A Surprise In The Mail

We were so excited to receive a special present in the mail from our friend, Chicken! 

Chicken is friends with Mr Avery, and they both live in Massachusetts, in the United States of America.

You might remember Chicken (and his friend, Milk) left us some comments on our post about Food Safety and Storage. Check out what Chicken had to say about food safety!

The present we received from Chicken is a book. He must know we love reading in 2KM and 2KJ! The book is called Cloudy with a Chance of Chicken. What a great title! Our friend Chicken certainly is clever!

The book is written by Judi Barrett and the illustrator is Ron Barrett. It was published in 1978 and it was made into a movie in 2009. Here is the cover of the book and Mrs Morris reading it to the students.



 The book is about a story that a grandfather tells to his grandchildren about the town of Chewandswallow, where the weather comes three times a day, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is always food and beverages. There is a very similar book titled Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and you might like to listen to and watch the story below.

 Even Leo loved our new book!


Chicken wrote us a special message inside the book cover. He asked us the following question:

What are some of the sometimes foods and everyday foods in the book?

You might also like to think about these questions:

What did you like about the book?

What other books do you like that have also been made into movies?

62 thoughts on “A Surprise In The Mail

  1. Hello to all of you in 2KM and 2KJ,
    A book that several of our family and friends read is called ” the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” I am sure that many of your families will have read it too or seen the film which was made last year.
    Goodbye for now and enjoy your reading.

    • Dear Jennette,

      Hi my name is Haille and I am in 2KJ.
      My mum is reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ❗ ☺ ☻ ♥
      Diary Of a Wimpy Kid is a good movie and my brother has the book.

      Love From,
      Haille in 2KJ. :mrgreen:

      • Hi Haille and all of 2KMand 2KJ,
        It was great to get a reply from you.
        I am sure that your mum will enjoy the book. I went to a meeting and everyone was talking about it then when I got home I found that my daughter Hannah’s mum had left it for me on the kitchen table.
        I saw the film ” Diary of a Wimpy Kid ” on the Spirit of Tasmania when we were coming home from Tasmania and really enjoyed it.

        • Dear Jannette,

          Thank you for replying to me.
          It is really really great that you enjoyed watching Diary Of a Wimpy Kid. :mrgreen:


  2. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I’m so glad you got my book! It’s normally called Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs but I think Cloudy with a Chance of Chicken sounds so much better. Don’t you?

    I think you might know my friend Mr. Avery. He’s a really good guy. He even sent the book for me! He also sent one to Mrs. DeVries and her class for being quad blogging buddies with him.

    I hope you’ve all been doing a great job of eating those everyday foods! We all enjoy our sometimes foods but those definitely aren’t for everyday!

    Bawk bawk for now!

    Your friend,

    • Dear Chicken,
      Have you read the book that you gave us?

      I think Cloudy with a chance of chicken
      is a good idea.

      I love chicken ❗
      Georgia (in 2KJ). 🙂

    • Dear Chicken,

      My name is Kayla, I’m in 2KJ. 🙂

      Yes I do think Cloudy with a chance
      of Chicken sounds much beter
      than cloudy with a chance
      of Meatdalls.

      A fue nights ago I ate
      chicken and it was yummy,
      I hope I didn’t eat you!

      Your Friend,
      Kayla 🙂

  3. Dear 2KM and 2JK,

    You sure are so lucky to have some great blogging buddies.
    I really like the fact that Chicken sent you this awesome book. Have to say I every like the fact that he is called Chicken. 🙂

    You, asked a great question books made into movies.
    I have two for you all. The first one is Charlotte’s Web. I really enjoyed reading this book when I your age and I loved the movie too.
    Now for a more recent book/movie which I watched last year was Diary of a Wimp Kid. I have not read this book as yet but from what I have heard the book is just as good as the movie.

    Happy reading everyone!
    From your blogging pal,

  4. @ 2KM and 2KJ,

    What a great surprise you got. I bet you all thought it was a very funny book, I know I did.

    It would be great not to have to go shopping or cook anymore but I wouldn’t like it to end like the story did with having to move due to all the food everywhere.

    I like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Yum. Imagine living in a place like that. What would you eat if you were Charlie and got to see the chocolate factory?

    Cameron (Jarr☀d’s Dad)

  5. Wow 2 KJ and 2 KM!
    How exciting to get a surprise in the mail! I was just talking about that in my last blog post!
    The book looks great! How very thoughtful of your friend Chicken to send you over something he knew you would enjoy, what a lovely thing to do.
    I went with my friend Jodi to the movies last week to see a film called ‘Water for Elephants’ and that was a book before it was made into a film. There are many other books that have been made into films but I don’t have time to list them all or I’ll be here until I have to pick Charlotte up from school!
    Enjoy your special book!

    • @ Mummy,
      Thank you for your commet. I am going to stat reading Charlotte’s web I have seen the reel and the cartoon.

      see you to night. Don’t forget to pike me up I will be sad. 😥

      Today I did the M200W Quiz I think I got most of them right.


      charlotte 😆

      • Fantastic comment Charlotte!
        I did remember to pick you up which was lucky!
        Charlotte’s web is a lovely book and movie. It was one of my favourites when I was your age…maybe I really liked spiders that’s why we called you Charlotte!!!
        Good news about your words too. I’m very proud of you…you are very clever.
        Love Mum xo

        • @ Mummy,

          So that is is why you called me Charlotte.

          I am glad you called me Charlotte.

          That is funny I just thought if I named a baby Buzz.


          Charlotte 😆

      • Dear Charlotte,

        I am Keira’s Mum my name is Tammy.

        I your comment is great Charlotte I like watching charlotte’s web with Keira, I like your name it is a nice name.

        Tammy (Keira’s Mum)

        • Hi Tammy,
          Thanks for leaving a comment for Charlotte, she was very excited to see it last night and I’m glad you like both her name and the movie Charlotte’s Web.
          Do you and Keira like the cartoon one or the live action one the best? We like the cartoon one the best.
          Martine xo

  6. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    Toy Story has been into a movie. My littel bother loves Toy Story. He even has a book of it.

    I think the book is relly good it is like the book of Cloudy with a chance of meetballs. I haven seen the book but I have seen the movie at Meg’s house for a sleepover.

    Best Wishes,
    Love Eb♥ny ***

    • @ Eb, ♥

      I really really really think you did a great great comment on the 18 of May.
      Do you think you did a great comment your self ❓

      It`s funny that I never ever reply to you on the blog but today I am. Is that funny or sad to you ❓

      Wow your brother has a book of Toy Story you never told me that or showed me yet, have you ❓ I can remember watching Cloudy with a chance of meetballs too.

      Love your BFF, ♥

    • Dear Class,

      It sounds like you have a lot of fun in your reading class. The book sounds interesting from what Kayla tells me.

      Best wishes and keep reading,
      Lorraine 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi 2km &2 kj,

    Wow how great to get asurprise in the mail, the book looks great. Andrew will have to tell me all about it.

    From Lauren (Andrew’s Sister

    • Hi All,

      Andrew you have to call me and tell me all about this book, it sounds very interesting.

      Love from your Second Mum Joanne xxxxx

  8. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    Awesome post.

    I remember on the Grade 2 activite night that we watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

    Mr Avery sent us a book called Boston A to Z.

    I love the video it is awesome.

    I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid books becasue they are so funny and they made a movie of Diary of a wimpy kid.

    From your pal,

  9. Hi guys,

    My name is Stefanie and I am currently in my third year studying to be a teacher. I am from Melton, Victoria, Australia. I just wanted to leave a comment and say how much I love your blog! I can see there is lots of learning happening :). I am very impressed with the use of technology. Keep up the good work guys 🙂

    • Hi Stefanie,
      It’s a wonderful blog isn’t it? The kids are learning alot about blogging and so are the parents too!
      I hope this inspires you for your teaching, all the best with your studies!

  10. Dear 2KJ and 2KM,

    What a great book 😆

    I love lots of books that have turned into movies.

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an old time favourite of mine. In regards to the movies I prefer the older one rather than the newer one with Johnny Depp.

    Another book/movie I loved growing up was Pippy Long stocking. That was so much fun to read and watch.

    Has anyone watched the either of these movies or read either of the books

    Bye for now
    Donna 😆

    • Dear Donna,

      What a great comment you did. Did Paris help you?

      We did not know that the chocolate factory was old.

      We love books that are made into movies.

      Do you like reading?

      Keira and Eb♥ny. :mrgeen:

      • Hi Girls,

        Thank you for your lovely compliment about my comment.

        Yes, I do love reading, mainly magazines and real life stories.

        What are your favourite books?

        Talk soon
        Donna 😆

    • Dear Mummy, 😆

      I love your comment.

      I like the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

      One of the movies that have been turned
      into a book is Charlottes web.:cool:

      By for now,

      • Hi Paris

        Yes, Charlottes Web is a great story.
        We should rent it out over the weekend to watch.

        Love Mum xoxo

  11. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,
    I love the story Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, oops, I mean Chicken! What a great book to get as a gift!
    Dozens and dozens of books have been made into movies through the years. The Harry Potter movies are probably some of the most famous right now.
    I am a little different than most people because I don’t like to see a movie after I have read a book. When I read a book, I imagine what the setting and characters would look like and how they would talk. I love all the details of books and how the story comes together. When I see the movie, I am always disappointed because it’s not how I imagined in my head. So I decided, the book is good enough for me!
    I hope you enjoy the book Mr. Avery sent about Boston! It is a wonderful city with lots and lots of important American history. I am from there originally and can’t wait to go back there this summer to visit my family, eat some Boston clam chowder and have some lobsters!
    From your Seattle pal,
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs.Hembree

      Thank you for your quality comment!

      I have been to your blog it is very cool. I think bloging is one of the mane
      things do you?

      see you soon,

  12. Hi 2KM & 2KJ

    I have read lot’s of books that have been turned into movies. I think in most cases I always prefer the book to the movie as books tend to go into more details, and you get to use your own imagination.

    Some books I have read that have been made into movies are The girl with the dragon tattoo, The Twilight series and Da Vinci code.

    bye for now

    • @ Leesa,

      Nice comment!

      I havent read much book’s that have been turned into movies. 😥

      I love reading more than watching tv.

      By For Now,
      Jord’s 😛

  13. @ 2km and 2kj
    Hi! I am Kierra harry’s mum,
    What a nice suprise that chicken gave you.I have read the twilight series which is about vampires and that has been made in to movies.Harry used to watch Harry and a pot of dinosaurs and read the books as well when he was little.

    from Harry’s mum (kierra)

  14. Daer 2KM and 2KJ,

    That book we read was cool.

    My favourite bit was when Henrry was scared when is the pancake fall on his head.

    My favourite movie Diary of a wippy kid because it’s made into a movie and a book.

    Your class pal
    Zac 😆

  15. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I like Cloudy with a Chance of chicken! I think it is nice of Chicken to send us a book. :.)

    Warm Wishse

  16. Hi everyone,

    Can you believe that chicken gave us a book called Cloudy with a Chance of Chicken? That was weird that Chicken changed the title.

    From Mitchell. :mrgreen: 😳

  17. Dear 2KM and 2kJ,

    Cloudy with a chance of chicken was awesome 😎

    I know a book that has been made into a movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid and my favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid the ugly truth.

    From your class pal,
    Zac :mrgreen:

  18. Hi Charlotte,
    I had to start a new post as our conversation had gotten too long and skinny!
    I’m glad you like your name. It’s actually an old family name, that’s why we called you Charlotte, not because of the book.
    I really hope you don’t call your baby Buzz if you have a boy!!!

      • Great question Charlotte!
        Hmm… let me think… I like Oliver! and Finn! Lucky I got to use those names then!
        There are lots of lovely names out there, but I think my favourites are the more old fashioned ones like yours and your brothers.
        What other names do you like Charlotte (besides Buzz?!)
        Love Mum xo

  19. Hello kiddies,

    A favourite book of mine in the Hobbit. It is written by a man called J.R.R. Tolkien. he also wrote The Lord of the Rings. They are also making a movie of the Hobbit which will be awesome!! Has anyone read this book or had it read to them yet? I am going to start reading it to Chloe soon, I hope she likes it as much as i do.

    Chloes Dad

    • Dear Ben,

      I don’t think anyone would have read it.

      I am reading “My Sister the Vampire”.

      Love from,

  20. Hi 2 KM and 2 KJ,
    i have enjoyed reading your blog very much. I think it’s great that your parents and other adults contribute to your blog. My class and I have a class blog too, but their parents haven’t posted any comments yet which is a pity.
    I agree with Mrs Hembree – once i have read a book and created images of what the characters, setting and events looked like, i am often disppointed with the film. I love reading. I love how reading can take you to places you’ve never been to and meet people you haven’t met yet. I especially love reading picture books. I hope you enjoy reading too.
    Ms J

  21. Hi Paris. 😆

    I love it when you read to me.

    Can you please read to me tonight? You can pick a book you would like to read to me.

    Lots of Love,
    Maddie 😆

  22. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    I hope you enjoyed the book my friend Chicken sent! He told me he and his friend Milk had written a comment to you before and that he really enjoyed talking to you so he wanted to send a book! He’s a great friend. He’s also delicious and nutritious!

    I hope everyone is having a great week. Keep working hard!

    Your friend,
    Mr. Avery

  23. Hi 2kj and 2km,

    I really want to know you have doing on the blog lately. I really love reading all the comments.

    from Lilly (Jordi’s sister)

  24. Hi Year 2!

    I teach at Mt Scopus, a school in Melbourne.
    My comment isn’t really about this post, but I wanted to tell you how much we like your blog and your teachers! They talked to the teachers at my school this morning about class blogging. They showed us your blog and told us all about how it works and how your reading and writing are improving as a result! We are really impressed and you have inspired our teachers to try new things with their blogs too.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Edna,

      Hi, my name is Millie and I’m in 2KM.

      Thank you for your fantastic comment, even if it’s not about the post. You’re still a great blogger and commenter.

      I haven’t been to your blog but I might go on your blog tonight.

      It’s great to learn about other people from all around the world!

      I know you are a great blogger.

      Your blogging buddy,
      Millie [2KM]

  25. Hello to you all,
    I expect some of you would have seen “Anne of Green Gables” on television last year. It is the story of an orphan girl who is adopted by a farmer and his wife because they want a BOY to work on the farm on an island off the coast of Canada. The story is set about 100 years ago.
    My best friend Cheryl lent me the book ‘Anne of Green Gables when I was just a few years older than you 2KM and 2KJ people are. We always shared our books then because there was no real library in the school and no council library and we loved reading.
    So happy reading and happy blogging to you all.


  26. Hi this is Jordyn , Georgia and Alex. We looked at the book ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Chicken’, we liked it. It was funny. We are from Riddells Creek Primary School.

  27. Hi Andrew,

    Charlie also said he wants you to tell him about this book. So the next time you come over you better tell him all about it.

    Charlie gives you plenty of big kisses. XXXXX

    Love from Charlie Bear 🙂

  28. Hi 2KJ and 2KM,

    I loved the book/movie The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe when I was little.

    Have you watched that before?

    Happy reading and watching,


  29. Hello I am Bradley’s Auntie Weezey, sorry I have taken so long to reply to your Blog but I am very impressed with all the children as to how you have set up this Blog. Recently my family and I travelled around Europe and we also sent a Blog to our family and friends to allow them to keep up to date with our travels.
    Very proud of you Bradley sharing this Blog with me.
    Love you Bradley
    Auntie Weezey xo

  30. Hi Bradley
    It’s Uncle Paul here. Gee you are clever. I am not very good on a computer at all but have enjoyed reading your Blog to see what you are doing at school. I loved school and Maths was my favourtie subject.
    Love Uncle Paul

  31. Hi Bradley
    It’s Carmen here! I am in my last year of School and have enjoyed every year. I am very happy to be part of your Blog, we did nothing like that when I was in Primary School so this must be very exciting for you and your friends.
    Love always from your Cousin
    Carmen xo

  32. Hi Bradley
    I can’t believe how much you have grown up into a big boy. When you were little you used to make me laugh alot because you had some very funny sayings, one in particular “by self”. This was because every time we wanted to help you do something you wanted to do it “by yourself”.
    I am very proud of you and your friends for doing this Blog, I love reading about what you are doing at school.
    Lots of love from your Cousin
    Danita xo

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