Meet Miss Brooke!

Miss Brooke is a student teacher from Deakin University. She will be working in 2KM and 2KJ for the next six weeks (except Fridays).

Miss Brooke is the third student teacher that has worked in the 2KM and 2KJ classroom this year! We love having student teachers and we are sure we’re going to have a great time with Miss Brooke.

Miss Brooke told us a bit about herself so we could get to know her. She has had some interesting careers in the past including working for Lonely Planet as a designer and cartographer (map drawer), working as an integration aide and working with older people. Miss Brooke is also a yoga teacher and has been involved in lots of outdoor education camps.

Miss Brooke has lots of interests including surfing, cycling, travel, yoga, hiking, rock climbing, triathlons, singing and art. Miss Brooke shared some fantastic photos with everyone.


Getting to Know You Animoto 010

Taj Mahal

Rock climbing

Do you have a question for Miss Brooke?

What do you like about having a student teacher in the class?

41 thoughts on “Meet Miss Brooke!

  1. Dear Miss Brooke,

    When did you start yoga?

    Mitchell plays football at school with his friends and does swimming as well.

    Keira does netball and plays with her dog Missy.

    What is your favourite thing in yoga?

    Love from
    Keira and Mitchell. ♥ 😎

    • Dear Mitchell and Keira,

      Thank you for your great comment.

      I started Yoga 12 years ago, before you were born!

      The thing I like most about Yoga is the way it makes me feel great. 🙂

      I’m glad you are both active playing sports and being healthy. Pets keep us happy and healthy too.

      Kind Wishes,

      Miss Brooke.

  2. Dear Miss Brocke,

    Where did you do your art project?

    How long did it take to get to Thiland?

    Anthony has been to Thiland. Quinn would like to go to Thiland.
    Quinn Anthony :3

    • @ Quinn and Anthony,

      Thanks for your interesting comment.

      I did my art project at home where I like painting and drawing. The pictures were of things to do with Yoga.

      It took me 9 hours on a plane to get to Thailand. The cliff in the photo is at a special place called Rai Lai and you can only get there by boat.

      I hope you go to Thailand one day. The people are very friendly, the food is yummy and the beaches are beautiful.

      Best Wishes,

      Miss Brooke. 🙂

  3. Dear Miss Brooke,

    Do you like anything else?

    Lee has been rock climing at the beach.

    Liam and Lee like surfing.

    Best Regards,

    Lee and Liam.

    • @ Liam and Lee,

      Great comment!

      Beleive it or not I do like other things. I also love camping, cooking, reading, knitting and sewing. But I didn’t have any pictures of me doing those things!

      Lee, which beach did you go rockclimbing at? Sounds fun.

      Surfing is lots of fun too. Where do you boys surf?

      Warm Regards,

      Miss Brooke.

  4. @ Miss Brooke,

    Charlotte likes to do art like you. I like to draw my own desighs.

    Meg likes to sing,dance,do the little big fish dance and do art and craft and do my own desighs.

    what country do you like to travel to?

    Love from,

    Meg and Charlotte 😆 😆

    • @ Meg and Charlotte,

      Thanks for your informative post.

      I’m glad you like art, doing designs and dancing. They are so much fun.

      My favourite countries to visit are India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Italy.

      Where in the world would you like to go?

      Kind Wishes,

      Miss Brooke.

  5. @ Miss Brooke,

    We like having a student teacher because they can help us all.

    Were do you like surfing?

    Harry and Bodhi

    • @ Harry and Bodhi,

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad you like having student teachers.

      I like surfing at Ocean Grove, 13th Beach, Point Addis and Urquart Bluff.

      Do you like playing in the ocean?

      Kind Wishes,

      Miss Brooke. 🙂

  6. Dear Miss Brooke,

    I used to do yoga with my mum.

    what do you do in yoga?

    How do you fill in 2KM and 2KJ rooms? 🙂
    I am 7.
    What is your favourite place you have been to?

    Warm wishes,
    Ella and Sophie 😆

    • @ Ella and Sophie,

      Thank you for your great comment.

      Yoga with your mum sounds fun! My mums do Yoga too.

      In Yoga I do Yoga poses, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Sometimes we sing songs too.

      I’ve got lots of favourite places but I really like Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory and the Himalayan mountains in India.

      Where is your favourite place?

      Warm Regards,

      Miss Brooke.

    • @ Jacob and Jarrod,

      Thanks for your footy comment.

      I barrack for the Tigers, but I have to like Geelong because my mum, my brothers and sister and nearly all my cousins, aunties, uncles and granparents barrack for them!

      My favourite Geelong player is Shannon Burns. Who is your favourite player?

      Kind Wishes,

      Miss Brooke.

  7. Hi Miss Br♥♥ke,☻

    M☻lly’s question is:what is your favourite yoga pose? 😉 ☻ ♥♥♥***

    Haille’s question is:where is your favourite place you have traveled to? ☻ ♥♥♥ 😉 🙂

    We both love having student teachers in the grade.

    Nice regards,
    Haille and M♥lly. 😎 ***♥☻

    • @ Haille and Molly,

      Thank you very much for your post.

      My favourite yoga pose is the handstand. It is lots of fun!

      One of my favourite places I have travelled to is the Golden Temple in India. It is made with real gold and is very beautiful and peaceful.

      Where is your favourite place?

      Best Wishes,

      Miss Brooke.

  8. @ Miss Brooke,

    Thank you for teaching us yoga.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    How long was the rock climbing?


    Will and Flynn in 2KJ.

    • @ Flynn and Will,

      Thanks for your comment.

      That’s a pleasure, I’m happy to teach you Yoga and share something about myself. I hope I learn about you too.

      The cliff is about 100m high, the trick is to not look down!

      Have you been rocklcimbing before?

      Best Wishes,

      Miss Brooke.

  9. Dear Miss Brooke,

    What do you like in 2KJ?

    You are so nice and I love your Maths games.

    you are very good at yoga and I like you.

    Love your friends,
    Kayla and Georgia.♥ 🙂

    • @ Kayla and Georgia,

      Thanks girls for a nice post.

      I like seeing you kids learning and having fun.

      I’m glad you like the maths games and the Yoga. We’ll have to play some more maths games and do some more Yoga. Would you like that?

      Kind Regards,

      Miss Brooke.

  10. @ Miss Brooke,

    When you finish university What school will you teach?
    What grade will you teach after university?

    Both of us like yoga,singing,bike rideing,art and travling.

    Best Regards,
    Alana and Hannah

    • @ Alana and Hannah,

      Thanks for your interesting comment.

      I don’t where I will end up teaching or what grade I will teach. Would you like me to teach at your school?

      I’m glad you like doing all those fun things. It is good to keep active and have fun singing and going to new places.

      Best Wishes,

      Miss Brooke.

  11. Dear Miss Brooke,

    We like having a student teacher in our class because your nice and helpfull.: roll :

    Warm Wishes
    Hamish and Bradley: evil :

    • @ Hamish and Bradley,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Thank you also for your nice words about me.

      Try taking the spaces out of your code for the emoticons, then they might work. See me if you need help. 🙂

      Kind Wishes,

      Miss Brooke.

  12. @ Miss Brooke,

    Do you won’t to learn more about us?

    We really like you as a student teacher.

    What is your favorite art picture that you have done?

    Warm Wishis,
    Connor and Mikayla

    • @ Connor and Mikayla,

      Thanks for your kind post and your kind words about me.

      I do want to learn more about you.

      My favourite picture is the one with the Yoga girl in it. It is hanging in my kitchen and reminds me of feeling peaceful everytime I look at it. 🙂

      Kind Regards,

      Miss Brooke.

  13. Dear Miss Brooke,

    Hi Miss Booke it’s Mia and Millie in 2KM. 😛

    I hope that enjoy being in 2KM and 2KJ.
    We love having you in our class because we get to learn Yoga and other things.

    We would like to know what you did first in the video?
    What have you learned about 2KM and 2KJ?
    When you were at Taj Mahal were you there for a reason?
    Millie likes doing Netball, cricket and table tennes.Mia likes playing bascetball, footy and she likes singing too.

    Nice to have you in 2KM and 2KJ
    Millie and Mia 😎

    • @ Millie and Mia,

      Thanks for your great post!

      What I did first was work for The Lonely Planet making books. I drew the maps, the pictures and chose the photos. It was a fun job!

      I have learned that you are all very interesting kids and like doing lots of different things.

      I went to the Taj Mahal (I’m glad you knew where the picture was taken) to see if it was as beautiful in real life as it is in the photos. It was even more beautiful in real life!

      I’m glad you girls like cricket and football, I was in the school football and cricket teams at primary school and I was the only girl!

      What do you like to sing Mia?

      Who do you play table tennis with Millie?

      Lots of love,

      Miss Brooke.

  14. Dear Miss Brooke,

    We love you being in our class and Eb likes to draw and colour in Chl♥e likes play with her dogs there names are Mally and Jessy.

    Eb and Chl♥e love to play with there family.

    Best Wishes,
    Love Eb and Chl♥e 😆

    • Dear Eb♥ny and Chloe,

      Thanks for your post.

      Playing with pets and drawing are both lots of fun.

      Family is very important to me too. I am the oldest of 14 kids! SO I have lots to play with!

      Kind Regards,

      Miss Brooke.

  15. @ Miss Brooke, 🙄

    You are a great teacher!

    What was your primary school called ❓

    We l♥ve how you teach us. 😆

    {Ava’s favourite things} horse ridding, playing netball, cricket, playing with my friends♥. 😛
    (Jordi’s fav things) horse riding, netball, criket, tennis, and exersizing. We both love exersizing!
    Happy Days,
    Jordi and ♥Ava♥

  16. @ Miss Brooke,

    Thanks for sharing your amazing things you have done in your life.

    Thank you for sharing yoga with us.

    Riley and Paris.

  17. Dear Miss Brooke,

    Charlotte likes art, Meg likes to sing and dance.

    What county do you like to visit?

    Love from, Meg and
    Charlotte 😆

  18. Dear Miss Brooke,

    What is you’re favorite yoga pozz?
    Ella and Amelie enjoy yoga too!
    Amelie’s and Ella’s favorite pozzs is the tree pozz,the worey pozz,the sill pozz and all the rest!

    Ella enjoys boge boding and serfing.
    Amelie enjoys boge boding.

    Ella and Amelie

  19. Dear Miss Brooke,
    Awesome post.

    I used to be in 2KM but know I am in grade three.

    I loved being in 2KM and 2KJ becasue we loved to blog.

    I have not done yoga before it must be relaxing.

    Why do you like Yoga so much?

    I would love to go rock climbing but I am a bit scared of heights.

    I would love to have a student teacher in 3DD.

    From your new pal,

  20. Dear Miss Brooke,

    I like to sing,dance,swim,excersise and I also like to do art and craft to draw my own designs I do flowers,cities,schools,shops,pools,foods and lots more.

    what countrys do you like to visit? what beaches do you like to surf in?

    Love from

    Meg 😆

  21. Dear Miss Brooke,

    You certainly seem to be a hit with the kids. I like that the children have enjoyed your experiences, especially the Yoga.. A new experience for them..
    Keep up the good work, love it
    Angela (Megs Mum)

  22. Hi its always fascinating to see where people have been around the world…its gets Millie asking alot of questions about things..This is another great learning tool for Millie
    Thank You >Millie and her Dad

  23. Hello Miss Brooke

    I hope you are enjoying your work in 2KM, it sounds like they are learning alot and having fun.

    We have many students from Deakin where I work. It is a great university.

    Amelie enjoys cycling too, and she loves learning the Yoga you are teaching. For how long have you done Yoga?

    Kind regards,
    Frank (Amelie’s Dad 2KM)

  24. Dear Mrs. Brooke,

    In your pictures it looks like you are very athletic.I wonder what are your favorite sport.

    Your sporty techie kid,

  25. Dear Mrs. Brooke,

    In your pictures it looks like you are very athletic.I wonder what are your favorite sports.

    Your sporty techie kid,

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