓

      Anyway my name is Meg and I am in 2KJ and I am
      In grad two.

      Love from,

      • Hi Meg,
        Thank you for your reply. I do know a few things about aboriginals. When I was learning to be a teacher I went to the middle of Australia, to a very remote community called Mount Allen. It was about three hours drive from Alice Springs. I went there to teach in a community of aboriginal people. The children were very nice and so were their parents. Their school was very different to our schools. They all went to school in a big shed and all the kids in the whole school from prep to grade 6 were all in one big class.
        Thanks again for your reply Meg.
        From Mr Holloway.

    • Dear Holloway,

      We loved your comment so much.

      We both didn’t use a piece of paper because we remembered the lines on the paper.

      Thanks for saying that we all had a loud voice.

      Do you slightly remember what your character was and what the play was called?

      Bye for now,

      Hannah and Chloe :mrgreen:

      • Hi Hannah and Chloe,
        Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment. I am very impressed that you did not need to use your paper. It can be hard to remember lots of lines, so you should be very proud of how well you did.
        I was in a few different plays. One was called ‘The Pajama Game’ and one was called ‘Josephs Technicoloured Dream Coat’. Maybe you could look them up! My character in The Pajama Game was called Joe. He was a worked in the factory. It really was a lot of fun singing and dancing!
        Thanks again for your reply.
        From Mr Holloway.

  6. Hi 2KJ and 2KM,

    What a fantastic post showing your very special day on Friday! Arran and I loved looking at the videos of your plays and dancing around the campfire!
    We think Miss Brooke is very clever to have done so much wonderful work in putting the plays, songs and corroboree together! That must have taken a long time!

    I have been a play before, I performed in 2 plays for Charlotte’s kinder. I was a pig in the 3 little pigs (which looked quite funny because I had a very pregnant belly!!! So you could say Oliver has been in a play too!) and I also was a cat in another play for her 4 yo group, which was lots of fun!

    I think an interesting Aboriginal fact is that Aboriginal people are said to have the oldest continuous culture in the world and they are though to have arrived in Australia from south-eastern Asia some time between 60,000 and 35,000 years ago…thats a LONG time ago!

    Well done to everyone on all your fantastic work!


    • @ Martine,

      Thanks for levering a comment on the blog.

      You are a great bogger!

      We love getting comments from you.

      Oh bye the way this is Will and Flynn.

      Flynn and Will

      • Hi Will and Flynn,
        Thanks for saying I’m a great blogger!
        I love reading the blog and leaving comments, it looks like you guys have lots more fun than I did in grade 2!
        Thanks for leaving a comment on my reply, it was a lovely surprise!
        Happy blogging!

        • @ Martine,

          Thanks for leaving a reply, here is my reply to you.

          I love blogging too and I like reading the new posts that Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris puts up of 2KJ and 2KM.
          Miss Jordan and Miss Morris showed us how to write a comment in Word and then paste it on the blog.
          Thanks for doing lots of replies on the blog.

          Happy blogging,

    • @ mummy (martine),

      your comment it was great!
      Mia says: It was lots of fun being in the play.
      Charlotte says: I loved when you did the play you saved the day with the brick house. You looked like you had eaten a lot of food you
      where so big.
      Mia says: I think it would be a lot more fun to be in play out of school.

      Charlotte and Mia 😆

      • Hi Charlotte and Mia,
        Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
        I’m glad you enjoyed being in the plays, it looked alot of fun and you should be very proud of yourselves for all your hard work!
        Maybe Mia you could be in a play outside of school one day? You never know what you might like to do when you get older!
        And Charlotte, I don’t think I was THAT big when I did your kinder play thank you very much! I think you might be being a little bit cheeky there missy!
        Happy blogging!
        Martine (and Mum to you Charlotte!)

        • @ Mummy,

          Thank you for replying to me and Mia. I am just typing by my safe because Mia is on floor talking about Interesting words.


          Charlotte 😆

  7. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    I liked the plays and the corroboree did you ❓

    I have not acted in a play before that was my first time.


    • @ Anthony,

      Thankyou for your post.

      That was great acting for your first go in a play. I really liked the grass tail part, it made me lol!

      Would you like to act in another play one day?

      Kind Wishes,

      Miss Brooke.

      • @ Miss Brooke,

        I liked your comment.

        In Grade One I acted in a “You Can Do It” performance.

        The Aboriginal play was my second time performing. 😳

        Anthony. 😮

    • Dear Anthony, 😆

      Yes we have been in a play before.

      We liked the plays to.

      We have not acted in a play before.

      Bradley and Bodhi 😆

  8. @ 2KJ and 2KM,

    What a fantastic post! Thankyou Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan for all your hard work putting the post together. It looks great.

    I had so much fun watching the plays again. You all did such an amazing job learning your lines and using lots of expression in your voices! I’m so proud of you all! Can anyone tell me what lessons the plays are trying to teach us?

    I’m glad you all had fun dancing and singing at the Corroboree. I was very impressed with your dance moves (especially you Flynn!) and the singing sounded loud and confident. Good job! Can anyone remember why dancing and singing is so important to Aboriginal culture?

    I hope you all have a great week with Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan and that you learn even more about Aboriginal Australia. I miss you all already!

    Happy Learning,

    Your friend, Miss Brooke. 🙂

    • Dear Miss Brook,

      What a great Postyou did!

      Every one misses you so so so much.

      They did puton a good post.

      Love From,
      Keira in 2KJ and 2KM.

    • @ Miss Brooke,

      Thank you for your comment. 😆

      Have you ever been to Asiar?

      Are you having a good time?

      Where are you at the moment?

      Witch state are you in?

      Logan and Zac. 😆

    • @ Miss Brooke,

      I kown the answer it is about the aboriginal people.

      I miss you already 🙁
      To pass on there history.

      What was your favourite play mine was bohra.


  9. Congratulations to all the readers and performers in The Corroboree. You did a great job.
    The learning is fun at Leopold.
    Nice work, Miss Brooke!
    The blog is looking sensational.

    Glenn Brown

    • Hi Mr Brown,

      Thank you for the great comment. We both miss you.

      Miss Brooke did a great job at helping us at practise our plays and corroboree. It was so much fun!

      Jordi and Millie♥

    • Dear Mr Brown,

      Thank you for your great comment.

      We agree with you about Miss Brooke.

      We agree with you about learning at Leopold.

      Quinn and Liam 😆

    • @ Mr Brown,

      Thank you for your quality comments Mr Brown.
      We hope to see you soon.
      We are so thankful you left us a comment please leave
      more comments.

      From Jack and Lee

  10. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    It looks like you certainly know how to celebrate! I really wish I could’ve been there for your corroboree. It’s always interesting to see how different countries celebrate in different ways.

    Your plays were AMAZING! If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought you’ve been practicing that for years! You were all like professionals. I’m sure you worked hard on those and it really shows.

    Keep up your great work!

    Your friend,
    Mr. Avery

    • @ Mr Avery, 🙂

      I love your comment it is a great one. We didn`t practice for years. We practiced for a few weeks and we did the play last Friday.

      Meg 😛 🙂

      • Dear Meg,

        I can’t believe you only practiced for a few week! You were all so wonderful!

        Your class does so many wonderful things. I can’t wait to skype with all of you next week. I’m really looking forward to getting to see the faces of all the students who write these amazing comments!

        Mr. Avery

        • @ Mr Avery, 🙂

          2KM and 2KJ are excited about talking to you on Skype next week. So am I, and of cause Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris are excited too.

          Thank you for replying to me, I think that was a lot of hard work. Was it ❓

          Which video do you like the best and do you like the song Until the Fire is Out ❓

          Love, 😛

    • @ Mr Avery,

      Thank you for your great comment.

      Oh by the way, I am Liam.

      The play I was in was Tiddalick the Enormous Frog.

      From your blogging pal,
      Liam 😆

      • Dear Liam,

        Thank you for taking the time to write back to me. You did a great job writing your comment.

        I wonder what it would be like to run into an enormous frog like that. What do you think you would do if you saw it?

        Mr. Avery

        • @ Mr Avery,

          Thank you for replying to me.

          If I ran in to a frog I would run away from it.

          I wish I was the frog.

          What would you be If you where in the play?

          Bye for now
          Liam 😆

  11. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    I think the plays were great.

    I love the moves everyone did.

    Yes I have been in one play in grade one 😳


    Harry 😎

    • Dear Harry

      We think you were good at the play and corroboree.

      Who were you in the play.


      Jacob and Hamish.

    • @ Harry,

      We agree with you the plays were really fun.

      What play were you in?
      We were both in Tiddalik the Enormous Frog.

      Wich character were you?
      We were both elders, Ava was elder3 Haille was elder2.:razz:

      Your Buddies,
      Ava and Haille :mrgreen:

  12. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I loved the corroboree! It was so so fun! What was your favourite part of the corroboree?

    Good job Flynn for your dancing. Were you embarrassed?

    I loved doing the play. I was part of the Family. I was with Eb.

    Alana you were so good at saying all of that stuff.

    I got an Australia shaped lolly and a kangaroo.
    I have been in a play before. It was so fun. My little brother thinks he is doing a play but he is doing a dance. They are funny.

    On my birthday, if my little brother wants cake he has to do his play but it is a dance.

    I should say a big thank you to Miss Brooke. She did so many fun activities. They were so good and fun and of course the plays.

    From Ella:)

    • Dear Ella

      Paris’s fevered part of the Corroborate was dancing around the camp fire. Sophie’s favoured part was walking around the camp fire, in the Coro boree.

      Your friends,
      Paris and Sophie.

    • Dear Paris,

      What a great comment you did.

      Millie: Yes I have been in a play before.
      Jordi: No I haven’t been in a play before. 🙁


      Millie and Jordi

  13. @ Mr Brown,

    Thank you for the comment on our blog.

    I hope you leave us another comment on the blog again soon.

    Harry 😳

  14. @ Miss Brooke,

    2KM and 2KJ loved to hear from you.
    2KM and 2KJ wanted to say hi!

    Eb and I thought that the plays and the corroboree were fantastic!

    Where did you find the ochre? Did you find it near a tree or, plant or, on the grand

    We loved you as a teacher!

    Hope you come on the blog again,
    Alana and Eb 😆

    • @ Alana and Eb♥ny,

      Sorry I can’t answer your question.
      What was your favourite play?
      My favourite was Bohra the Kangaroo.

      From your friend,

      • @ Molly,
        Thankyou for replying to Eb and I.:lol:

        My favourite play was Tiddalik.
        I have been in a play with my sister (Shelby), we did it in my rumpus room.

        What was your favourite dance in the corroboree?
        Mine was the kangaroo.

        By the way Molly plaese try to find my spelling mistake.

        Warm wishies,
        Alana 😆

  15. Dear Miss Brooke,

    I really liked being bohra I liked my jumping did you?

    I liked the plays also bohra the kangaroo me and Sophie really miss you!

    Conner and Sophie

  16. Hi,

    The play sound great and I would love to see the acting but it is blocked by Netscape access denied.
    I am a teacher and would love to start my own blog for my class, I have gotten as far as the platform but don’t know how to edit it yet. Do you know any good sites that might help?

    Great work

  17. Dear 2km and 2kj,

    I loved your post I loved doing the play it is so fun doing plays they are so good as well as you no my brother has to do a play or dance it is so cute as well.

    From Ella:)

    • @ Ella,

      Thank you for your great comment.
      I really liked the plays as well.

      Which play did you like? I liked Borah the kangaroo.

      I wonder if we will do any more plays?

      From your blogging pal
      Liam 😆

  18. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    This is a great post, thanks to our teachers! 😛

    When I got home I went on the blog and left a comment, do you like my comment?

    The videos were great.

    The corrobe was soooooo much fun! 🙂

    Hsppy Blogging,
    Kayla ♥♥

    • @ Kayla,

      What a great comment you left. What a great girl you where to go home and leave a comment.

      It sounds like lots of fun to play a corrobe. I have never heard of a corrobe.

      See you,
      Ashy (Ashleigh) 😆

  19. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    Awesome post.

    I enjoyed watching your play they were very interesting.

    I know one fact about Aboriginals.

    When Aboriginals make a fire they twril one stick to make a fire.

    I have acted in a play once and it was fun.

    From your pal,

    • @ BB,

      Thank you for your great comment.

      I thought that the campfire was brilliant.

      I have made my own real campfire. It was warm. Have you ever made your own campfire?

      From your blogging pal
      Liam 😆

  20. Dear Ms Jordan & Mrs Morris,

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting the video of the Corroboree & the plays. I love to see what Eb gets up to in class. Plus she was talking about it and praticing her lines all night.

    Keep up the good work.

    • @ Kim,

      We’re so glad that you enjoyed the plays! We just grabbed the video camera at the last minute and we’re glad we did!

      Eb did an amazing job of practising and delivering her lines. What a star!
      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

  21. Dear 2Km and 2KJ
    We watched the play of Tiddalik and it was funny because the eel was wriggling on the ground to make Tiddalik laugh.

    The play reminded Nathan of a movie he had seen about a frog and a tiger.
    It reminded Lily of the story about the princess and the frog.

    Paige asked, “Was the play hard to rehearse?”
    Tristan asked, “How many times did you have to do it?”


    • @ Mrs McKenzie and B4, 😛

      Thank you for the comment!

      The play was a bit hard to rehearse at the start but it got better. We had to practise it two times before performing.

      The eel was so funny, I laughed.


  22. Dear Miss Jordan, :mrgreen:

    My mum watched the play that I was in, the play i was in was called Tiddalik the Enormous Frog.

    What play did you like the most?

    Your Student,
    Haille 😛

    • @ Haille,

      I’m glad you showed your mum the video of the play. I’m sure she loved it!

      As for me, I couldn’t possibly choose which play was my favourite. All of the 2KM and 2KJ students performed so well, I was very proud of everyone! 🙂

      See you tomorrow,

      Your teacher,
      Miss Jordan

  23. WOW! It looks like you all had a really fun time and I can tell you have learned so much as well. I loved that you used real ochre for the face paint. Miss Brooke seemed to have a fun adventure as well! Did you learn any other songs? Did you learn any aboriginal words?
    Kind regards,
    Monica Thomson

  24. Hello again..
    I forgot to mention that I do know a little about Aboriginal culture. I learnt about Aboriginal religion at uni. I think it is really fantastic that you are learning about such a beautiful culture that we should know about because it is the roots of our country. The thing that I loved most in uni was learning about dreamtime. I think it is beautiful that when someone dies they turn into another form like a plant or animal, which means our loved ones never leaves us and are always with us.
    Great learning everyone!
    See you soon,
    Monica Thomson

  25. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I like the plays and how everyone used lots of expression.

    Mum and Dad were impressed with everyone and me.I thought Riley S was funny.

    The corroboree was very fun.I like Flynn’s moves.

    best wishes,
    Hamish 😉

  26. What a fantastic job you all did! It was great to see all the children enjoying themselves. I was very proud to see Jacob in his first play.
    Miss Brooke did a wonderful job putting all the play’s together. I know she will be missed by all the class.
    Great Work From Rachel
    P.S. This is only my second time blogging. I hope it turns out ok.

  27. Every Friday our school has an Assembly, where children are allowed to do a performance. There is a routine that has to take place before anyone can perform. We have convenors who organise the performances at assembly. The performances need to be checked by Morah Tali or Moreh Steve before they can put on their show.

    We have all done a Hebrew play because we did a Siddur presentation and a Passover play.

    • Hi, 😛

      Thank you for the comment.

      One tip for next time: It’s good to use a greeting like “Dear” at the beginning of your comment and a closing like “Bye for now” at the end of your comment.

      Blog to you soon,

    • @ Year 2 FKI, 🙂

      Lovely comment, thank you. Is it fun watching all the plays at assembly ❓

      Anyway, my name is Meg I am in 2KJ in grade 2. How old are you and where are you from? I live in Leopold, Australia.

      Do you go to school ❓ I think you do go to school because your talking about a assembly.


  28. @ Rachel,

    Thank you for the comment, I love it.

    Next time you could do a greeting and closing in your comment.

    My name is Eb♥ny and I am 2KJ at Leopold Primary School.

    Best Wishes,

  29. Dear Year 2’s

    We are just starting to BLOG so thank you for your suggestions to help us BLOG better.

    We do go to school at FKI which is part of Mount Scopus Memorial College. Our school is in South Caulfield.

    We have convenors for our Assembly. Do you have convenors?

    Do you have an assembly at your school where you present things?

    We have a BLOG. You can find it at blogs.scopus.vic.edu.au then look for the heading BLOG and then look down to YEAR 2 FKI.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Year 2 at FKI

    • Dear Year 2 at FKI

      Hi,my name is Hamish and I am in 2KJ. What a very good comment.

      What is a convenor ❓

      Yes,we do present things at assembly.

      hope to here from you soon,
      Hamish 2KJ :mrgreen:

    • Dear Year 2 @ FKI

      What is a convenor?

      Yes we do have assembly once a week on Mondays.

      We learn Indonesian at our school do you learn a language at your school?

      From Ella
      your new blogging buddy

  30. To Eb,

    Thank you for you’re helpfull advice about leaving comments. I am not very good with commputers, so I need all the help i can get 🙂

    Jacob has been helping me too. He has told me how to space properly and that the reason my reply wouldn’t work earlier was because i used you’re full name.

    He wasn’t sure why though. Do you know why it wouldn’t work?

    From Rachel (Jacobs mum)

    • Dear Mum,

      I love looking at the Blog with you Mum!

      I love it after dinner when we sit and read the Blog together and I am really happy that it is your second time to leave a happy comment.

      I look forward to blogging with you in the future.
      From Jacob 😳

  31. @ 2 FKI,

    Thanks for your comment!
    What are convenors?
    We do have an assembly.
    I went on your blog.
    It is excellent!

    Keep blogging,
    Hope to hear from you,

  32. Dear 2KM and 2KJ 😳

    I loved doing the Corroboree with Miss Brooke it was so much fun doing the play! I would love to do another play. Maybe we could do Shrek.

    From Mitchell 😯

  33. Thank you for writing back.

    A convenor is the person who runs the Assembly. We have one Year 2 Boy and one Year 2 girl who are chosen to be convenor. They have a book where they write down all the items the children want to do for Assembly.
    Children who want to do an item must show it to a teacher and then tell the convenors that they are allowed to perform the item.

    A convenor has a drum. If the audience is too loud the convenor bangs the drum using a special rhythm. The audience then clap the rhythm.

    If the convenor needs to bang the drum 3 times the Assembly is cancelled.

    We have a Singing Assembly on Monday morning and a performance Assembly on Friday afternoon.

    How do you choose the leader for your Assembly?

    Indonesian sounds like an interesting laqnguage to learn. We learn Hebrew because we are a Jewish school. We have 2 Hebrew lessons every day. In year 2 we learn Hebrew script writing. Just like English has script writing Hebrew has it too. We have a Hebrew Book called ARIOT. It comes with a CD full of songs which helps us learn.

    How do you learn Indonesian.
    In Hebrew the word teacher is Moreh for a Man and Morah for a lady.

    Moreh Steve told us that teacher in Indonesian is Bu. Is he right?

    • @ Grade FKI,

      The principal at our school chooses the the leader that takes care of our Assembbly for the hole year.

      Bu is mrs and puck is for mr and for teacher it is called guru.

      Hope to hear from you soon,
      Ava and Kayla :mrgreen:

      • Dear Ava and Kayla,

        The person that runs Assembly. We were wondering whether it was a teacher or a student? We think that if it is a student then it might not be fair because lots of other children might want to be the leader of Assembly.

        Do other children have roles and responsibilities at your school?

        Some children here have responsibilities and the jobs are collecting the old water for the plants and collecting the food scraps.They also collect the old paper to recycle.We have pet club and we are responsible to look after the rabbit and six guinea pigs, five chickens and two blue tongue lizards. We also have fish and stick insects.

        • @ grade FKI,

          Thank’s for the reply.

          The people that run an Assembly are grade six students two boys and two girls.

          Only the older kids have responsibilities.

          At our school we have not heard about pet club and we only have six chickens.

          Best Wishes,
          Ava 😛

  34. Dear Ella
    we have different coloured dots dots in our take home readers i’m on Fluro Red dot 2 the numbers mean that the higher numbers mean harder words the lower numbers mean easer words
    From Indy

  35. Conveners are two kids that have been chosen. Conveners are at assembly they have a special book to pronounce performances that other children want to do. They write the performances in the special book. When the kids get to loud the conveners play a instrement out loud.

    from Tammi & Talia

  36. Convenors are the people who are told when you want to sign up for a joke or a play.

    We are given badges at our Assembly. These badges are called Kol Ha Kavod. 1 persdon from each class is chosen for doing something wonderful.
    Do you get badges at your assembly?

  37. Dear year 2kJ
    we have conveners
    what thay do is thay run asembaly
    asembly is the last leason of the day it only happens friday.
    what you do is you are allowed to perform at assembly it has to be a joke a dance a play or a report but first you have to tell the teacher first and they say if is appropriate or not if it is not you do not do it you have to tell the convener what it is.

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